Exploration 186-JP-03 - Audio Log 12-0004
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Recorded by: MTF せ-12 (“Deliverymen”) Team Leader Alpha
Date: 20██/██/██
Task: Investigate the interior of SCP-186-JP’s cargo container

Alpha: Starting recording. Bravo, you ready with the HD camera recording?

Bravo: Ready.

Alpha: Alright, Delta. You’ve got the camera. Charlie, you got the sample collection kit?

Charlie: I have it. I also checked its contents.

Alpha: Aight, let’s check rifles and sidearms.

Multiple metallic clanks

Alpha: All members have finished checking… Alright, let’s go.

No conversation for 210 seconds. Only the sound of troops walking are heard.

Bravo: Looks like a normal forest.

Charlie: Yeah. There’s some fog though… Eerie.

Delta: Watch your step. There’s holes.

Bravo: Wow, good eye, rookie. You saved me there.

Charlie: It’s really deep. Can’t even see the bottom with a military flashlight.

Alpha: Let’s see… Diameter of the hole is about 50 centimeters. Alright, Delta, let’s investigate. Drop a flare.

Noise. Believed to be Delta starting a flare.

Delta: Flare dropped.

No conversation for 200 seconds.

Delta: Still falling.

Bravo: Jeez, how deep is that?

Charlie: Woulda been bad if you had fallen in there.

Bravo: … Shut up. That’s not funny..

Alpha: Staying here is gonna be a waste of time. Put down a marker then let’s keep moving.

For the next 500 seconds, sound of troops advancing are heard.

Charlie: Look at the bump on that tree. Looks like a human face.

Delta: Really looks like a human face, huh…

Bravo: Did you just laugh at that?

Alpha: Boys, focus on the mission.

Delta: Sorry.

Bravo: But he really laughed…

For 400 seconds, the sounds of troops walking, the sound of the shutter of Delta’s camera, and an unknown person sobbing are heard.

Charlie: A deer!

Echo: No, that’s not a deer.

Bravo: Yeah, Charlie, Echo’s right. Deers don’t have eight legs.

Delta: Then what’s that?

Alpha: I don’t know, but just take a picture. Let’s take a little detour. Don’t want to get too close to that deer.

For 120, the sounds of troops advancing deeper into the forest are heard.

Charlie: A pond. Give me a second, I’m gonna take samples of the water.

Bravo: Be careful.

Alpha: Alright, everyone else, take a look around the perimeter.

Delta: Got it.

Charlie: Hm? What’s that?

Violent noise

Bravo: Charlie!

Alpha: Fire into the water, but don’t hit Charlie!

Intermittent gunfire is recorded.

Bravo: Shit, shit, shit!

Echo: We lost him.

Alpha: Everyone, get as far away from the pond as possible.

Delta: Er, let’s see. Charlie was dragged into the pond by an arm about 6 meters long.

Bravo: That fucking hand had a wristwatch!

Alpha: Er, a member of the task force has been lost. Continuing the mission has been deemed too dangerous. We’re withdrawing.

Pause for a few minutes.

Alpha: Reinspection finished. All members, we’re going back. Changing to formation 10.

Echo: This way. We’re going back to the door.

Delta: Er, was it this way?

Bravo: Can’t wait to get home.

Echo: Wish I could get back home.

Alpha: Echo, you sure this is the way?

Echo: No doubt about it.

For 330 seconds, the sounds of troops walking is heard.

Alpha: Hey, careful, SCP-186-JP-1. They’re everywhere.

Bravo: They’re staring at us.

Echo: Where’s Delta?

Bravo: He’s… Huh? Wait, where is he?

Alpha: Oh. Delta has vanished.

Bravo: Doesn’t seem likely that he got lost. Fuck.

Alpha: Bravo, check Delta’s beacon.

pause for 30 seconds.

Bravo: Er… Something’s wrong with the tablet or the beacon; it says Delta’s right under us, 2100 meters below.

Alpha: Fuck, we lost another member. Whatever, we’re getting to the door as soon as possible. Changing to formation 7.

Bravo: He’s only been with us for two months… He was just…

For several minutes, the sounds of troops walking are recorded.

Bravo: So clearly we’ve been walking for longer than when we came in.

Echo: And they’ve been slowly getting closer.

Alpha: If any more SCP-186-JP-1 approaches us, open fire.

Bravo: Would love to shoot them right now.

For 180 seconds, the sounds of troops walking are recorded.

Alpha: Stop! Bravo, pass me a ration pack.

Bravo: Here.

Noise due to Alpha’s movement.

Alpha: Look. The ration is moving upwards. This is an anomalous gravity area.

Echo: How did you notice?

Alpha: The leaves of those trees are pointing up. Let’s take another detour. If we go into this area, we’ll fall upwards.

For several minutes, the sounds of troops walking are recorded.

Echo: Are they getting closer?

Alpha: Shit, let’s fire a warning shot… Bravo, prepare your rifle.

Bravo: Roger. Commencing warning fire on SCP-186-JP-1.

Noise of sporadic fire and Alpha’s intense movement is recorded.

Alpha: Shit, we’re being attacked!

Gunfire continues.

Bravo: Shot down two, but they’re not dead!

Echo: 10 o' clock! Several more approaching!

Alpha: Everyone, retreat at full speed!

Bravo: No, that’s not gonna work. Alpha, Echo, go ahead. I’ll hold them off.

Alpha: Bravo, don’t-

Bravo: Just go. ███ will be sad if papa doesn’t come back.

Echo: Let’s run!

Alpha: Bravo、we were the only two who survived Operation “Devil’s Hand”.

Bravo: █████.(Alpha’s real name)Please. Leave already.

Alpha: … Fuck.

Only the sound of Alpha running is recorded for 210 seconds.

Alpha: … God, I’m pathetic. I left Bravo behind. I’m a poor excuse for a human being.

Echo: Maybe he’ll be fine… No, I’m sure of it.

Alpha: … I hope so.

Only the sound of Alpha walking is heard for a few minutes.

Alpha: The marker. The door must be nearby.

Echo: Thank God…

After this, MTF せ-12 (“Deliverymen”) Team Leader Alpha safely made it to the cargo container door, and was rescue by personnel standing by.

It’s not known who the “Echo” who appeared in the recording is, as MTF せ-12 was composed of four members: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta.

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