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SCP-1810-JP - Location : █████ Park

Item #: SCP-1810-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1810-JP instances are to be contained in the ABSnH1 enclosures at Site-81██. In case the containment of SCP-1810-JP flocks is not possible within the established budget, some instances of SCP-1810-JP are to be subjected to avian amnestic treatment and released into the general environment as a population control measure.

Wild instances of SCP-1810-JP must be contained immediately upon discovery, and any pigeon family (Columbidae) in the immediate area will be tested for anomalous properties. All SCP-1810-JP-A instances in the surrounding area are to be photographed before cleaning up.

SCP-1810-JP-A instances generated in the containment environment are to be photographed in the same manner. All SCP-1810-JP-A readings are to be archived as research material.

Description: SCP-1810-JP is a collective designation for Columbidae with anomalous properties. SCP-1810-JP exhibits similar habits to normal pigeons except for the excretion of SCP-1810-JP-A, which is described below.

SCP-1810-JP-A is feces excreted by SCP-1810-JP. When SCP-1810-JP-A falls from a high altitude to a flat ground, it is dispersed to depict a QR code when it lands. SCP-1810-JP-A is composed of extreme concentrations of black and white, and contains few other colors; it is, however, almost identical in composition to non-anomalous pigeon feces. SCP-1810-JP-A requires stable weather conditions, as well as no physical obstructions before it lands, to depict its QR code. In addition, SCP-1810-JP does not produce SCP-1810-JP-A in every excretion, and some feces have been identified that are not anomalous.

SCP-1810-JP-A can be scanned by any device with QR reading functionality. All SCP-1810-JP-A instances provide access to a single page of ████████ (https://████████.net), a web service that allows the users to post and manage texts with a shareable URL. These pages describe the contents as if SCP-1810-JP instances are as intelligent as human beings and they made statements about everyday life. The date and time of the page's creation coincides with the moment SCP-1810-JP-A depicted its QR code, and the password for editing/deleting is random, mainly one or two letters. Contrary to what can be interpreted from the pages presented by SCP-1810-JP-A, SCP-1810-JP has demonstrated intelligence equivalent to that of a non-anomalous pigeon.

SCP-1810-JP-A has a memetic transmissibility to non-anomalous pigeons, that may become SCP-1810-JP by observing SCP-1810-JP-A. This process is usually accomplished after a pigeon that observed SCP-1810-JP-A expelled a crude, unscannable QR code-like feces two or three times. SCP-1810-JP anomaly can be neutralized by applying avian amnestic treatment.

SCP-1810-JP was detected by the Foundation through images of "QR code-ish pigeon droppings" posted on Twitter (, a short-text social networking service. An investigation into the area surrounding █████ park in question led to the identification of the anomaly, and containment operations were conducted. All images of SCP-1810-JP-A posted to Twitter were either grossly misshapen or were crude instances left by non-anomalous pigeons before they became SCP-1810-JP positive, making them impossible to actually scan as QR codes. As such, the risk of information leakage posed by the posted contents was deemed not alarming.

Contents of SCP-1810-JP-A recovered as part of containment operation (excerpt):

Title: Recommended Spot

Content: Fallen leaves between the restroom and the benches won't be cleaned up anytime soon, so that is a good place to take a break.

Note: N/A

Title: Warning

Content: About those elementary school kids who have recently started playing basketball at the provided goalposts. They are all terrible at it, be careful when you come near them.

Note: N/A

Title: Take responsibility for your own shit

Content: Whoever dumped shit on Mr. Breadcrust's clothes; didn't you think that he might stop coming because of your shit?

Note: N/A

Title: Re: Take responsibility for your own shit

Content: Apparently he's here again today. For the record, that shit wasn't me.

Note: This instance of SCP-1810-JP-A was placed on top of the above "Take responsibility for your own shit" instance.

Title: Apologies and Announcements

Content: Radio interference persisted unexpectedly, but it appears to have been resolved. The next interference is scheduled to occur in two weeks and two days.

Note: Based on the recovery date of SCP-1810-JP-A and the weather record, this "radio interference" is assumed to refer to rainfall; it had been raining for two days prior to the recovery date, and there was also a small amount of rainfall two weeks and two days later.

Contents of SCP-1810-JP-A recovered in the containment environment (excerpt):

Title: Environmental Review

Content: The humans here are trying very hard to recreate the natural environment, but I can't say they're doing it well. That being said, I'm thankful there is no radio interference.

Note: N/A

Title: Nice to meet you

Content: Hello, nice to meet you

Note: SCP-1810-JP that generated this instance was originally a non-anomalous specimen, introduced for experimental purposes.

Title: Farewell, friends!

Content: Why do some folks get taken out of here on a regular basis? Have they really been released?

Note: This may refer to the population regulation.

Title: The Discovery

Content: I think we can get out of here.

Note: An unused ventilation hatch in the vicinity of this SCP-1810-JP-A was found to be inadequately locked, and was re-locked in response to its content. Notably, immediately after being generated, this SCP-1810-JP-A was attacked by other instances of SCP-1810-JP until it was rendered unscannable.

Addendum: A flock of SCP-1810-JP was found in a different area from the original habitat. The newly discovered SCP-1810-JP, in addition to the already identified SCP-1810-JP-A, excretes a new type of feces that depicts a QR code for identifying accounts on the communication service LINE ( This variant of SCP-1810-JP-A can be scanned by compatible applications. The accounts loaded are commonly set up with a random one or two letter nickname and an icon of grass or trees (breadcrumbs in rare cases), but there is no indication that they are used by any entity. This flock of SCP-1810-JP was contained without problems, and is isolated from specimens that excrete only known SCP-1810-JP-A.

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