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Item #: SCP-173-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-173-JP is to be downsized as much as possible by thorough destruction, and be contained in a completely soundproof locked chamber. Currently, it has been confirmed that SCP-173-JP can be reduced in size to approximately 30cm in length. However, personnel should note that SCP-173-JP's anomalous properties are active regardless of its size.

All personnel are prohibited from entering the containment chamber, except for D-class personnel for testing. Monitoring, maintenance and observation of its chamber must be done with automatic or remote-controllable machinery.

Description: SCP-173-JP is [REDACTED] composed of a large amount of toys that seem to be made in Japan; it always tends to take on the appearance of a stylized dinosaur, regardless of its own size. While a link to [DATA EXPUNGED] was suggested, no conclusive information has been obtained.

SCP-173-JP is autonomous; it is capable of walking while emitting the sound described as "clattering" and "rattling" of body constituent toys colliding with each other, as well as [REDACTED] sometimes. If a human subject continues to be directly exposed to this sound, they lose their wariness and attempt to approach SCP-173-JP.

Upon reaching SCP-173-JP, the subject begins to rummage through the toys, which can be easily pushed aside (without falling off of SCP-173-JP's main body). The subject ignores the pressure from the surrounding toys and soil to burrow further into SCP-173-JP. Eventually, the subject's body is fully engulfed into SCP-173-JP, no matter how small its original size is, [REDACTED]; the mass of SCP-173-JP increases by the corresponding amount.

Since the origin of SCP-173-JP was [REDACTED], it only managed to destroy a single village; the cost of amnestic administration and cover-up for the entire region of [REDACTED] was minimal. However, even at this point of initial containment, the length of SCP-173-JP at its maximum size was an estimated 75 m.

It has been confirmed that mechanically recorded or relayed sounds of SCP-173-JP have no effect on humans. During past experiments, D-class personnel entered into SCP-173-JP while claiming that their "precious toys," " memorable toys," "lost toys," "nostalgic toys," or "the toys [they] once wanted" were inside SCP-173-JP. In a unique case, a D-class was recorded to state that he wanted to see "a lot more of this fun stuff," before being absorbed into SCP-173-JP.

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