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Item #: SCP-1803-JP

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1803-JP is currently stored in the research reference room at Site-81██.

Description: SCP-1803-JP is a black metal cube, 80cm on each side. A lever-shaped one-way switch that can toggle ON/OFF is installed in the top corner of SCP-1803-JP. Two silver metal rods, 1cm in diameter and 15cm in length, are placed at 25cm intervals near the top center. Sample collecting and component analysis have currently not been accomplished as the metal comprising SCP-1803-JP has extremely high hardness. Attempts to investigate its internal structure have failed as well.

When the switch on its top is toggled to "ON" side, SCP-1803-JP activates to generate electricity from its metal rods; it produces ███V alternating current between the metal rods, and can output approximately 100kW of electricity at the maximum. Notably, SCP-1803-JP maintains a constant power generation until it is turned off, despite the complete absence of external fuel or power supply. In an experiment before the long-term observation project (see below) was implemented, it was observed to operate continuously for up to 365 days, with no anomalous events occurring during that period.

SCP-1803-JP was discovered on 1986/██/██ by a demolition contractor during the deconstruction of a residence in the city of ████████, ████ Prefecture, Japan. The owner of the residence, a self-proclaimed inventor, is confirmed to have died of illness on 1984/██/██, at the age of 65. While SCP-1803-JP was attached with a sheet of paper describing it as "Perpetual Generator" upon discovery, the documents recovered from the residence provided no information regarding SCP-1803-JP.

Addendum 1: On 1987/██/██, Dr. ██████, who was responsible for the study of SCP-1803-JP at the time, proposed a long-term operation and observation project of SCP-1803-JP. His intention was to keep SCP-1803-JP in operation continuously for several decades in order to research the perpetuity of it. In parallel, a proposal was submitted to utilize the electricity generated as auxiliary power source for Site-81██. Both proposals were approved; the long-term observation project was launched on 1988/01/01 and is still ongoing. was terminated on 2018/01/01 with the neutralization of SCP-1803-JP.

Addendum 2: SCP-1803-JP ceased to function on 2018/01/01. Following subsequent investigation, it was reclassified as Neutralized on 2018/01/05 and has since been stored as research material. A partial record of the incident is attached below.

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