2/172-PT LEVEL 2/172-PT



Item #: SCP-172-PT

Object Class: Keter Neutralized

Threat Level: Orange Non-existent

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-172-PT is currently contained in Area PT2, in a hermetically sealed fire glass chamber 1.45 m wide x 2.9 m high, inserted into a 5 m³ cell, without air or ventilation outlets.

Thermographic cameras must be inserted into the containment cell of SCP-172-PT in order to make sure that the object is contained. In case the anomaly has caused a containment breach, Procedure 172-Θ must be performed.

As of 22/08/2044, SCP-172-PT has ceased to exhibit its anomalous properties (see Addendum 172.02). Special Containment Procedures are no longer required.

Description: SCP-172-PT is a sphere of fire approximately one meter in diameter. The object has the ability to levitate, with a maximum altitude of approximately 2.6 meters, and to speak, with a rustic 18th century Brazilian accent.

SCP-172-PT can be located in the auriferous regions of Brazil (Minas Gerais, Goiás and Bahia), and can manifest itself after an individual calls for help to locate a gold deposit or mine. The entity will then call the attention of the subject to follow it. If they accept the proposal of SCP-172-PT, the object will guide them to an abandoned or an, until then, unexplored deposit or mine. After that, SCP-172-PT will order the subject not to reveal the mine's location to anyone.

If the individual does so, SCP-172-PT will appear to the subject when they are alone or with no one in sight, particularly at night. The fireball will then begin to metamorphose into a Cafuza1, approximately 1.75 m tall, who has curly and shimmering blond hair, wearing a white silk sleeveless dress.

The human form of SCP-172-PT has bright white symbols around the body, seen on the shoulders, face, neck and chest. Such symbols were not identified as part of any Brazilian or international indigenous culture.

SCP-172-PT, upon complete transfiguration, will condemn the actions of the individual, who previously disclosed the location of the deposit or mine, and will, through a currently unknown process, project flames against the individual to death. Upon this eventuality, SCP-172-PT will morph again into a sphere of fire, followed by its dissipation.

According to information from the Royal Academy of Paranormal Sciences and later confirmed by the Foundation, SCP-172-PT will not guide individuals to mines and deposits already located by the object.

Rumors close to the appearance sites of SCP-172-PT report that the entity, in its human form, is also capable of levitation and flight, just like its spherical form, but this occurrence has not been corroborated by the Foundation so far.

History and Discovery: The first evidence of the appearance of SCP-172-PT occurred in the year 1707, after an unidentified São Paulo bandeirante2 claimed to have discovered a region of mines, in the current state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. A group of individuals, also made up of bandeirantes from São Paulo, claimed exclusivity to explore these mines. The following events followed the War of the Emboabas, a conflict between São Paulo and foreigners for the domain of exploration in the region of the mines. According to reports, the first individual to have proclaimed the discovery of the region disappeared, and was found dead with third-degree burns a few days later.

The second evidence of the appearance of SCP-172-PT came in the year 17██, after an unidentified individual witnessed the appearance of "a fireball after asking God for a good mine to make money." The individual did not want to reveal the location of that gold mine, because, according to him, "the fireball ordered him not to reveal what I witnessed". The individual, unlike the first victim, was not later killed by the anomaly.


Illustration of one of the houses used by the Royal Academy of Paranormal Sciences for the invocation of SCP-172-PT, currently used by the Foundation in the Procedure 172-Θ.

Other reports of the same object emerged throughout the 18th century. Because of this, the Royal Academy of Paranormal Sciences took a stand regarding SCP-172-PT, conducting experiments in an attempt to invoke the entity. So that there was no civil involvement in such tests, the Royal Academy vacated houses and buildings near mining areas in Minas Gerais.

In one of the attempts to capture SCP-172-PT, an undercover agent from the Royal Academy asked for the location of a gold deposit. Within seconds, SCP-172-PT appeared to the agent, who followed the anomaly to the requested deposit. The agent later shared the information with other personnel at the Royal Academy of Paranormal Sciences so that the anomalous characteristics of SCP-172-PT would be activated. A trap was made, consisting of Royal Academy agents lurking in a location with no civilian movement, for SCP-172-PT to attack the provoking agent of the anomaly. After its appearance, agents used blowguns with tranquilizers in order to capture SCP-172-PT. The entity was successfully tranquilized, however, when transported in a cage for living beings to a safe place, it escaped without a trace.

The first successful capture of SCP-172-PT occurred on ██/██/17██, Minas Gerais. The aforementioned strategy was the same used, however, to transport the object, a hermetically sealed glass chamber was used. It was noted that within █ minutes of SCP-172-PT fainting, it will transform into a low concentration pool of flammable gases, including propane, propylene, methane, and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Despite the successful capture, there have been in total ███ capture attempts, ██ containment breaches, and approximately ███ individuals killed by SCP-172-PT from 17██ to the present time.

Due to the low level of technology in the 18th century to eradicate information in a high degree of spread, SCP-172-PT was disseminated by the auriferous regions to the rest of Brazil as a folkloric legend, known as "Mother-of-Gold".

Addendum 172.01: Procedure 172-Θ

The strategy used by the Royal Academy of Paranormal Sciences was made official by the CL5 Council for the recapture of SCP-172-PT, currently known as Procedure 172-Θ, being used by Mobile Task Force PT18-Φ — "The Bandeirantes". Although the Procedure is carried out identically in all its circumstances, SCP-172-PT does not think it is being ambushed in any of them, remaining neutral until it feels threatened, whether by movements of violence or capture.

Addendum 172.02: Last contact with SCP-172-PT

In 22/08/2044, [REDACTED] caused a breach of containment in Area PT2, which led to the evasion of SCP-172-PT. During Procedure 172-Θ, after a member of MTF PT18-Φ attempted to summon SCP-172-PT, a letter sparked on the ground in front of the agent. The content of the letter is composed of 18th century archaic Portuguese, indigenous terms and symbols, which were later translated. The letter has slightly burned fragments, which made transcription difficult.

Access the transcript of the letter left by SCP-172-PT.

Note: Apparently, SCP-172-PT cannot be summoned again, possible due to the lack of gold mines and deposits in its area of activity. Object reclassified to Neutralized.

— Dr. █████████.

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