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Item #: SCP-1774-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its public nature, it was determined that direct containment of SCP-1774-JP would be difficult; therefore, an Apple Store1 equipped with surveillance systems was constructed near the park where SCP-1774-JP is located through internal operations. All employees are composed of the Foundation's personnel, and they are to monitor SCP-1774-JP to prevent the general public from experiencing its anomalous properties. Experiments involving SCP-1774-JP should be conducted with the permission of the responsible personnel and using appropriate Apple Inc. products.

SCP-1774-JP-1 instances are to be in the possession of the research staff and be used only for the recording of the generated emails. In case a Thankful Mail is generated, it is to be reported to the head researcher, and SCP-1774-JP-1 instance in question is to be transferred to Bio-Site-11.

SCP-1774-JP-A instances are to be maintained and studied at Bio-Site-11. If it is determined that SCP-1774-JP-A has no anomalous nature through observation, it is planned to be disclosed as a new species.

Description: SCP-1774-JP is a circular area of approximately 12 square meters, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States of America2. Individuals within a 3km radius of SCP-1774-JP experience a desire to place malfunctioning Apple Inc. mobile devices in SCP-1774-JP. This effect is minor; if there is a person or facility nearby that can repair the devices, the affected individuals prefers to rely on them.

When a malfunctioning Apple Inc. mobile device is placed in SCP-1774-JP, a plant biologically similar to an apple (Malus pumila) sprouts from the device approximately 1 minute after placement. The sprout roots and grows into a mature tree over approximately 10 minutes, and then an object of the identical model as the placed mobile device (SCP-1774-JP-1) emerges from the branch, in a repaired state. Regardless of its mass, SCP-1774-JP-1 can be harvested by applying some amount of force in the same way as a normal apple fruit, and can be used without any problem except for the email described below. No internal data discontinuity occurs in this process. After SCP-1774-JP-1 is plucked, the tree turns into humus in approximately 1 minute. These anomalous properties do not manifest when SCP-1774-JP-1 is placed in SCP-1774-JP.

When a mail application is pre-installed on SCP-1774-JP-1, an email with a blank sender name appears in its inbox at 20:00 UTC every Saturday. Since the appearance was confirmed in a radio wave anechoic chamber, it is believed that these emails are generated in SCP-1774-JP-1. The content of the email is mainly advices on how to use SCP-1774-JP-1, and it is reported that the usable period of SCP-1774-JP-1 can be extended by 20% on average if the email instructions are followed. Based on the content of the emails, each SCP-1774-JP-1 instance is believed to possess limited perceptual abilities. All emails conclude with ''J.A.'', which are assumed to be initials.

Although an investigation was conducted against Apple Inc. regarding SCP-1774-JP, no significant relationship was determined except that the late J███ C██████ is cited as an example of name input.

The following are emails that appeared in SCP-1774-JP-1-E (iPhone3G3), which were generated in an experiment. It was routinely carried by a responsible personnel, Dr. Vicki Ruth, in the Foundation facilities for research on the email contents. This is an excerpt of the evidence for the above-mentioned anomalous properties, and only texts have been recorded. To review the full contents of all emails, see "Attachment 1774-JP: Mail".

When the usable period of SCP-1774-JP-1 reaches its limit, an email with the title "Thankful Message" is generated in its inbox. The following is an example, generated for SCP-1774-JP-1-E.

By clicking or tapping the button at the bottom of Thankful Message, SCP-1774-JP-1 instantaneously turns into a single apple fruit (SCP-1774-JP-A). As of now, no anomalous properties have been observed in feeding tests by D-class personnel and in genetic analysis. However, it is more nutritious than common apples, and the majority of D class personnel who engaged in feeding tests have reported that it is delicious. An attempt to cultivate seeds collected from SCP-1774-JP-A has shown the same biology as the non-anomalous apple. It was also confirmed that the seeds can germinate without problems even in relatively nutrient-poor land. Currently, a project to alleviate food shortages in impoverished areas using SCP-1774-JP-A is under consideration.

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