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Item #: SCP-179-DE

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-179-DE is currently uncontained and its location is unknown. If it should appear, potential witnesses are to be amnesticised and cover stories are to be spread to explain caused damage. If necessary, media reports are to be censored and to be declared a hoax.

No asset of the Foundation is to engage SCP-179-DE-1, except for means of self-defense or if the mission command’s objective is SCP-179-DE-1's termination. Should SCP-179-DE-1 be sighted, it is to be offered to enter Foundation custody voluntarily, but may not be forced in any way.

Individuals regarded as aggressors by SCP-179-DE, if possible, are to be removed from the combat area.

Description: SCP-179-DE is an animated stone statue of a female angel, as depicted in Christian mythology. SCP-179-DE is ca. 3,5 m in height and consists of a grey stone of unknown composition. Its weight is estimated to be at least 950 kg.

SCP-179-DE always carries a longsword and a heater shield, which also consist of stone. When SCP-179-DE is not engaged in battle, it carries the sword in its sheath and the shield on its back. Additionally, it is capable of flight with its wings, despite its composition, and reaches velocities up to Mach 2. Should SCP-179-DE be damaged, broken off parts will immediately integrate back into their fracture point, despite the gravitational action. This effect also occurs if SCP-179-DE is destroyed completely and extends to its weapons.

At all times, SCP-179-DE functions as some sort of bodyguard for a specific person, hereinafter designated as SCP-179-DE-1, following them everywhere, notwithstanding the reactions of peers or of SCP-179X-DE-1 themself. It was observed in some cases, however, that SCP-179-DE-1 can order SCP-179-DE to position itself at a certain location, as long as SCP-179-DE-1 remain in the vicinity. How SCP-179-DE-1 is selected is currently unknown but SCP-179-DE-1 seems to be always considered especially virtuous within their inserted environment. This definition, of course, varies with culture and environment, a fact SCP-179-DE apparently doesn't regard with its choice. SCP-179-DE will protect SCP-179-DE-1 until they die or perform an action viewed by it or SCP-179-DE-1's peers as one "great wrongdoing", after which SCP-179X-DE will leave its current SCP-179-DE-1 instance. This property was also observed in actions in which SCP-179-DE-1 had a conflict of interest with its environment, but not in all cases. Until now, no exact conditions could be deduced that cause SCP-179-DE to leave its chosen individual. After leaving its last instance, it will travel in a direct line to its new instance, who normally gets completely surprised by SCP-179-DE's sudden arrival and usually starts panicking until realizing that SCP-179-DE does not pose any threat to their life.

Should SCP-179-DE-1 be attacked, SCP-179-DE will attempt to repel the attack and to kill the attacker. On that matter, SCP-179-DE possesses a reaction time of 0.02 seconds and can even move fast enough to stop pistol projectiles in flight. It attacks aggressors using its sword until they are neutralized or, they get enough distance between themselves and SCP-179-DE-1 or if SCP-179-DE-1 dies. The distance needed varies heavily and if SCP-179-DE is not occupied otherwise it will attack again if said distance is not maintained. Barriers stop SCP-179-DE only temporary since it can penetrate even the composite armor of military vehicles with its sword or fist. Should such actions not ensure SCP-179-DE-1's safety, it will instead focus on their evacuation.

The Foundation encountered SCP-179-DE for the first time in 1944, but numerous records to the anomaly have already existed for a longer time. These documents suggest that SCP-179-DE has existed since 1490. According to recovered documentation, SCP-179-DE seems to be an anomaly created by the Group of Interest The Order of Light.

Over the course of human history, SCP-179-DE got mentioned in numerous records, which were confiscated by the Foundation. What follows is a chronological list of all mentions and supposed locations of SCP-179-DE. No records exist for the unincluded periods.

  • 1523: The Chinese Abnormality Institute mentions in a report, that SCP-179-DE had appeared in Chengdu, China and had chosen a five-year-old girl as SCP-179-DE-1. The Institute manages to take SCP-179-DE-1 and with it SCP-179-DE into custody by buying it from its parents. SCP-179-DE-1 apparently remains obedient towards the Institute until their death in 1551. SCP-179-DE, upon its unexpected departure, breaks through two doors, three walls and finally the roof of the facility it had been held in. It should be mentioned that SCP-179-DE had been called a Xiāo1 due to the unfamiliarity of the Chinese culture with Christian symbolism at the time.
  • 1559: In the University of Pisa, the Confraternity of Saint George’s Knights finds the next instance of SCP-179-DE-1, Marco Bellini, a young student who studies SCP-179-DE together with several scholars. The multiple attempts to get SCP-179-DE under the control of the Confraternity due to its angelic nature fail because of the resistance of the object. Through the fights, however, the resident Tutore of the Medicean Academy of Occult Art becomes aware of SCP-179-DE-1 and offers it to join his Academy. SCP-179-DE-1 agrees and stays a member of the Academy until their death in the year 1578. SCP-179-DE destroys several anomalous objects as it departs to a new instance.
  • 1713: The Tsar's Seers locate another Instance of SCP-179-DE-1, the twenty-three-year-old Dimitri Borissowitsch Sacharow, in Nytwa, Russia, and employ it as a bodyguard for the ruling tsars. The Foundation possesses no knowledge of records from outside the court of the Tsar, which mention SCP-179-DE in this time. SCP-179-DE-1 dies in 1751, which causes SCP-179-DE to take off from the ground and destroy the roof of the Kremlin Palace.
  • 1788: SCP-179-DE is sighted in Lourdes, France, and there protects the fifteen-year-old Marion Petit from an attempted robbery. A member of the Humanist Gentlemen residing in the town hears of this event and takes in SCP-179-DE-1 as an apprentice to study SCP-179-DE, allegedly to reproduce it or to even bestow its abilities upon humans. SCP-179-DE leaves SCP-179-DE-1 in the year of 1798, probably as a reaction to SCP-179-DE-1’s theft of funds from its benefactor. Nothing else is known about the fate of this instance.
  • 1810: SCP-179-DE chooses Thomas Spielberg in Boston, United States, as SCP-179-DE-1. The American Secure Containment Initiative becomes aware of SCP-179-DE but fails over a period of two years to contain it. In 1812, SCP-179-DE-1 apparently decides to exploit the object by attempting to rob a bank, whereupon SCP-179-DE-1 is abandoned by SCP-179-DE and subsequently arrested by authorities.
  • 1876: SCP-179-DE chooses an unknown individual in a cell of the Sarkic Cults in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, which can not leave the hideout anymore due to the attention it draws like this. Details of the life of SCP-179-DE are unknown, including the time it gets left by SCP-179-DE.
  • 1921: Twenty-two-year old Akeno Nakamura from Ina, Japan, is chosen by SCP-179-DE as SCP-179-DE-1, causing the latter to enter in a state of panic. This was exploited by the Japanese Shūshū-In that took SCP-179-DE-1 into custody, promising it to free it from SCP-179-DE. In 1942, after being told about the ongoing war, SCP-179-DE-1 was, upon its own request and after the agreement of the head of the Shūshū-In transferred to the Imperial Japanese Army Special Medical Force to reproduce SCP-179-DE. On August 6th, 1945, after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, SCP-179-DE was observed by Japanese civilians as it tried to flee from the explosion but got engulfed in it. It is assumed that it had tried to evacuate SCP-179-DE-1.
  • 1945: SCP-179-DE chooses the thirteen-year-old Pierre Dupont in Marseille, France, as SCP-179-DE-12. Over the next five years, its father, Hugo Dupont, member of a resident SAPPHIRE cell tries to destroy SCP-179-DE because of its anomalous nature with the aide of his colleagues, including physical abuse of SCP-179-DE-1.3 The Order of Light eventually becomes aware of SCP-179-DE and takes SCP-179-DE-1 into custody, without resistance from it itself or SCP-179-DE, in order to release SCP-179-DE. This effort, however, remains unsuccessful due to SCP-179-DE remaining inexplicable to the Order. SCP-179-DE leaves SCP-179-DE-1 in the year 1960 when it pushes a guard out a window on the fifth floor while trying to escape from The Order of Light.
  • 1960: Division XXV locates SCP-179-DE with the new instance of SCP-179-DE-1; the twenty-five-year-old Heiko Schröder from Erfurt, Germany. The Foundation would also become aware of this incident after SCP-179-DE had destroyed the roof of SCP-179-DE-1’s house upon arrival. Deployed agents, however, reported having found nothing out of the ordinary. According to records from Division XXV, they had in fact gotten ambushed by assets of the Stasi and subsequently had their memories altered. SCP-179-DE-1 was forced into cooperation by threatening to incarcerate SCP-179-DE-1’s family members, staying in the custody of the Stasi until 1989. SCP-179-DE leaves SCP-179-DE-1 in 1989 after the latter wrestles and strangles a Stasi agent, who had been sent to amnesticize and release SCP-179-DE-1.
  • 1996: SCP-179-DE has been observed during several assaults of the Korean Group of Interest Beyond Entropy but until now SCP-179-DE-1 could not be identified with certainty.
  • 2016: According to espionage reports, SCP-179-DE is currently in the custody of the Portuguese Group of Interest Order of the Tower and Valor.
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