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Item #: SCP-1802-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1802-JP is to be contained at Site-██ in the United States. Feeding is not required, but several toys and dog treats will be provided to alleviate SCP-1802-JP's stress. Mobile Task Force Delta-35 ("Bad Eaters") will investigate deaths determined to be caused by pica disorder for potential connection to SCP-1802-JP prior to its containment.

Description: SCP-1802-JP is a dachshund (Canis lupus familiaris) with a body length of 4m. It is covered in long and glossy brown-colored fur that is soft to the touch. However, SCP-1802-JP possesses a cognitiohazard that allows it to appear like a normal dachshund. SCP-1802-JP usually behaves like a normal dog until it finds a human nearby (hereafter referred to as subject).

When SCP-1802-JP discovers the subject, it will approach while wagging its tail. At this time, the subject recognizes SCP-1802-JP very favorably. However, this does not apply if the subject has an allergy or trauma to dogs, and if the subject takes action to flee from SCP-1802-JP, it will resume to its normal activities without pursuit. When SCP-1802-JP makes contact with the subject it will exhibit behavior as a normal dog, such as playfully jumping and biting. SCP-1802-JP will then wrap itself around the subject's neck after a certain amount of time has passed since they started playing.

Subject perceives this behavior as normal and affectionate. After wrapping around the neck, SCP-1802-JP will continue winding around the head and neck until covers the entire upper body with its own. Shortly after wrapping is completed, SCP-1802-JP will completely fuse with the subject's face, and restructure the head to resemble a dachshund.

Subjects whose heads have been altered behave like dogs such as running on all fours, attempting to communicate with regular dogs, and eating like one. Furthermore, they will produce roars and mimic tail movement that has not been zoologicaly observed before. Based on numerous observations, it has been concluded that this behavior is the subject attempting to communicate, suggesting their consciousness pre-transformation remains.

As the subject increasingly exhibits more dog-like behavior, their bodies will attempt to further change itself to accommodate. This results in symptoms such as dislocations, muscle tears, and fractures. In response, the subject's behavior does not change, but the frequency of its roars and tail movement seem to indicate that it feels pain.

After performing these changes, the subject will attempt to eat to satisfy its hunger. Since this transformation intially occurred outdoors before containment, the subject's diet of choice would be wild animal carcasses, trash, or discarded scraps of food. The subject's gag reflexes will initially prevent it from eating, but it will eventually proceed to feed. The subject will eventually die, as the subject's stomach is no different from an average human.

After the subject's death, SCP-1802-JP's torso will emerge from the neck and begin unwinding from the body until it pulls out its head. Once completely released the subject's appearance will return to normal prior to the transformation. As a result, this leaves no evidence on the corpse except for the unusual items that were consumed earlier.

SCP-1802-JP was discovered in ██████ Park, Florida, after an incident in which several homeless people had died. Coroners had determined the cause of death to be pica given all the items found in their stomachs during autopsy. Local police treated these deaths as not unusual due to how severe poverty and hunger is among the homeless in the area.

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