First room

You open a door and enter the room. Outside the window in the room, you can see skyscrapers with a strange structure in the distance. You then find a note in the room. You start reading the note.

Shit, I think I'm done here. I'm being pursued by the monster. I locked myself this room. I held out for a few hours, I think it is trying to break in the door. It'll probably break in few hours. I'll just write this note before I die.

I realized after I was locked up here. I played this game and beat it. Then my head started hurting so bad, I got teleported into this game. Fuck. Yeah. My note will be shown to someone who keeps playing this. Players, If you can see this, just get out of this document quickly. Otherwise you will end up like me.

- Ross, a faithful D-Class of the Foundation

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