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An image captured at the scene of SCP-1792-JP.
Fourteen corpses were found and recovered from the surrounding area after the stall was removed.

Item #: SCP-1792-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Unauthorized street vending by children in the United States is currently restricted and must be reported to the administration when conducted. In the case of child-centered activities, a parent or guardian over the age of 20 is required to intervene in their activities.

When the sale or distribution of lemonade is the primary focus of their activities, guidance is to be provided through the administration. The shape of the stall is to be supervised, and care should be taken to ensure that no part consisting of two posts and a board is attached.

In the event of an SCP-1792-JP occurrence, all parties involved are to be amnesticized, and the corpses are to be recovered. Any incurred deaths are to be covered up with an appropriate cover story to conceal the actual cause of death.

Description: SCP-1792-JP is a cascading phenomenon that occurs at street stall sales in the United States. During the event, the alterations caused by SCP-1792-JP cannot be observed, unless through paranormal methods.

SCP-1792-JP occurs at stall sales that meet the following criteria.

  • It is run by children and mainly sells/distributes lemonade1. Lemonade is prepared at or near the stall.
  • It is not operated by any specific organization (either for-profit or non-profit). Instead of commercial objectives, its purpose is to collect temporary profits and distribute beverages.
  • Lemonade is sold at a stall, which consists of two pillars and a board attached to a base, forming a rectangular space (hereinafter referred to as the "window").

When SCP-1792-JP occurs, the two pillars and the board are altered. A metal blade is installed on the board, and the stall itself is transformed into a structure similar to a guillotine2.

When a human (hereinafter referred to as the "subject") inserts their head into the "window" and their neck reaches the parallel line with the board, the subject is fixed to the base of the stall3. Immediately afterwards, the board drops with the blade, killing the subject by severing their neck. The surrounding individuals consider that the subject to have suddenly disappeared, and instantly lose interest in the disappearance itself.

The severed heads are perceived by the surrounding people as lemon (Citrus limon) fruits. For this reason, they are treated like any other fruit, such as abandoned at the storage area or subjected to further damage4. Consumption of its components as beverages does not cause any discomfort to the surrounding individuals. Other parts except for the head are perceived as "parts which are not lemon fruits" and are treated like any other waste. The corpses decompose as normal even while they are perceived differently than they actually are.

SCP-1792-JP concludes when the stall finishes its business and is removed, at which point the surrounding individuals realize the anomalous situation for the first time. The individuals who ingested the components of the corpses begin to perceive a strange sensation in their taste buds from this moment on.

Addendum.1792-JP: Situation at occurrence

In SCP-1792-JP cases, it has been confirmed that most of the victims are children.

Stall sales that meet the criteria for SCP-1792-JP occurrence are basically operated by children, and there are many opportunities to sell to the operators' neighbors. In such cases, the situation where the customer children are acquaintances of the operators also arises frequently. In addition, children are easier to insert their heads into the "window" than adults due to their height, and may need to do so when receiving products. As a result of these factors, it has been analyzed that children are much more likely to insert their heads into the "window".

Consequently, there is a high rate of multiple children who are acquainted with each other being involved in a single incident. There are frequent cases where an operator adds components extracted from an acquaintance to a beverage, which is then ingested by another acquaintance5.

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