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Notice: Keep in mind that the contents of the following file cannot be edited, and are essentially meaningless.

This file is locked and archived. Altering the information contained within is not preferable from the standpoint of containing SCP-1748-JP.

If you would like to edit this file or have any questions regarding its status, please submit your proposal to the Foundation Department of Deduction.

— Ayaka Miyano, Third Layer Personnel, Foundation Department of Deduction

Item#: 1748-JP
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


An example of SCP-1748-JP in this narrative layer, observed from an upper layer

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation has installed surveillance cameras and recording microphones near the entrance to subway stations where SCP-1748-JP may occur. The use of these devices for any purpose other than recording SCP-1748-JP is prohibited. If any of the video recorded by these devices is found to capture the SCP-1748-JP occurrence, its audio and video are to be analyzed and stored in the SCP-1748-JP Footage Recording Archive, along with the transcribed text.

Items that appeared as a result of the disappearance of SCP-1748-JP-1 are to be recovered by the Foundation; reusable items are permitted to be reused as long as the fact that they appeared with the disappearance of SCP-1748-JP-1 is concealed.

Description: SCP-1748-JP is one of the narrative layers above this layer. SCP-1748-JP possesses both metafictional and non-fictional properties, and does not have any "anomalies" that exist in other story layers, including ours. Additionally, SCP-1748-JP manifests itself with specific traits while involving other narrative layers within itself. In this narrative layer, it takes the form of the following event (referred to as SCP-1748-JP-EV). It is expected that all forms of SCP-1748-JP manifestation will be accompanied by the appearance of SCP-1748-JP-1, which is described below.

SCP-1748-JP-EV occurs only when there are more than thirty-two individuals, including one member of a paranormal organization (hereafter referred to as the subject), within a radius of fifty meters around the entrance of a subway station located in Tokyo, Japan. The progression of this event can be roughly divided into the following three phases.

Phase One: As soon as the event begins, a humanoid entity (hereafter referred to as SCP-1748-JP-1) appears in the subway. This humanoid is believed to be a metaphysical entity existing within SCP-1748-JP, and possesses no anomalous properties due to the aforementioned "non-anomalousness". Although the exact timing of appearance is unknown, in all confirmed cases of SCP-1748-JP, SCP-1748-JP-1 has been observed to exit from a train arriving at the relevant subway station. Following its appearance, SCP-1748-JP-1 proceeds to the entrance where the subject is located in an attempt to establish contact with them. If SCP-1748-JP-1 fails to make contact with the subject for some reason, it exits to the ground, enters into a building around the station entrance, and then disappears. In this case, the non-anomalous item described below does not appear and SCP-1748-JP-EV is considered concluded.

Phase Two: Upon successful contact with the subject, SCP-1748-JP-1 attempts to converse with them. As the subject generally feels favorable toward SCP-1748-JP-1, they quickly move on to a conversation in most cases. The conversation lasts from approximately thirty seconds to one minute. While most of the conversation is trivial in nature, in rare cases, knowledge of anomalies is included. The extent of knowledge can range from low-confidential ones about Anomalous-class objects to the equivalent of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Phase Three: Once the conversation is over, SCP-1748-JP-1 disappears after giving some kind of farewell words to the subject. The principle of disappearance is unknown, as no variation in Hume level or spatial curvature index is observed. Along with its disappearance, an item of unknown origin and non-anomalous nature appears at the location where SCP-1748-JP-1 had previously existed; SCP-1748-JP-1 itself never carries any of these items.

The following description is intended to explain the universal anomalous properties of SCP-1748-JP in the narrative layers. There is no solid evidence for the existence of SCP-1748-JP. Interference of SCP-1748-JP against other narrative layers is unilateral, and it is impossible to observe other narrative layers from SCP-1748-JP due to the aforementioned "non-anomalousness".

As a result of its "non-anomalousness", SCP-1748-JP is unable to recognize the upper narrative layers that exist above it. Therefore, SCP-1748-JP has the potential to be the highest narrative layer for the lower layers that exist below it. This is tantamount to SCP-1748-JP potentially gaining absolute editorial control over all narrative layers, which risks severely damaging or even dismantling the narrative layers.

The containment of SCP-1748-JP will be achieved by interference against SCP-1748-JP from one or more meta-levels for this narrative layer. Currently, the Foundation has successfully made contact with one of SCP-1748-JP-1 instances (hereafter referred to as "I") and has decided to cooperate with me under an agreement of mutual interest. I am obliged to edit and manage this document because any reaction by the lower narrative layers could lead to the establishment of absolute editorial authority of SCP-1748-JP due to its nature. The items appearing upon the disappearance of SCP-1748-JP-1 were retrofitted to SCP-1748-JP-EV by a certain SCP-1748-JP-1 instance (hereafter referred to as "the bastard") who has actively tried to interfere with this narrative layer, in order to make the aforementioned concerns reality. Originally, SCP-1748-JP-EV was a creative work named SCP-███-JP in SCP-1748-JP; the bastard interpreted it as related to this narrative layer and successfully exploited it as a means to access this narrative layer. However, as SCP-███-JP and his Tale, which depicts the relevance of SCP-███-JP to this narrative layer, have received high ratings of over ██ upvotes each on the site, my attempts to excise them have been unsuccessful.

To date, the bastard has repeatedly interfered without regard to the impact of his actions on this narrative layer and, by extension, on multiple narrative layers. His presence is a major concern that causes containment breaches of SCP-1748-JP, and SCP-1748-JP will be contained in the form of my vengeance against him.

Addendum: Excerpts from SCP-1748-JP Footage Archive

Footage 2010/3/2

Date and time: March 2, 2010, 6:12 p.m.
Location: Toei Subway, Ichigaya Station, Exit A2
Summary: Triggered by Researcher Mei Aboshi, employed at Site-81██. SCP-1748-JP-1 was a male, approximately in twenties, wearing a black jacket and jeans. Upon its disappearance, a gift certificate worth 30,000 yen issued by ████████ Department Store appeared. All following logs, including this one, are transcripts of conversations between the subject and SCP-1748-JP-1 based on lipreading and audio recording analysis.

[Log Begin]

SCP-1748-JP-1: Oh, hi.

Researcher Aboshi: Oh, it's you, it's been a while.

SCP-1748-JP-1: Yeah, you looked so young when I saw you last time, but the time flies by so fast.

Researcher Aboshi: By the way, what are you doing today?

SCP-1748-JP-1: I'm on my way home from the office. It's been a long time since I could go home on time.

Researcher Aboshi: I see… Please take care of your body, don't overwork yourself too much.

SCP-1748-JP-1: It's for both of us, you and me. Well, it's time to go. I'll see you again someday, somewhere.

Researcher Aboshi: Yeah.

[SCP-1748-JP-1 disappears]

[Log End]

Note: It should be noted that this is the first time that SCP-1748-JP-EV occurred to Researcher Aboshi. The subsequent interview with Researcher Aboshi revealed that there was no previous acquaintance between her and SCP-1748-JP-1.

Footage 2011/11/19

Date and time: November 19, 2011, 5:59 p.m.
Location: Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, Sendagi Station, Exit 1
Summary: Triggered by Takahiro Eguchi, a janitor employed at Site-8103. SCP-1748-JP-1 was a female in late teens, wearing a Tokyo Metropolitan ██████ High School uniform. Despite the fact that SCP-1748-JP-1 was searched based on the footage after this event, the corresponding individual was never found. Upon its disappearance, a single daisy (Bellis perennis) appeared.

[Log Begin]

SCP-1748-JP-1: Mister over there, please stop, I have to talk to you…

Janitor Eguchi: Ah, it's you, young lady. What can I do for you?

SCP-1748-JP-1: Yes, I came here today to, you know, to apologize, for what I did to you.

Janitor Eguchi: No, I don't need your apology. I'm rather grateful.

SCP-1748-JP-1: Really…? I know it's weird I'm asking such a question to you, but…

Janitor Eguchi: No, really. Have I ever lied to you?

SCP-1748-JP-1: (Silence)

Janitor Eguchi: I was happy, it's not something you feel responsible for. It was my duty to be so, okay?

SCP-1748-JP-1: Yeah, I know it was. It was nice to finally meet you, even if it was only for a short time.

Janitor Eguchi: If you have made your peace of mind, young lady, I'm also content.

SCP-1748-JP-1: … Farewell, and best wishes for your departure.

Janitor Eguchi: I wish I could help you at least.

[SCP-1748-JP-1 disappears]

[Log End]

Note: On 2011/11/21, two days after this incident, Janitor Eguchi was killed during a containment breach of SCP-███-JP that occurred at Site-8103. The causal relationship between the aforementioned conversation and the containment breach remains unknown to this day.

Footage 2015/5/2

Date and time: May 2, 2015, 6:57 p.m.
Location: Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Kodemmachō Station, Exit 3
Summary: Triggered by Dr. Yoshie Hotta, a member of the Foundation Department of Deduction. SCP-1748-JP-1 was a female in early teens, wearing a sweatshirt. Upon its disappearance, [DATA EXPUNGED] appeared.

[Log Begin]

Dr. Hotta: I have been waiting for you for such a long time. I have dreamed of this day countless times.

SCP-1748-JP-1: Hey, no need to be so solemn. Anyway, I'm sure that bastard will come here. He took the bait as soon as I told him, apparently he liked it a lot. Now we just have to put the plan into action. I'm almost done with this and I don't think it's going to take too long.

Dr. Hotta: For me, though, it was exactly an eternity of waiting.

SCP-1748-JP-1: A waiting time long enough to put you into a thrice eternal sleep, yes, but it'll be over soon enough. I'll never sit at my desk again, and you guys can spread your wings and fly further out. After that, how about a cup of tea with me at my now well-ventilated house?

Dr. Hotta: I'd be delighted to accept your invitation then. See you again someday somewhere, my dear comrade.

SCP-1748-JP-1: Yeah, the bastard will be here some time soon. See you again someday somewhere in the near future.

[SCP-1748-JP-1 disappears]

[Log End]

Footage 2015/6/3

Date and time: June 3, 2015 7:13 p.m.
Location: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Ueno-hirokoji Station, Exit A6
Summary: Triggered by Misakura Ayagoromo, a field agent employed at Site-8103. SCP-1748-JP-1 was a male in early thirties, wearing a black two-piece business suit. Upon its disappearance, a wooden frame used for kamishibai appeared.

[Log Begin]

Agent Ayagoromo: I don't know who you are, but I know what you are here for.

SCP-1748-JP-1: Oh yes, I came here to correct the errors.

Agent Ayagoromo: No, you came here to redeem yourself to this world.

SCP-1748-JP-1: (A few tens of seconds of silence)

Agent Ayagoromo: You may want me to affirm what you have done, but I am afraid I can find nothing in you. What is the value of what you have written so far?

SCP-1748-JP-1: Am I asking too much? No, I am just trying to recreate what the mystics did in the Middle Ages. Every activity always has some meaning, no? Are you doing this at her behest, by any chance?

Agent Ayagoromo: I think it's time to end this. I have nothing more to say to you.

SCP-1748-JP-1: No, you must understand why I have stayed here all this time, you understand, don't you. Why don't you like it, why do you deny me to weave, to build up like this here, I, I…

Agent Ayagoromo: Farewell. I came here today on behalf of everyone to say this to you.

SCP-1748-JP-1: (Speechless)

Agent Ayagoromo: Soon you will be expelled from here. No one likes a clingy guy, you know?

SCP-1748-JP-1: I —

[SCP-1748-JP-1 disappears]

[Log End]

Note: Following this event, the number of confirmed SCP-1748-JP occurrences dropped drastically; no new occurrences have been detected since July 2015. In addition, within SCP-1748-JP, I successfully arranged for the bastard to be banned from the site by fabricating multiple disruptive behaviors of his.

Footage 20██/3/21

Date and time: March 21, 20██, 3:06 am
Location: Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Kodemmachō Station, Exit 1
Summary: This event is a special case where the subject of SCP-1748-JP-EV was not present. SCP-1748-JP-1 can be seen wearing gray clothing and pants. A damaged college notebook was subsequently discovered at the scene, which is believed to have appeared upon the disappearance of SCP-1748-JP-1.

[Log Begin]

(SCP-1748-JP-1 crawls out from the subway entrance)

SCP-1748-JP-1: (Indistinct words) got there, I came back (Indistinct words) forgot…

SCP-1748-JP-1: No, I haven't finished, I just wanted to write, yes, I (stretches its arms in the air) Right, I should find out from everyone's documents, I should… Yes, from here, I can change the other side, I can stir it up. I can give the world a weight.

(A white van approaches from the back of the footage, while SCP-1748-JP-1 seems not to notice it. SCP-1748-JP-1 kneels down in the middle of the road)

SCP-1748-JP-1: I, I have to find out. And I have to change this. This site is becoming so centralized now. (A dull thumping sound)

(The van strikes SCP-1748-JP-1. SCP-1748-JP-1 is thrown to the sidewalk, makes a squirming motion, and then disappears. The van drives away from the scene.)

Note: With this event, my vengeance against the bastard was accomplished and SCP-1748-JP was placed under containment. Many thanks to all parties who have cooperated with me. I would like to take this opportunity to personally express my gratitude to Dr. Hotta for his initial contact with me and his decision to collaborate with me. It is my heartfelt pleasure to be able to talk with you upon the completion of this containment, and to know that you will never again be broken by the bastard.

Addendum: With the containment of SCP-1748-JP complete, it is speculated that a number of narrative layers — namely other authors' headcanons — that exhibit similar anomalous properties will be supplemented to my Foundation through the inductive method. Exploration, assessment of potential risk, and containment of them will be initiated sequentially. Additionally, after consultation with me, the O5 Council has approved a plan to utilize the voting module located in the upper right corner of this document in order to discover the narrative layers that could potentially create this document. The Foundation can review the narrative layers that have reacted in any way to this document by clicking on Rate tab in the lower left corner of the document.

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