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SCP-1841-JP (Modified)

Item #: SCP-1841-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A Foundation-operated bot is to constantly search for SCP-1841-JP instances on the Internet and delete them as soon as discovered. The bot is set up to identify the posters and send a memory remediation agent to their terminals. As this method almost completely prevents the public from transmitting SCP-1841-JP, it is considered sufficient to maintain the status quo. Sending the memory remediation agent to the entire Internet is pending.

SCP-1841-JP-A is to be contained in a humanoid entity containment cell at Site-81IS. Its biography is monitored, and any discrepancies found with the Foundation's internal data are to be recorded as new alterations.

Description: SCP-1841-JP is an image data in the form of a screenshot of a TV program aired in Japan, that causes retroactive alteration of history. Although the actual broadcast footage has been identified, it may be the result of alteration by SCP-1841-JP.

SCP-1841-JP depicts a TV personality █████ ███████ (hereafter SCP-1841-JP-A) being interviewed for the program. A text, which appears to be subtitles, is placed at the bottom of the screen and is treated as one of the opinions expressed by SCP-1841-JP-A.

When others perceive SCP-1841-JP-A through SCP-1841-JP, biographies that primarily form a personality profile, such as "rational," "cultured," or "moral," are added to SCP-1841-JP-A, while at the same time erasing facts that contradict them. This is accompanied by memory alteration of those involved, including SCP-1841-JP-A itself. This phenomenon does not occur at the moment the SCP-1841-JP is observed, but occurs when others develop a specific perception of SCP-1841-JP-A and the scope of that perception is expanded. Based on this, it is assumed that SCP-1841-JP is originally an intangible meme, and acquired its image data form as part of the alteration process.

Addendum: SCP-1841-JP had previously been circulated as an Internet meme. The opinions expressed in SCP-1841-JP had been evaluated positively and favorably by many Internet users as a universal logic to the problems of the world. Accordingly, SCP-1841-JP-A received similar evaluations, and there was also a tendency to over-praise its personality.

SCP-1841-JP-A was unaware of this trend over █ years, or had knowingly tolerated it; however, on 2015/08/26, it posted a statement on Twitter denying SCP-1841-JP. The following is the text saved in the Foundation database.

█████ ███████ @████████

I'm gonna whine a little bit. You know there's a certain image of me that goes around on Twitter all the time. Me being interviewed and saying something legitimate. I don't remember ever saying anything like that. Not sure, though.

2015/08/26 8:24pm

█████ ███████ @████████

I might not be able to verify that since I don't have the authority to do that. But I'm absolutely sure the TV station doesn't have that footage. I do remember being on the show and being interviewed. But now, things I didn't say are getting out all over the place.

2015/08/26 8:31pm

█████ ███████ @████████

I think the opinion of that image is valid, too. Still, it's kind of disconcerting that something I didn't say is being made out to be said. In short, I think that is a fabrication and I would appreciate it if you would stop spreading it further.

2015/08/26 8:35pm

█████ ███████ @████████

Why I bothered to tell you is simply because it's creepy and also I don't want you guys to misunderstand me. I don't care how right it is, I'm just me. That opinion is ideal, but I don't always think that way. That's something I wouldn't say.

2015/08/26 8:53pm

█████ ███████ @████████

The other thing that concerned me was the number of people bashing others with that image. If it was me who actually said it, I can't help it. But this is a completely different matter. I don't think anyone would want to be treated as a cudgel.

2015/08/26 8:56pm

█████ ███████ @████████

Well, I can tolerate it if the image just spreads. Lately, though, I've been getting some weird praise, like "this guy who says the right thing is really great" or "a brilliant person with a brilliant personality" or "you should learn from him". Even people I've never met before have said that to me.

2015/08/26 8:59pm

█████ ███████ @████████

I'm glad to hear that, but that doesn't mean you really like me. You guys compliment me through a fake. It may be a nice misunderstanding, but I myself have been completely ignored. It's weird. I've met that kind of thing so often lately and I'm rather weary of it.

2015/08/26 9:13pm

█████ ███████ @████████

I have other things I can do, things I want to be praised for that way. When that image is the only thing I get praised for, nobody ever acknowledges me. I feel like half of my life is about to be painted over by that image.

2015/08/26 9:32pm

At the time, the Foundation determined this to be a reaction to a non-anomalous hoax and did not intervene.

On 2015/12/18, the above tweets were retroactively erased from the entire Twitter database. Discrepancies with the Foundation internal data led to the web scanning bot's reaction and the Foundation's intervention.

On 2015/12/20, SCP-1841-JP-A was taken into custody and transferred to a Foundation facility. Notably, SCP-1841-JP-A showed no signs of confusion and remained calm in its interactions with Foundation personnel during initial interviews, even though it had no previous experience with paranormal activities. The Foundation speculates that SCP-1841-JP-A has already been fully impacted by the core personality alteration and that the biographical alteration by SCP-1841-JP is occurring to complement this personality; the screenshot of the TV program are believed to be altered in the early stages.

The origin of SCP-1841-JP is unidentified. The current predominant theory is that it is the manifestation of people's ideals about SCP-1841-JP-A.

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