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Item#: 1747-JP
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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DVD case for SCP-1747-JP instance.

Special Containment Procedures: All discovered instances of SCP-1747-JP are to be stored within Shelf #23~28 of the Large Containment Warehouse at Site-43. Direct viewing of SCP-1747-JP and its copies by Foundation personnel is prohibited under any circumstances.

The Foundation AIC.Charon is to monitor the Internet, especially social networking services and discussions, to suppress any postings referring to SCP-1747-JP. Any civilian found to be in possession of SCP-1747-JP is to be interviewed about how they obtained it, and then properly amnestized and the anomaly retrieved. It is estimated that a significant number of SCP-1747-JP instances are currently circulating in the general public, and efforts are underway to determine the distribution channels of the anomaly.

Description: SCP-1747-JP is a medium containing a horror film entitled " SPREAD ", produced and distributed by GoI-5889 ("Vikander-Kneed Technical Media").

While SCP-1747-JP has been found as VHS tapes and DVDs, there is no record of the film ever being publicly screened. The actors and locations seen in the film have not been identified, and no information regarding them is available. Credit notations are not provided on the casing.

The content of SCP-1747-JP is identical in all instances. When playback of SCP-1747-JP begins, a black screen is displayed for thirteen seconds, with a white text warning that the film is not suitable for viewing by individuals under the age of 18. The following message then appears on the screen.

This film is based on a true story.
Out of respect for the wishes of the filmmaker, we present the scenes considered unsuitable for broadcast uncensored.
Look carefully. They may be lurking in the dark gaps in your refrigerator or behind manholes.
The time will come soon.
Be alert and vigilant of what is out there.

The film begins immediately after the message disappears from the screen. The film itself can be categorized in a pandemic-themed gore/body horror genre1; it is difficult to comprehend the full context of the plot, as the film's point of view changes randomly between unnamed people and animals, the timeline shifts frequently, and contextless dialogue is repeatedly interjected. The setting of the film seems to be endangered by an infectious disease or parasitic entity known as "It," and the characters are living deep in the mountains or in isolated shelters to protect themselves from "It." However, through various accidents caused by carelessness, negligence, or coincidence, the characters become infected with "It" and are killed in some way2. The film abruptly ends with the last character, a middle-aged man, convinced of his infection and despairing. During the end credits, blacked-out names of actors and film crew scroll for six minutes and thirty-seven seconds with the sound of something dripping down.

When an individual continuously watches the film3 for more than 2 minutes, they are exposed to the effects of the anomaly. The affected individual is convinced that what is depicted in the film represents a real-life event likely to occur in the future. The majority of affected individuals consider the film content to be an apocalyptic "prophecy" and a fundamental premise for the near future. All previous attempts to persuade them based on scientific facts have been proven insufficient to reverse their anomalous symptoms.

Addendum.1: The earliest SCP-1747-JP related record can be dated back to February 8, 1999, when a panic occurred in Missoula, Montana, United State of America. A civilian family residing in the area was exposed to SCP-1747-JP through an unknown route, causing trouble with neighbors over references to the "prophecies of Nostradamus". The Foundation agents, embedded in the local law enforcement agency, confiscated SCP-1747-JP and administered amnestics to all individuals involved. At this point, SCP-1747-JP was considered a unique anomaly.

From around 2007, postings presumably referring to SCP-1747-JP began to be detected in online discussions. Some of these posts presented copies of the film contained in SCP-1747-JP, which required the deployment of Mobile Task Force Mu-4 ("Debuggers"). Although there were continued references to SCP-1747-JP on the Internet, these were treated as a low-priority concern due to the fact that they were taking place in extremely small and closed communities.


A SCP-1747-JP related post on Twitter, accompanied by the text "THE TRUTH OF WHAT'S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW."

The 2019 Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) resulted in an unprecedented spread of SCP-1747-JP information. From December 18 to 20, 2019, two hundred and fifty-six copies of the SCP-1747-JP film were posted on Twitter and were viewed up to 140,000 times before all videos were removed by the Foundation AIC. Although the number of newly affected individuals who watched the videos for more than two minutes has not been identified, the existence of SCP-1747-JP was uncovered to an unspecified number of viewers. The Containment Class of SCP-1747-JP was upgraded from Euclid to Keter on December 21, 2019.

Following this incident, an SCP-1747-JP film related conspiracy theorist community became significantly more active. Initially, copies and mentions of the film found online were cited and debated to establish the status of "it". Nearly a week later, the theory of "it" being a parasite was rejected by the majority, and the minority was banned from the discussion.

Despite the shutdown of their website as per information control protocols, the online affected individuals continued to maintain a degree of influence through the creation of new websites and the migration of discussions to 4chan. Successive website shutdowns caused conspiracy theorists to mainstream a theory that a covert agency within the government responsible for spreading the pathogen was conducting an information suppression operation. At the same time, the view that pathogen theorists were agents in the government's employ became widespread among the minority parasite theorists.

On January 6, 2020, Site-43 was attacked by an armed group of affected individuals; this led to a battle between the Foundation personnel and the affected individuals, resulting in thirty-four minor injuries and five serious injuries. During interrogation, the affected individuals claimed that a figure named "Val-Kool" had accused Site-434 of manufacturing the virus. Subsequent investigation identified "Val-Kool" as one of the accounts claiming conspiracy theories on Twiter. As it was suggested that "Val-Kool" may be some kind of precognitive or omniscient entity, the Foundation's External Affairs Division negotiated with Twitter, Inc. to have this account deleted. However, attempts to delete it were unsuccessful due to a persistent and unknown error in the system.

Information about the Site-43 raid was disseminated on the Internet within hours, leading to the mobilization of Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings") in order for information control. Although Gamma-5 succeeded in covering up most of the physical evidence, "Val-Kool" continued to post information related to the raid, and thus the operation was changed to make these perceived as fake news by the majority of the civilians. Some anomalies at Site-43 were tentatively transferred to Site-5 while the facility began to be repaired.

After the raid, "Val-Kool" began to be treated as a central figure among conspiracy theorists. Their posts were frequently quoted in discussions, which often involved arguments as to whether they were advocating the pathogen or parasite theory. The following is a selection from the posts by "Val-Kool".


Do you know the reason the Shadow Government is spreading the miasma? To defile our hallowed earth and complete the reset that has been going on for four thousand years. Reject the air outside and say NO.

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To start with, you must screen the information that comes into your ears. We have wisdom, we possess power, and above all, we hold the truth. Ignore all questionable voices.

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What you are about to witness is blood-soaked violence, nauseating commercialism, and the conspiracy of thoroughly corrupt global elites. I will post the newly proven truth over several threads.


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Your comrades are doing what they can. If you want to help ↓

Share credible words with people.
Keep a positive mood.
Spit on those pseudo-journalists on the television.
Pray to the Lord.

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Addendum.2: The following is an interview with an SCP-1747-JP affected individual conducted as part of the information control procedure.

Interviewer: Dr. Lauren Graver
Interviewee: Richard Anson
Note: The interview was conducted at Anson's home.

[Begin Log]

[Video begins. Dr. Graver rings the intercom at Anson's home.]

Dr. Graver: Hello. Is Mr. Anson-

Anson: [Over intercom] Who's this?

Dr. Graver: My name is Lauren Graver. I'm here to talk to-

Anson: So you can answer this one. "All the stars"?

Dr. Graver: I don't know what you're talking abo-

Anson: If you really are Graver, you would know. I did send you that.

[Dr. Graver pulls out her smartphone from her bag, as if remembering something, and operates it.]

Anson: I'll give you ten seconds. When I find out you're a government pawn, my Glock 17 will fucking open fire and you'll-

Dr. Graver: "Shine with fifty lights", correct?

Anson: Hm, exactly. Well, I'm opening the door now.

[Anson opens the door about thirty seconds later.]

Dr. Graver: What was that?

Anson: A cipher. We're at war with the motherfucking Global Government. We could have their agents here at any moment.

Dr. Graver: I thought I informed you in advance that I would be visiting today.

Anson: Contingencies are always possible. Come on in, you're welcome.

[Anson and Dr. Graver walk through the front door and down the hallway to the living room. Anson sits on the couch and offers Dr. Graver a chair facing him.]

Dr. Graver: Thank you. May I begin to ask you questions already?

Anson: Yeah, let the masses know what we're doing5. No blurriness, I'll tell you all.

Dr. Graver: First of all, could you tell us how your group was established?

Anson: I was living a boring life before that fiasco. And by " fiasco," I mean the coronavirus. I was digging around on 4chan when the outbreak was spreading through Europe. And then some guy mentioned a video, and that's how it all started.

Dr. Graver: Video?

Anson: Well, it's a gory CG drama or film, but that's not important. I knew right away that it was the truth of the world. That is exactly the virus spreading these days. Someone predicted this apocalypse decades ago. I immediately set up a Twitter account to spread the info about the virus. Quite a few people have discovered the truth. Though many of them were too stupid to believe anything but the news on TV.

Dr. Graver: So that's when you started to interact with the rest of the group?

Anson: Yes. Every day there is something new to discover, like the Illuminati's "World Reset" scheme, or the virus factory in Pakistan! Now that I think about it, everyone is pretty busy all over Twitter and 4chan. I've learned that the world is full of incredible people.

Dr. Graver: Alright. What are your thoughts on the ongoing pandemic?

Anson: The COVID is part of the big project the Global Government is orchestrating, I have no doubt about that. Limited elites throughout the world are seeking to bring about an apocalypse for the masses in the literal sense of the word. They are trying to become gods. The media is all controlled, so all they say is nothing but nonsense about masks, vaccines, and other things that are not only pointless, but harmful. Even all the presidents worldwide have been brainwashed or have been replaced by androids. Making an all-hands-on-deck effort to blind the public.

Dr. Graver: I see. By the way, Mr. Anson, do you know who Val-Kool is?

Anson: Oh! You know Val-Kool?

Dr. Graver: Yes, they are somewhat of a well-known figure, aren't they?

Anson: A hero of our time. Since they came along, our vision has become clearer. They're diligent and clever. Teaches us about current issues like they would teach the kids in the neighborhood. With them, even those who are not as close to the truth as we are can understand the gravity of the situation. I personally think thier words should be in the textbooks.

[Dr. Graver silently takes notes.]

Anson: Oh right! I've got some weapons in the warehouse that I've been making to destroy their operatives. Please put the instructions on how to make them in your newspaper, as a way for the public to protect themselves.

Dr. Graver: Thank you very much. I will take a look at it.

Anson: I feel like the warehouse is getting cramped lately. Planning on buying a fallout shelter very soon-

[Two hours and seventeen minutes of transcript omitted]

Closing Statement: Anson was properly amnestized.

Addendum.3 On April 13, 2020, the following was posted by "Val-Kool".


We hope you guys are enjoying our Real-life Real Reality Game! We, "V"al-"K"ool, are finally ready to prepare our first Easter Egg!

Extra Content: "SPREAD Season 2: Better Ideas Spread Wider" 

Coming Soon…

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"Val-Kool" has not made any further postings since then. This has not changed the behavior of the SCP-1747-JP affected individuals, who have continued to treat "Val-Kool" as the most important figure in their activities.

Based on a comprehensive analysis, the Overseer Council has concluded that Vikander-Kneed is not responsible for the origins of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Investigation into the sequel of SCP-1747-JP is currently underway.

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