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Item #: SCP-181-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-181-JP is currently stored within a safe-class storage locker at Site-8125. Permission to conduct experiments are to be received by Level 2 personnel. SCP-181-JP-1 is to be viewed by only Class-D personnel.

Description: SCP-181-JP is a B0 (1000 x 1414 mm) size poster. It is generally white and has a Gothic character around the top. In the lower right corner, there is text that reads "Recover your sight at the ███ Sight Recovery Center!" along with a contact information. The organization mentioned does not exist in any records. It has no noticeable anomalous properties except for SCP-181-JP-1.

SCP-181-JP-1 is a symbol recognized as a Landolt ring1 located on the lower left of the poster. It has a diameter of 7 cm and a thickness of 1 cm.

SCP-181-JP-1 when viewed reduces the visual acuity of the viewer when seen from a readable distance. The effect is permanent. Viewing SCP-181-JP-1 at close range, one will develop high myopia, and amblyopia. Since the anomaly affects the axial length of the eye, there is a risk of retinal detachment due to the rapid eye deformation.

Electronic devices have been found to be susceptible to SCP-181-JP-1. For example, using a camera to photograph it results in the device to no longer function. Produced photographs, though distorted, have no anomalous properties, likely due to the distortion not giving a clear image of SCP-181-JP.

SCP-181-JP was discovered by commuting Foundation personnel at ███████ Station. Those involved had excellent vision according to their recent medical records, but they were affected by SCP-181-JP-1. Regardless, it was successfully recovered. It is unknown how long SCP-181-JP-1 was present at the station and it is unknown how it got there. Citizens thought to have been affected by SCP-181-JP before recovery (currently 6 people) were given Class-A amnestics.

Addendum-181-Exhibit: When investigating the address printed on SCP-181-JP, it was found to belong to a few pachinko parlors. There were no anomalous activity at these stores.

Addendum-181-O: A Foundation employee affected by SCP-181-JP-1 visited the address, and saw the building written as ███ and approached the building. It then disappeared as it was approached. Photographing the pachinko parlor with the camera that captured SCP-181-JP-1, resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED] with the photographer's severed arms. This phenomena and the ███ Association are currently under investigation.

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