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SCP-1732-JP during an experiment. SCP-1732-JP-C-22 is shown in the inside.

Item #: SCP-1732-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1732-JP is to be unplugged and stored in a medium-sized standard storage locker at Site-8181. All SCP-1732-JP-C are to be stored in a small storage locker together separately.

Experiments using SCP-1732-JP and SCP-1732-JP-C are to be conducted at Site-8181 in lab room 308. Those conducting the experiments are allowed to use any toys that are placed in lab 308. Currently, SCP-1732-JP is unable to undergo any experiments.

SCP-1732-JP-B is kept at Site-8181 Lodge1 E room 503. Following containment procedures, SCP-1732-JP-B is to be taken care of by at least 3 Foundation personnel on rotating shifts. To ensure that SCP-1732-JP-B is not harmed in any way, SCP-1732-JP-B is to be kept under constant surveillance when not undergoing any experiments.
SCP-1732-JP-Bhas been removed from the Foundation's protection (see Postscript). A GoI-correspondence team is continuing the search.

Description: SCP-1732-JP is nearly identical to an ivory-colored 21 inch CRT display; however, the Cathode-Ray Tube has been removed and has been replaced with an opaque sheet of glass on both sides. Like a normal display screen of its type, SCP-1732-JP has the company name ██████ and product name ████████████ ██████ written on the front, but with "TOUHEI Co.,Ltd." carved onto the bottom. While SCP-1732-JP is missing almost all necessary hardware to display images, it can function normally when connnected to a PC.

When SCP-1732-JP is connected to a PC with an OS that uses Graphical User Interface (GUI) and turned on, a short cut link with the name "Toy Training Hall" will appear on the screen.This program (further noted as SCP-1732-JP-A) can be activated using normal operation. However, all means of saving SCP-1732-JP-A on other recording media (including a PC's HDD) have failed, and the only way to activate SCP-1732-JP-A is through the desktop screen on SCP-1732-JP.

When SCP-1732-JP-A is activated, a top menu like the one shown below will appear on SCP-1732-JP's screen.

Mr. Toutei's Toy Training Hall!

Don't you want to make your toys more exciting and fun?
Make your toys Mr. Toutei's apprentice
Mr. Toutei will help make your toys bigger and better!

→ Make your toy Mr. Toutei's apprentice

When "Quit" is selected using the Enter key, SCP-1732-JP-A will end following correct protocol.

If "Make your toy Mr. Toutei's apprentice" is selected using the Enter key, the display will change to show a man wearing a martial arts uniform (further noted as SCP-1732-JP-A-1), and messages will appear at the bottom of the screen. The messages are from "Mr. Toutei" (presumably SCP-1732-JP-A-1) adressed to "Masaru" and the messages ask for "Masaru" to send "Mr. Toutei" one of his toys. 10 seconds after this screen is shown, SCP-1732-JP's glass screen pulls upwards and SCP-1732-JP's inside can be viewed. It is unknown where the glass screen is stored when this occurs. The inside of SCP-1732-JP is much larger than its actual volume, with it being an empty, cubical space that is approximately 1m x 1m x 1m. The walls of said space are black with no light source within the space. After 60 seconds have passed since the screen pulled up, the screen returns to its original position. SCP-1732-JP-A-1 disappears, and the top menu screen shown earlier reappears.

When an individual designated as SCP_1732-JP-B (touched upon later) places one of its toys in the space within SCP-1732-Jp, the glass screen pulls back down to its normal position and a new message appears. The message explains that "Mr. Toutei" has accepted "Masaru"'s toy and that the toy will be returned the next day when it has become better. Then, SCP-1732-JP-A-1 disappears from the screen and a message reading "Training at the hall! See you tomorrow!" Appears along with the "Quit"2 option. When an X-ray image of SCP-1732-JP was taken, the toy that was placed inside had disappeared.

SCP-1732-JP's effects can be present in any type of toy, and the effects can be applied to most models, dolls, acoustic toys3, toys that require practice4, and many other toys that would commonly be used by a child around the age of six. However, natural objects that have not been altered such as sticks and toys with a complex structure such as video games are not affected. When a toy is placed within SCP-1732-JP by anyone other than SCP-1732-JP-B or something that is not a toy is placed inside, the object will not disappear. When a GPS was put on a toy and placed inside of SCP-1732-JP, only the toy disappeared and the GPS was left behind.

When SCP-1732-JP-A is activated after 7:00 AM the day after a toy was placed inside of SCP-1732-JP, a message appears saying it will return the improved toy to "Masaru". 10 seconds later the glass screen on SCP-1732-JP pulls up and the toy reappears within SCP-1732-JP. These toys are designated as SCP-1732-JP-C. When SCP-1732-JP-C is taken out of SCP-1732-JP, the screen returns to its original position and the top menu is shown.

SCP-1732-JP-C's appearance, materials, and function are identical from when when it was first placed in SCP-1732-JP, with all damage, paint, and writing all in the same position. Using 15 different SCP-1732-JP-C and 70 children living in Site-8181 Lodge, it was discovered that the children enjoyed playing with and were more satisfied with SCP-1732-JP-C than unaffected toys. See Addendum 2 for the abnormal effects of placing multiple SCP-1732-JP-C in one location. All cased of SCP-1732-JP-C are written on a separate document.

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