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SCP-186-JP during initial investigation. Photo edited.

Item #: SCP-186-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-186-JP is located at the Large Containment Garage 17, on Site-8181. SCP-186-JP must be stored with its tires deflated, and the door to its cargo container locked. The keys to the car’s engine switch and cargo container are stored inside the same site’s Containment Vault 4. Staff in charge of SCP-186-JP possess spare keys, but it must be noted they’ve been deliberately made brittle, and will only work once. Currently, experimentation and investigation of SCP-186-JP is prohibited. Furthermore, following Addendum 186-JP-A, a stronger lock has been placed for the cargo container door. The keys to the lock are stored in the Major Containment Vault 5.

Description: SCP-186-JP is a medium-sized truck believed to have been used in the transport business. It’s believed to have been built by Tou-Hei Heavy Industries, although its appearance is normal, and its performance doesn’t deviates from normal medium-sized trucks. The rear cargo container door has a numeric pad with an LCD screen, but no numbers can be input, with the letter “E” always displaying on screen. To the side of the container, “Space Leap Transfer Transport Device” is written in small letters, with details being unknown. A particular point are the insides of the cargo container, which contains a forest much bigger than the outside. Bringing a GPS inside the container indicates no positioning on Earth.

Whenever the door to SCP-186-JP’s cargo container is opened, it leads to the forest. From within the forest, the container door and “our world” appears to float 0.5m above ground. Several hostile entities approximately 2 meters in height (Hereafter referred to as SCP-186-JP-1) have been observed inside the forest within the SCP-186-JP container; their ecology and details are not known. The presence of fauna and flora hazardous to humans and mental contamination areas inside the forest have been confirmed. Following Exploration 186-JP-03, exploration research has been frozen indefinitely. For more information, see Exploration 186-JP-03 - Audio Log 12-0004.

An X-ray scan of the inside of SCP-186-JP’s cargo container shows that the interior is loaded with a large amount of unknown machines. The purpose of these machines are unknown, although it’s theorized that they’re used to recreate other worlds inside the container. Experiments to drill holes into the container and investigate its interior have been rejected as they’ve been deemed too risky to proceed.

SCP-186-JP was discovered in a garage by the Foundation while investigating shipping company ████████, which had close ties with Tou-Hei Heavy Industries. The company at the time of the investigation was empty, and no staff was found. Later, while investigating SCP-186-JP, it was discovered that the interior side of the container doors were covered in scratch marks, and skin and blood that appeared to be human.

Exploration 186-JP-02
On 20██/██/██, D-0765 and D-0043 were sent to explore the inside of SCP-186-JP’s cargo container, equipped with an HD recording camera and several collection kits. 14 minutes into the exploration, the doors were closed by an unknown force. The doors were unable to be open for the following three hours. Following the door’s opening, the two vanished, and have been missing since. Only the damaged HD camera was found, 50 meters away from the door.

Image taken by the recovered HD camera during exploration. 186-JP-02. Multiple SCP-186-JP-1 silhouettes can be seen.

Addendum 186-JP-A: Lately, several knocks have been heard from the inside of SCP-186-JP’s cargo container. As a precaution, personnel are not to approach SCP-186-JP’s containment garage while the knocks are being heard.

See also: Exploration 186-JP-03 - Audio Log 12-0004.

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