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SCP-184-JP at time of containment.

Item #: SCP-184-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, SCP-184-JP's base has been demolished, with Containment Center 21-A within Site-8181 being set up in its place. 21-A's entrance must remain locked at all times. Permission to unlocking these doors is restricted to personnel with Security Clearance Level 2 and above. Furthermore, after the conclusion of Experiment 184-JP-005, experiments involving the use of SCP-184-JP have been suspended indefinitely.

Description: SCP-184-JP is a concrete electric utility pole located in ██████, ████. After the suspicious death of a dispatched inspection worker for an electric company was reported to the Foundation, the object was promptly contained.

SCP-184-JP's anomalous properties activate when a human climbs up it and grabs the highest scaffolding bolt. In such a scenario, that person (see below written records), after grabbing the scaffolding bolt, will fall into a firm rigid state. Bodily functions like breathing and blinking will continue, but direct communication with the subject will become impossible. All attempts to remove the subject from the scaffolding bolt have resulted in the subject's death.

After the subject has fallen into the rigid state, they fall under the impression that they seem to be placed in a high place (the exact height is disputed, and varying results have been produced based on subject data) stretching far from the ground. No attempts to restore the subject from this state have succeeded as of now.

Audio Log: Experiment 184-JP-002

Date: 20██/09/03

Mission: D-3321, equipped with an audio communications device, was to climb up SCP-184-JP and grab the highest scaffolding bolt.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ███: D-3321, grab the highest scaffolding bolt.

D-3321: Gotcha. …alright, got it. [A noise that is seemingly wind blowing begins.] …shit!

Dr. ███: What happened? Report the situation.

D-3321: WHY!? I was just on the utility pole, and now I am way up in the air!

Dr. ███: What are you trying to say?

D-3321: I wasn't aware of how tall the utility pole was… now I can't even see the ground! I'm on the highest scaffolding bolt…

Dr. ███: We see that you have grabbed the scaffolding bolt, and simply put, you look frozen to us. If your mouth can't move as well, then how are you talking?

D-3321: No way… so like, I could certainly die while talking if I let go.

Dr. ███: How many meters above the ground do you estimate yourself to be?

D-3321: Hell if I know… I'm higher than the clouds. Damnit, I'm gonna fall because of the strong wind! Doc, are you down there?

Dr. ███: With the fact that you are able to communicate with me, perhaps. But I can't say for sure.

[For 36 seconds, only D-3321's sighs are heard.]

D-3321: Come on… I'm using my sweaty palms to go down. I've only managed to descend 20 meters from the scaffolding bolt.

Dr. ███: How long until you reach the ground?

D-3321: …this is too hard, it'll take all day. When's a helicopter gonna grab me? My hands are shaking… the fact that the scaffolding bolts are iron doesn't make it any better.

Dr. ███: As I said before, simply put, it looks like you are stuck in place on the telephone pole to us.

D-3321: Wait… if I let go, will I be fine? I can't feel my hands anymore. My feet are shaking too. I don't wanna go down. But I'm gonna fall anyway, so I don't think I should cling on anymore…

Dr. ███: Ah, we've reached the conclusion that you are just hallucinating. It seems like you just have to fall from the telephone pole… Alright, a protection cushion has been placed underneath you. The height's only 10 meters, so just fall.

D-3321: Really…? Is this really just an illusion? I'm not sure if I should trust you… …and yet if I stay here, it'll get hard to breathe. I don't wanna make that feeling a reality.

Dr. ███: I'm sure you don't want to stay here forever, right? If you want to fall down, fall down now.

D-3321: A-alright… I'll let go.

Dr. ███: OK. Come back to us.

After this transmission, a noise that is seemingly wind blowing and D-3321's screams are heard. After about 41 seconds, a loud noise combining with D-3321's transmission's cutting off was heard. However, D-3321 was still holding onto SCP-184-JP. When employees arrived to retrieve D-3321 via an aerial work platform, it was clear that he already died. The autopsy performed afterward revealed that D-3321's cause of death was cardiopulmonary arrest, and the time of death coincided with D-3221's transmissions stopping. Furthermore, D-3321 was in a state of free fall, with the terminal velocity combined with the time spent falling revealing that SCP-184-JP is at least 2200 meters tall.

Audio Log: Experiment 184-JP-005

Date: 20██/09/19

Mission: D-4650, equipped with cold protection equipment, a rescue parachute (practice training had been done prior), and an audio communication device, was to climb up SCP-184-JP and grab the highest scaffolding bolt. D-4650 was chosen as the subject due to the fact that they were less scared of heights than the other D-Class. In addition, employees positioned on an aerial work platform's scaffolding were near D-4650 for the purpose of observing.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ███: So, grab the scaffolding bolt. Do it while looking down.

D-4650: Roger that… [wind blowing noises] … [D-4650 gulps]

Dr. ███: What is it? What have you seen?

D-4650: Oh, I was dizzy for a moment, and next moment I am here…

Dr. ███:Hm… I see. Alright, next, read out the pressure altimeter attached to your arm.

D-4650: Um… [noises] The altitude's about 3800 meters. The temperature's -2 degrees Celsius.

Dr. ███: Hmm, the employees on the crane see nothing on your altimeter… alright, we're retrieving you now.

D-4650: Ah, thanks. The wind's getting colder.

Dr. ███: Wait a second. Now, try to let go.

D-4650: …hey, shit, STOP! Wait, is that you? I feel something pulling me!

Dr. ███: It's okay, we're just holding you.

D-4650: Please, stop! I'm falling!

Dr. ███: Calm down…

D-4650: No, I'm literally fucking falling! [Wind blowing noise]

Dr. ███: You're falling? Then just open your parachute…

D-4650: [Noise] I, I opened it… damnit, you said it would stop me!

Dr. ███: Report what's happening as you fall to the ground.

D-4650: …and what's happening to me now?

Dr. ███: Right now, you're still alive. You're just stiff.

D-4650: Right…

[Wind blowing noises continue for 35 seconds.]

D-4650: Soon, I'll be on the ground.

Dr. ███: What's there?

D-4650: Where I am right now, nothing's changed…

Dr. ███: Do you see us down there?

D-4650: Wait a sec, gotta enter a landing position… [D-4650 makes a noise as if they landed on the ground.] …ah, no way…

Dr. ███: What, what happened?

D-4650: I reached the ground… damnit. Please, you said you'd be down here, and I… [D-4650 makes sobbing sounds.]

Dr. ███: Hey, D-4650. What happened? Please report.

D-4650: There's something above me, and it ain't good.

Immediately after, a loud snapping sound coinciding with D-4650's transmissions cutting off was heard. At the same time, the retrieved D-4650 went into cardiopulmonary arrest and died. Currently, all further experiments have been suspended indefinitely.

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