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5/1857-JP LEVEL 5/1857-JP



Item #: SCP-1857-JP

Object Class: Apollyon


Within SCP-1857-JP-1

Special Containment Procedures: The mountainous area in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture where SCP-1857-JP is located is to be kept completely uninhabited except for investigations and emergencies, and the civilian is to be prohibited from entering. The personnel in charge is allowed to enter SCP-1857-JP-1 once a day for the purpose of investigating the anomalous properties and internal environment of SCP-1857-JP-1, and any elements found to be harmful to the long-term survival of the humans are to be immediately reported to the Foundation Leadership. Agent Somei is to be detained within a 500m radius with a simple living space based in SCP-1857-JP-1 for the purpose of conducting long-term experiments on human survival within SCP-1857-JP-1.

Attempts to damage, burn, or destroy SCP-1857-JP are immediately regenerated by the enormous amount of heat energy it absorbs, and the total amount of energy absorbed for this regeneration is temporarily increased, so similar attempts are forbidden by the resolution of O5 Council. Currently, efforts are made to delay the situation by keeping thermal and nuclear power plants and 1,012 power generation facilities owned by the Foundation active at all times, but it is estimated that this will only give about 3 hours of extension, which is essentially meaningless.

The installation of a high wall to block the view of SCP-1857-JP and SCP-1857-JP-1 which has been used as a countermeasure against the large scale information dissemination was judged to be an ineffective measure as SCP-1857-JP and SCP-1857-JP-1 continue to grow and expand at a rapid pace, and the countermeasure as of February 2021 is limited to the cover story "local climate extremes due to air convention".

Description: SCP-1857-JP is a cherry tree (Edohigan Scientific name: Cerasus spachiana) in the forest area of Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. As of February 2021, the height of the tree is 121m, the circumference of the main trunk is 35m, and the estimated weight is 296,000t.

As of February 2021, SCP-1857-JP possesses the anomalous property to remotely absorb all kinds of heat energy from the environment outside of the surrounding 1.6km range. The absorption of heat is not limited to heat from solar radiation and atmospheric heat, but also includes geothermal heat, heat energy generated by living organisms, and heat energy generated by the combustion of fossil fuels. The absorbed energy is transferred into SCP-1857-JP and used for metabolic functions for growth. As a result, SCP-1857-JP continues to grow at a rate of about 50cm per week, and flowers can always be seen on its branches regardless of the season. Observations have also shown that new buds are produced at the same time as the flowers disperse. It is still unclear why the huge amount of heat energy transferred remains in a stable state inside SCP-1857-JP.

A space with a diameter of 1.6km centered on the point where SCP-1857-JP is located has been designated as SCP-1857-JP-1. It is known that SCP-1857-JP-1 is correlated with the growth of SCP-1857-JP because its range is expanding along with the growth of SCP-1857-JP. The temperature within SCP-1857-JP-1 is always kept at a constant level regardless of the surrounding climate, which perfectly matches the average temperature of late March to early April in Japan. Within SCP-1857-JP-1, there are cherry trees such as Edohigan and Someiyoshino, as well as trees originally distributed in the area and non-anomalous native organisms. Leaves and flowers can always be seen on the trees that exist within SCP-1857-JP-1 regardless of the type. It is speculated that this is due not only to the climate within SCP-1857-JP-1, but also to the enormous amount of heat energy absorbed by SCP-1857-JP which acts on the plants in the space and raises their metabolic capacity anomalously, but the details are unknown.

Currently, the total amount of thermal energy absorbed by SCP-1857-JP is estimated to be 152PW, and this total amount continues to increase as SCP-1857-JP grows. If the amount of heat energy absorbed by SCP-1857-JP continues to increase at the same rate, it is certain that the amount of heat energy absorbed by SCP-1857-JP will exceed the total amount of energy entering the atmosphere1 in 12 years, and all the heat energy on the earth will be lost, and Earth will be in a state of global freezing. When this occurs, the main heat energy absorbed by SCP-1857-JP will be solar radiation and geothermal heat, and it is estimated that this area of influence will eventually reach the Earth's inner core.

Discovery Log: SCP-1857-JP was discovered in 1933 by Shūshū-In which was in charge of managing anomalies in Japan. According to the documents at the time, Shūshū-In discovered SCP-1857-JP based on the reports from residents around the discovery area2 that "cherry blossoms are blooming even though it is not spring". The height of SCP-1857-JP was around 3m at that time, and it was managed as a "cherry tree that continues to bloom regardless of the season." After the Second World War, the authority to manage SCP-1857-JP was transferred to the Foundation. It was contained in the same way as Shūshū-In for a while, but the personnel in charge reported that the growth rate of SCP-1857-JP clearly deviated from the normal range of cherry blossoms and that the surface temperature was always maintained at around 24°C, and an investigation was started. It was discovered that ultra-dense thermal energy was condensed inside SCP-1857-JP as a result. In addition, the personnel in charge who decided that it might be related to the fact that the average temperature of Earth has been dropping unexpectedly geologically since 1993 when the discovery was made conducted an experiment to incinerate SCP-1857-JP using a firearm with the approval of the Leadership, which led to the discovery of its immediate regeneration capability. There were reports of a sudden drop in temperature and freezing of organisms in normal temperature environments around the world at the exact same time as the experiment, which revealed the anomalous property to remotely absorb heat energy.

Addendum 1: On November 15, 2023, the O5 Council invoked the following protocol as a last resort for the survival of the human race.

Decisions of the Overseer Council

Protocol Gimlé

The purpose of this protocol is to create an ultra-long term human habitat in SCP-1857-JP-1 and contain 100 selected humans to ensure the survival of the human race.

The temperature, humidity, and atmospheric composition within SCP-1857-JP-1 are suitable for human survival, the water circulations and weather phenomenon such as clouds and rain are generated by the lake that exists in the space, and a balanced ecosystem of plants and animals has been established. It was judged that the environment was sufficient for humans to survive for a long time, and it was decided to implement this protocol.

50 of the people to be contained within SCP-1857-JP will be randomly selected from each country based on the following 3 criteria:

・Must be in good health with no pre-existing medical conditions or DNA defects.
・Must be recognized as having an IQ above a certain level by IQ test.
・Must be mentally capable of living in a confined space for a long period of time, without being found to have any diseases or abnormal thoughts by mental diagnosis.

The other 50 people are made up of 5 personnel in charge of SCP-1857-JP, as well as other Foundation personnel who are authorities in botany, physics, and geology, and the personnel who had been involved in cherry blossom-related anomalies.

The living quarters will be equipped with nuclear power generation equipment, water filtration systems, medical equipment, research facilities, steel mills, and other equipment deemed necessary for the continuation of civilization, and all contained people are required to learn how to use and repair them.

In addition, a large amount of entertainment items that can be replaced by the materials within SCP-1857-JP-1 will be prepared, and minor amnestics will be supplemented to the best of our ability in order to care for the mental health of the contained people. For the unlikely events that the contained people fall into an extreme mental state, amnestic facilities will be set up along with each facility.

Our missions have dwindled to a few.

No more prosperity can be promised to humanity, and the only thing that remains is the path of decline.

However, no matter how many perish, humanity must be protected.

Even if it means depending on the cause of all this.

Secure, Contain, Protect
All members of the O5 Council

In addition, for the purpose of developing a black hole starship which is a massive energy generation facility using a black hole that is expected to be effective against this situation, "Protocol Iðavöllr" is in progress at the same time, in which some of the personnel will be transferred to the parallel time axis Alpha 1857, which is very similar to the baseline reality. However, since the return to baseline reality is estimated to take more than 100 years, it is unclear whether the growing total amount of SCP-1857-JP absorption can be handled. Even if they returned to Earth, it is said that it's impossible to restore Earth to a viable environment for humanity if the area of influence has spread to the Earth's inner core.

Addendum 2: The following is a timeline of events leading up to the launch of "Protocol Gimlé".

Year of Occurrence Details
2023 The average annual temperature drops below 10°C throughout the South American continent. Agent Somei's long-term survival experiment proves that SCP-1857-JP-1 is a suitable environment for human survival. "Protocol Gimlé" formulates as a result.
2025 The area of the Arctic increases by 10%. Antarctic ice encroaches on the Australian continent.
2026 The northern region of the U.S. completely freezes. All organisms in the area freezes without exception. The infrastructure stoppage causes chaos in the global economy and the dollars depreciate rapidly. In addition, the Foundation-owned facility in the northern part of the U.S. is no longer functioning, and some anomalies that possess resistance to cold air breach containment. They get contained afterwards.
2027 Massive ice outbreaks occur through the Atlantic Ocean. It seems to have occurred naturally. Global emergency meeting is held, and a superficial countermeasures headquarters is established in Japan, which is believed to be the least affected.
2028 Extensive snowfall was observed in several countries near the equator. "Protocol Iðavöllr" is activated by the resolution of the O5 Council. Members of the Foundation Leadership and research team succeed in using SCP-████-JP to travel through a parallel time axis, and make contact with a local organization that closely resembles the Foundation to ask for cooperation.
2029 The entire continents of South America and Africa, as well as the Atlantic Ocean are completely frozen, and some evacuees are transferred to Japan. The people to be contained within SCP-1857-JP-1 for "Protocol Gimlé" are confirmed, and the transfer of all people is completed.
2030 All of Europe, North Asia, and North America are completely frozen. A large amount of ice appears in the Pacific Ocean. The Foundation's research team which went to investigate the containment facilities in the frozen area confirms the freezing of anomalies that possess resistance to cold air. It seems to be due to the influence of SCP-1857-JP. Loses contact with the investigation team on their way home. It was decided to use an unmanned probe to investigate the frozen area thereafter.
2031 All the earth is frozen except for the area within 100km around SCP-1857-JP. All administrative authority of the Foundation is transferred to Director Matsumura who is the chief personnel in charge of SCP-1857-JP.
2032 The non-freezing area reduces to 50km around SCP-1857-JP. The fact that the effect of freezing outside the area of influence had reached 2,000m below the surface was revealed by excavating the underground from the non-freezing area.
2033 Confirms the complete freezing of all the earth except for the space with a diameter of 3.1km designated as SCP-1857-JP-1. Activates "Protocol Gimlé".

December 13, 2038

This will be the last message I will leave in the public document.

I am Harunobu Matsumura. The director in charge of SCP-1857-JP, and the representative of the Primate in this dying planet.

Quite simply, this world has come to an end.

To be precise, there is SCP-1857-JP-1 which is a haven for 100 of us humans, so perhaps that's not quite the right word. Still, there is a hell that freezes everything in its place outside of this region.

I have come to feel strongly that there is nothing humanity can do about this situation.

It's been 5 years since the protocol was launched, but I haven't been able to contact the research team that moved to the parallel time axis for 2 years now. Are they so absorbed in their research that they have forgotten about the periodic report, or is there something wrong with their communication devices?
No, perhaps they've already died out. It's more natural to think this way.

The surrounding is a land of extreme cold where even a single step outside is enough to kill you instantly. There is no prospect of restoring the global environment, and even the slightest hope has been shattered like ice. All we have left is a mere 3km of habitable space. There is no hope for progress of human kind or even the restoration of civilization in this situation.
When I put it into words, nothing could be more desperate than this.

But for some reason, I couldn't hate this sandbox-like world.

This place was more beautiful than anything I'd ever seen. SCP-1857-JP illuminated by the sun and moonlight is so big that you have to look up to see it, the petals are fluttering down, the sky and water are clear, and people of all races are enjoying life without fighting each other.

Those of us on the Foundation side were also in a calm state of mind as we proceeded with our investigation of this hateful cherry blossom. I'm not sure if this is due to the unknown anomalous property of this cherry blossom, or if it's just the beautiful scenery, but I'm sure it has gently kept the remaining people from the horrible fact that this world is dying. In any case, it was a good thing for us that there were fewer people than expected to become mentally unstable.

Now that we've lost contact with the Foundation's research team, I discussed our mission with the comates and decided to change it from "repairing Earth" to "continuing the human race".

Just a few days ago, the first new human was born into this remaining paradise on earth. It is a healthy baby of Asian and European blood.

It would be better to teach those who will be born in the future to live with hope, not despair, with this cherry blossom. It may be against the philosophy of the Foundation, but hope is necessary for the survival of humanity.

That's what I'm going to do with the remaining 30 years of my life. I will pass on the wisdom and culture that humanity has left to the children born from our midst.

If I do this, humanity may find a way out in the far future.

What a rewarding task.

Ah, it's really

frustrating but

the cherry blossom is beautiful today as always.

Harunobu Matsumura

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