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Item #: SCP-178-DE Level 1/178-DE
Object Class: Euclid Confidential

Storm loss caused by SCP-178-DE

Special Containment Procedures: All Foundation personnel is to be briefed about SCP-178-DE, its effects and appropriate reactions upon encountering SCP-178-DE. Civilians that experienced SCP-178-DE have to be located and amnesticized if possible.

Foundation personnel confronted with SCP-178-DE must make their predictions as vague as possible, for example "chance of cloudiness". The duration of the encounter must be kept short (under 2 minutes).

Additionally, the following markers within a three day period are used to determine usage of SCP-178-DE by Foundation personnel:

  1. Moderate hailstorm over Heligoland
  2. A very mild alpine föhn
  3. Strong, dusty bohemian wind over Saxony

Description: SCP-178-DE is a recurring anomalous dream, which is dreamt apparently randomly by adults in the middle european region during REM sleep. Dreaming subjects undergo sleep apnoea for the duration of the dream, which may lead to fatal breathing arrest, should the duration of the dream be too long1. Due to many unknowns, the average incidence of SCP-178-DE can not be estimated properly. It is estimated to be between 2,3 dreams per week to 1,5 dreams per month in a population of 165 million.

Within SCP-178-DE, the subject suddenly finds themself behind the desk of a television studio newsroom. Directly after the start of the dream, a voice is introducing the weather forecast presented by the subject. The subject is then expected to predict the weather in the middle european region. There is no teleprompter to aid the subject, additionally the weather chart in the studio is a blue screen, meaning that subjects without metrological knowledge have to improvise. Once the subject appears to have finished making a prediction for the next three days, the voice thanks the subjects and segues into the sports section. Subsequently, the subject wakes up gasping as their respiration starts again.

All predictions made by the subject within SCP-178-DE will come true against all odds. SCP-178-DE is following the principle of least resistance; the weather system will only be manipulated to the minimum requirement to be within the scope of the prediction.

Detailed information about the events with SCP-178-DE are rare because of it's nature as a dream; since SCP-178-DE appears to consist mostly of archetypical simulacra2 no particulars could be collected even under influence of strong mnestics. Hence, SCP-178-DE always appears to take place in the language the subject is most fluent in. Furthermore, questioning about other people present in the studio (news anchors, camera operator and studio engineers) unded mnestic influence inevitably leads to panic attacks in the subjects as well as severe psychological traumata of the subject without any noteworthy new insights.

Oneirological examination by the Task Force DE2-𝔓 "Sheep Counters" gives reason to believe that SCP-178-DE is persistent3.

Addendum 2008-09-04: Researcher Dr. Ehrlich was found dead in his bed the morning of the 12th July 2008. The cause of death was determined to be a nocturnal breathing arrest. The weather-markers described in the Special Containment Procedures were observed throughout the following days. Shortly thereafter, a new case of SCP-178-DE was identified. The affected person stated changes to SCP-178-DE before being amnesticized.

The phrase "Do what they tell you and nothing will happen to you" was scratched into the weather presenter's desk. Below, multiple trivial lines of weather forecast can be found, like:

  • "Good odds for sunshine"
  • "Expect a cold snap in the evening"
  • "Intermittent Overcast"
  • "Low chance of precipitation in the higher layers."

Parts of the desk show heavy signs of corrosion and caustic attack, including surface blisters, rendering parts of the list unintelligible. Furthermore, a door in the back of the studio appears to have been opened; inquiry on the space behind caused distress and triggered psychological defence mechanisms in the subject.

In consequence of the findings, Dr. Ehrlich was posthumously awarded the Foundation Order of Merit.

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