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Item #: SCP-1721-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1721-JP is contained in the Inanimate Containment Wing of Site-81██. SCP-1721-JP-A is contained in the Low-Risk Biological Husbandry Wing of the same Site. In the event a new SCP-1721-JP or SCP-1721-JP-A is discovered, MTF Wa-5 (“Dog Lovers”) are to secure SCP-1721-JP and SCP-1721-JP-A, amnesticize witnesses, and disseminate an appropriate cover story.

Description: SCP-1721-JP is a 60cm long plushie in the shape of a Labrador Retriever dog. SCP-1721-JP is composed of synthetic fibers and cotton, as well as interior silicon parts resembling a canine’s female genitalia. Test results show that the materials that compose SCP-1721-JP are not anomalous in nature. The Foundation currently houses ██ SCP-1721-JP instances.

SCP-1721-JP is activated when recognized by a sexually mature adult male animal from the Canidae family (Hereafter referred to as the subject), with the subject immediately going into heat, and attempting to mate with it. In this case, SCP-1721-JP moves in order to assume a position that facilitates the subject in mating. At this time, a highly viscous aqueous solution mainly composed of sodium polyacrylate1 is generated inside the interior silicon parts. The subject inserts its genitals inside of SCP-1721-JP’s silicon region, mates with it, and ejaculates inside, the released semen disappearing. SCP-1721-JP deactivates soon after. It’s been confirmed that this doesn’t occur if semen is inserted using utensils, or if the semen released is from an animal that isn’t part of the Canidae family. Also, it’s been proven that SCP-1721-JP will not activate in the presence of a subject it has mated with before.

One year after the subject has mated with SCP-1721-JP, SCP-1721-JP-A will appear next to the subject or the subject’s owner. SCP-1721-JP-A is a non-anomalous canine roughly one-year old that closely resembles the subject’s appearance. DNA test results show that there is a 99.9999% chance of SCP-1721-JP-A and the subject having a parent-child relationship. The Foundation presently houses ██ SCP-1721-JP-A instances, and the ratio between SCP-1721-JP-A and the subjects identified by the Foundation is 83%.

SCP-1721-JP’s existence was discovered around August 2018, mainly in Tokyo, when landlords and store owners began finding dogs being left in front of their houses and pet shops and took published photographs of the anomalies on SNS. Initially classified as an Anomalous Item (“Toy capable of making male dogs enter into heat and masturbate into it”.), it was re-examined following the appearance of several SCP-1721-JP-A during August 2018, and reclassified as Safe on 2018/10/01.

Addendum: A common feature of SCP-1721-JP-A generated is that the subject performing the mating act is a crossbreed, and that the mating environment and health of the subject were poor in quality. In addition, upon appearance, SCP-1721-JP-A are equipped with a collar bearing a message:

Case report: More special cases of SCP-1721-JP-A have been manifesting since January 2019. Below are some excerpts:

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