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The closed SCP-180-DE on Dr. Dexter's desk.

Item #: SCP-180-DE

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-180-DE should always be stored in a safety cabinet in storage room 31-513C. This is secured with a 5-digit number code, which is to be changed once a week. Access to this code will only be given to personnel having a Level 2 security clearance. If SCP-180-DE-A appears, it should be removed and placed in a separate warehouse. At the moment, SCP-180-DE is in Site-DE15.

Description: SCP-180-DE is a calendar, which is covered with a black leather cover. The calendar is about 10 cm wide and 15 cm long, besides, it has about 14 pages, which consist of seemingly conventional paper. On SCP-180-DE is a with a cord attached pen, wich is according to previous experiments seemingly unseverable. Furthermore, the pen of SCP-180-DE seems to work only on the surface of paper from SCP-180-DE. Any attempts to write with the pen on other material have failed. After a test, it was also found that only the pen attached to SCP-180-DE works on the surface of the paper from SCP-180-DE, any attempt to write on the paper with another pen failed.

On the upper left corner of a page you can see the respective month and the respective year. The year and the dates, on which days the respective dates are, seem to change automatically after the turn of the year. If the pen, which is attached to SCP-180-DE, writes the full name with the appandage "birthday" to the calendar, that day will have a certain time,1 in which the subject is in a waking state, visited by a small penguin.2 However, if one does not write "birthday" as an appendage, nothing will happen.


SCP-180-DE-1 visiting an MTF soldier on the return to Site-DE13.

This penguin is referred as SCP-180-DE-1. SCP-180-DE-1 may also appear several times if several registered persons have their birthday on the same day. The period in which SCP-180-DE-1 is present depends on the situation. Sometimes SCP-180-DE-1 lasts for several hours and sometimes only a few minutes remain. The duration of the stay, SCP-180-DE-1, was found to depend on the mental state of the person who has a birthday. If the person is in good mental health, SCP-180-DE-1 will only last a few minutes, and if the person is in poor mental health, SCP-180-DE-1 will remain for several hours. Once SCP-180-DE-1 has emerged, every creature, be it human or animal, feels a sense of warmth and well-being within 10 yards of SCP-180-DE-1. Every creature in the room will be skeptical of the sudden appearance of SCP-180-DE-1, but after a few seconds, as recordings show, this skepticism will subsist and everyone present will find the appearance of SCP-180-DE natural. This effect lasts several hours to days even after the disappearance of SCP-180-DE-1. If SCP-180-DE-1 turns up at a birthday party, it will embrace every guest of the party. If a guest is annoyed at a birthday party, SCP-180-DE-1 goes to that person and calms them by means of hugs or other gestures, for example, by bringing a drink, and should anyone be alone at a birthday party SCP-180-DE-1 will take care of this person all the time until the person feels better.

If one of the persons registered in SCP-180-DE dies, the name is "deleted" from SCP-180-DE and after about 12 hours a small plush penguin appears next to the deceased's head. This plush penguin was registered as SCP-180-DE-A due to the connection to SCP-180-DE. However, in a maritime burial or cremation, the SCP-180-DE-A emerges after 12 hours, with the SCP-180-DE-A being found incinerated in the ashes of the burned immediately after cremation.3If the body of the deceased no longer exists, for example because the person was digested by another animal, the SCP-180-DE-A will still appear. So far it is unknown why exactly this is the case, but an abnormal effect is considered. Previous attempts to capture SCP-180-DE-1 have failed because SCP-180-DE-1 immediately disappears from any mental and / or physical harm emanating from humans or animals.

Previous incidents have shown that if the calendar is damaged also the registered persons suffer damage.4 It is believed that destroying SCP-180-DE would cause the death of all registered persons. An attempt was made to find out whether the damage caused to SCP-180-DE-1 causes an effect similar to that of damage to SCP-180-DE, the result of this test was that damage to SCP-180-DE-1 resulted in that for a short time the one who had his birthday, could not remember anything in a small amount of time. After some elapsed time, the person's memories returned.

We can not risk the loss of SCP-180-DE by all of the current ███ registered persons, including some site managers, so any damage to SCP-180-DE will now be penalized. To prevent accidental damage, we will tighten SCP-180's special containment procedures. — O4-1

Previous attempts to remove the writing on SCP-180-DEs paper failed because material other than the ink of the pen attached to SCP-180-DE disappears. Also, the discard of the data by the pen do not work, because SCP-180-DE-1 appears despite the unrecognizability of the data.

Discovery: SCP-180-DE was originally the diary of Dr. Dexter, in which he also dated his birthday. However, when he asked several of his colleagues to write their birthday on the calendar, this diary was written by Dr. Dexter to a kind of birthday calendar for his colleagues and friends. However, after several employees of Standort-DE6, as well as -DE15, -DE19 and other locations, were registered in the calendar, SCP-180-DE-1 appeared on Dr. Josefs birthday. When the surveillance footage was checked by the security team, it was not possible to determine where SCP-180-DE-1 came from. However, after reviewing each surveillance shot, it was noted that Dr. Dexter slipped away from his desk, went to his quarters, locked the door, and apparently performed a ritual for a short time. This was noticed as he used several sentences which contained words that were a variation of the Latin language. Shortly after, and as he performed the ritual, it was observed that the surveillance camera had short failures and worked again. After the surveillance camera again showed a clear picture, every trace of Dr. Dexter as well his notebook was missing. Since then Dr. Dexter suspected of Mages Acadamy, which was revealed a few months ago, to cooperate and to be a member. After securing the admission, Dr. Dexter interrogated. In the interrogation, Dr. Dexter confessed his cooperation with the Mages Academy. The reason for the creation of SCP-180-DE Dr. Dexter not namend. After the seizure of Dr. Dexter was demoted this to the class E personnel. Currently there is Dr. Dexter bound and gagged in a security cell. He may leave this with an escort, if he is needed for a questioning.

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