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Notice: Please note that the contents of the following files cannot be edited and are virtually meaningless.

This file is locked and archived. Altering the information contained within is not preferable from the standpoint of containing SCP-1748-JP.

If you would like to edit this file or have any questions regarding its status, please send a request to the Foundation's Deductions Department to this effect.

— Ayaka Miyano, a third-level staff member of the Foundation Deduction Division



Example of observation of the top layer of SCP-1748-JP in this story layer.

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation has installed surveillance cameras and recording microphones near the entrance to subway stations where SCP-1748-JP may be located. Use of these facilities for any purpose other than recording SCP-1748-JP is prohibited. If an image that captures the occurrence of SCP-1748-JP is found in images recorded on such devices, audio and video will be analyzed and the transcribed text will be included in SCP-1748-JP's video recording archive.
Objects that appeared with the disappearance of SCP-1748-JP-1 have been collected by the Foundation, and those that were reusable have been concealed due to the fact that they "appeared with the disappearance of SCP-1748-JP-1" . After that, reuse is allowed.

Description: SCP-1748-JP is one of the story layers above this story layer. SCP-1748-JP has metafiction and non-fiction properties, and there are no "anomaly" that exist in other narrative layers, including us. Additionally, SCP-1748-JP appears while having other traits and involving other narrative layers in SCP-1748-JP. In this story layer, it takes the form of the following event (referred to as SCP-1748-JP-EV). All SCP-1748-JP are expected to be accompanied by the appearance of instances of SCP-1748-JP-1, which will be described later.

SCP-1748-JP-EV has more than 32 humans within a 50m radius centered on the entrance to a subway station in Tokyo, including a member of a supernatural group (hereinafter referred to as the target). Only occurs if it does. Also, the progression stage of this event is roughly divided into three stages.

Step One: As soon as the event begins, a humanoid entity (hereafter referred to as SCP-1748-JP-1) will appear within the premises of the metro. This humanoid entity is considered to be a metaphysical entity existing in SCP-1748-JP, and no anomalous properties are found due to the "non-anomaly" mentioned above. The exact time of its onset is unknown, but in all of the currently confirmed cases of SCP-1748-JP outbreaks, SCP-1748-JP-1 exiting a vehicle arriving at the relevant subway station has been confirmed. The appearing SCP-1748-JP-1 will move towards the entrance to the subway station where the subject is located, and attempt to contact the subject. If SCP-1748-JP-1 cannot contact the target for some reason, SCP-1748-JP-1 will exit to the ground as is, then invade the interior of the building around the entrance to the metro station and will disappear. In this case, the appearance of the non-abnormal items described below is not visible, and SCP-1748-JP-EV is also considered completed.

Step Two: If SCP-1748-JP-1 comes in contact with the subject, SCP-1748-JP-1 will attempt to speak to the subject. Subjects generally have a favorable impression of SCP-1748-JP-1, so in most cases they will quickly move on to a conversation. The conversation ends in about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Most conversations are solitary, but in rare cases they may contain information about anomalies. Knowledge ranges from less sensitive objects of the Anomalus class to the equivalent of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Step Three: Once the conversation with SCP-1748-JP-1 is over, SCP-1748-JP-1 will disappear after saying a few words of farewell to the subject. No fluctuation of the Hm value or of the spatial curvature index is observed and the principle of disappearance is unknown. Along with the disappearance, some sort of unknown or non-abnormal object will appear where SCP-1748-JP-1 existed. However, SCP-1748-JP-1 does not carry these items with it.

The explanation from there is an explanation of SCP-1748-JP's universal anomaly in the narrative layer. There is no convincing evidence for the existence of SCP-1748-JP. Interference of SCP-1748-JP with other narrative layers is one-sided, and observation of other narrative layers of SCP-1748-JP is not possible due to SCP- 'non-anomaly. 1748-JP mentioned above.

Due to SCP-1748-JP's "non-anomaly", SCP-1748-JP-1 cannot recognize the upper narrative layers that exist above SCP-1748-JP. Therefore, it has the potential to become the highest narrative layer for the lower narrative layers existing under SCP-1748-JP. This is synonymous with the possibility that SCP-1748-JP may acquire absolute editing rights for all narrative layers, causing serious damage to narrative groups and, in the worst case, to narrative groups.

Containment of SCP-1748-JP is accomplished by interference with SCP-1748-JP from one or more meta-levels for this narrative layer. Currently, the Foundation has successfully contacted one of SCP-1748-JP-1 (hereinafter referred to as "I"), and has decided to cooperate under an agreement based on the agreement of interests with him. Due to the nature of SCP-1748-JP, any reaction from the lower narrative layer may lead to the establishment of absolute editing rights for SCP-1748-JP, and this report is edited and maintained by me. I have no choice but to do it. Additionally, the item that appears when SCP-1748-JP-1 disappears is an instance of SCP-1748-JP-1 (hereafter "the guy") attempting to actively interfere with this layer of history in order to to realize the above concerns.) Added to SCP-1748-JP-EV. Originally, SCP-1748-JP-EV was a creation referred to as SCP-███-JP in SCP-1748-JP, but it has interpreted this to relate to this narrative layer. However, SCP-███-JP and Tale, which describes the relationship between its main story layer and SCP-███-JP, have been highly rated at the site as ██uv or higher, respectively, by me. Resect failed.

To this day, he has interfered repeatedly in the story, regardless of the impact of his actions on the story layer, or even the story group. His presence is a major concern causing SCP-1748-JP's containment breach, and SCP-1748-JP will be contained in the form of my vengeance on him.

Addendum: Excerpt from SCP-1748-JP video recording archive

Video recording 2010/03/02

Date and time of event: March 2, 2010, 6:12 p.m.
Location: Toei Ichigaya metro station, exit A2
Summary: Site-81██, occurred by researcher Aboshi Memi. SCP-1748-JP-1 was a male in his twenties, dressed in a black jacket and jeans. The item that appeared at the time of the disappearance was a gift certificate issued by the ██ Department Store for 30,000 yen. All subsequent recordings, including this one, are transcribed from the conversation between the subject and SCP-1748-JP-1 by reading and analyzing the recorded voice.

[Begin recording]
SCP-1748-JP-1: Hi, thank you.

Researcher Aboshi: You've been away for a while.

SCP-1748-JP-1: Yes, your face that you saw before was very young, but the days have passed quickly.

Aboshi: By the way, what are you doing today?

SCP-1748-JP-1: It's been a while since I got home from work and was able to get back on time.

Researcher Aboshi: Was it so … You work hard. Don't overdo it.

SCP-1748-JP-1: Like each other, you and me. Oops, it's about time. See you somewhere one day.

Aboshi: Yes.

[SCP-1748-JP-1 disappears]

[End recording]

Afterword: It should be noted that this is the first time that SCP-1748-JP has presented itself to Researcher Aboshi. Subsequent interviews with Researcher Aboshi found that there was no knowledge between Researcher Aboshi and SCP-1748-JP-1.

Video recording 2011/11/19

Date and time of the event: November 19, 2011, 5:59 p.m.
Location: Sendagi Station Exit 1 on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
Summary: Occurred by workers at Site-8103 and cleaners from Takahiro Eguchi. SCP-1748-JP-1 was a female in her late teens, wearing the Tokyo Metropolitan High School uniform ████. After the incident, SCP-1748-JP-1 was identified from the video, but no affected person was found. The object that appeared when SCP-1748-JP-1 disappeared was a single daisy (Bellis perennis).

[Begin recording]
SCP-1748-JP-1: Someone over there, please stop, there is a story …

Cleaner Eguchi: Hi, were you a young lady? What happened ?

SCP-1748-JP-1: Yes, I came to apologize for that today, which you did.

Cleaner Eguchi: No, you can apologize. I am rather grateful.

SCP-1748-JP-1: Is that true? Somehow it's strange for me to ask this …

Cleaner Eguchi: No, that's right. Have I ever lied to you?

SCP-1748-JP-1: (Silence)

Cleaner Eguchi: I was happy, it's not that the young woman feels responsible. It's my duty, so please?

SCP-1748-JP-1: Yes, it is. It was a short time, but it was nice to meet you at the end.

Cleaner Eguchi: I would be happy if the young woman could get along with me.

SCP-1748-JP-1: …Bye, good luck to you on leaving.

Cleaner Eguchi: I hope that at least helps you.

[End recording]

Afterword: On November 21, 2011, two days after the incident, cleaner Eguchi died in a containment breach of SCP-███-JP at Site-8103. The causal relationship to the content of this conversation is so far unknown.

Video recording 2015/05/02

Date and time of the event: May 2, 2015, 6:57 p.m.
Location: Exit 3 of Kodemmacho station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line
Summary: Occurs for Dr. Yoshie Hotta, who is in the Foundation's Deductions Department. SCP-1748-JP-1 is a female in her early teens wearing a sweatshirt. Items that appeared during SCP-1748-JP-1's disappearance are [DATA EXPUNGED].

[Begin recording]
Dr. Hotta: I have been waiting for you for a long time. How many times have you dreamed of this day?

SCP-1748-JP-1: No, although I won't talk about it again. For now, I'm sure he will come. As soon as I told him I ate it, apparently I liked it quite a bit. All you have to do is put it into action. It's time to finish this, and I don't think it will take that long.

Dr. Hotta: For me, I have been waiting for an infinite time.

SCP-1748-JP-1: He's about to sleep three times, but it's over. I'll never go to my office and you can steal more. So why don't you have a cup of tea with me in my airy house?

Dr. Hotta: At that point, let's have a treat. Then, one day, my dear comrades.

SCP-1748-JP-1: Yes, he will come soon. In the near future, one more day.

[SCP-1748-JP-1 disappears]

[End recording]

Video recording 2015/06/03

Date and time of the event: June 3, 2015 7:13 p.m.
Location: A6 exit from Ueno Hirokoji station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza line
Summary: Site-81██, occurred to Ayai Misakura's field agent. SCP-1748-JP-1 is a male in his thirties dressed in a black suit. When SCP-1748-JP-1 disappeared, a wooden spectacle frame appeared.

[Begin recording]
Agent Ayai: I don't know who you are, but I know what you came to do.

SCP-1748-JP-1: Oh yes, I came to correct the error.

Agent Ayai: No, you came here for the atonement for this world.

SCP-1748-JP-1: (Silence for a dozen seconds)

Agent Ayai: You want me to say what you did, but unfortunately I can't find anything for you. What did you write and what is the value?

SCP-1748-JP-1: Am I impatient? No, what I'm trying to do is recreate the mysteries of the Middle Ages. Every activity always has a meaning, doesn't it? If not, are you getting the money for him?

Agent Ayai: Let's finish it. I won't talk to you anymore.

SCP-1748-JP-1: I don't like it, I wonder why I have been here until now, I wonder if I understand. Why don't you hate it, deny it, build what I'm knitting like that here, me.

Agent Ayai: Goodbye, I have come here today on behalf of everyone to say this word to you.

SCP-1748-JP-1: (Jueju)

Agent Ayai: You will soon be banned from here. You hate persistent guys, right?

SCP-1748-JP-1: I am an alkylene pyridine.

[SCP-1748-JP-1 disappears]

[End recording]

Afterword: Since this incident, the number of outbreaks of SCP-1748-JP has sharply decreased, and no new outbreaks of SCP-1748-JP have been confirmed since July 2015. Additionally, within SCP-1748-JP, I made up several annoying acts on his part and managed to kick him off the site.

Video recording 20██ / 03/21

Date and time of the event: March 21, 20██, 3:06 am
Location: Exit 1 of Kodemmacho station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line
Summary: This is a special case in which the subject of SCP-1748-JP-EV does not exist. It can be confirmed that SCP-1748-JP-1 is wearing gray clothing. A damaged college notebook, which appears to have appeared when SCP-1748-JP-1 went missing, was found at the scene.

[Begin recording]

(SCP-1748-JP-1 exits the entrance to the metro)

SCP-1748-JP-1: (Unclear word) I arrived, I came back (Unclear word) I forgot …

SCP-1748-JP-1: No it's not over yet, I just wanted to write, yes I (stretching out my arms in the void). Yeah, you should know, by everyone's report I'm … Yeah, from there you can change the other side and stir. The world can be big.

(A white wagon approaches the back of the screen, but SCP-1748-JP-1 does not appear to notice it. SCP-1748-JP-1 kneels in the middle of the road)

SCP-1748-JP-1: I have to find out. And we have to change. Now this site polarized. (Dull knocking sound)

(A wagon makes contact with SCP-1748-JP-1. SCP-1748-JP-1 is thrown onto the sidewalk, behaves like a squirrel, then disappears. The wagon flees to the back of the screen.)

Afterword: With this incident, my revenge on him was taken and SCP-1748-JP was contained. Thanks to everyone who cooperated with me. I want to thank Dr Hotta for contacting me first and deciding to cooperate. I am delighted to be able to speak to you with the completion of this containment, and to never destroy you by this man.

Addendum: Following the completion of containment of SCP-1748-JP, it is speculated that the induction method will add a number of narrative layers showing similar anomalies, namely lead cannons from other authors, to my foundation. Then, in order, their search, determination of potential danger, and containment will begin. In consultation with me, O5 Council also approved a plan to use the voting module in the upper right corner of this report to uncover the narrative layers that could create this report. The Foundation can see the story layer that showed some reaction to this report from the Rates tab at the bottom left.

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