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[Revised in 20██/██/█]

Item #: SCP-185-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: It is prohibited to access the version of SCP-185-KO that has amalgamated itself into this document. SCP-185-KO is a threat the Foundation database. No other Special Containment Procedures are required, and experiments with SCP-185-KO are strictly prohibited.

Description: SCP-185-KO was a web game entitled 'The Twilight World' which can be classified as a 'Web Visual Novel', but it has since amalgamated itself into this document, and into the Foundation's database during the ██th experiment. All attempts to remove SCP-185-KO from this document have failed for an unknown reason, and a revision succeeded in hiding the subject. Identifying and tracking the creator of SCP-185-KO was, again, unsuccessful except for the discovery of the nickname 'PlugSoft'. Consequently, There is a suspicion of a correlation with SCP-975-KO.

When started, the protagonist wakes up inside a complex within another dimension, and the final goal is to free a monster. In the meantime, the player has to search several rooms to find clues, however, there exists a variable named 'Monster'. Said 'Monster' is described as an average male without a mouth, eyes, and nose. This individual will attempt to chase the protagonist. If the player is caught, the game ends, and the player will be damaged at the spot the 'Monster' has attacked the protagonist in the game. These injuries are in most cases fatal, and most subjects who lose the game die instantly. Afterwards, what appears to be traces of the subjects who have died instantly started appearing inside of SCP-185-KO in the form of notes.

If the player achieves SCP-185-KO's final goal of escaping, the website will close itself automatically. No additional anomalies can observed at that point in time.

However, the title of SCP-185-KO has changed to 'SCP-185-KO' (Formerly known as 'The Twilight World') after it was amalgamated into database. Researchers are assuming that SCP-185-KO is a program which is able to adapt to its macro-environment.

In experiments after 20██/██/█, the subjects witnessed a sudden distortion of the title screen while playing SCP-185-KO. The subject then started twitching and shouting 'Game Pause' before turning into an anomalous entity, resembling the 'Monster' described inside of SCP-185-KO. The Monster has shown several remarkable physical abilities and capabilities, and consequently, all 10 research personnel have died. By the time a Mobile Task Force arrived and attempted to breach the test chamber, the Monster had disappeared.

Classified Document

The following page has been classified on 20██/██/█. No personnel can access the following page. An MTF will be deployed to the personnel who have attempted to force-access this page.

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