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One of the detected SCP-1866-JP instances

Item #: SCP-1866-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: In order to prevent civilians from accessing SCP-1866-JP, the Foundation network surveillance system is to automatically monitor major Internet services. Backdoors have been installed in major advertisement servers; in case an instance of SCP-1866-JP is detected on a controlled server, the data is automatically transferred to the Foundation Department of Security, followed by its removal. Individuals identified as users of SCP-1866-JP are to be taken into custody and then subjected to interrogation, treatment, and amnesticization depending on their specific situation.

Description: SCP-1866-JP is a group of anomalous Internet advertisements that manifest on all major Internet services according to an unknown pattern, mainly while browsing websites related to "sleep", "desire", "dream divination", "psychosomatic therapy" or "matching/dating" among others. If an attempt is made to access the link, these advertisements disappear without connecting to any website. However, the individual who attempts to access them (hereinafter referred to as the "user") experiences a vivid and instantaneous daydream on the spot.

The daydream begins with the user browsing a particular website using their computer or smartphone. In most cases, the user is unaware that they are experiencing a dream and interprets it as successfully accessing a website linked to the advertisement. A number referred to as "Oneiroi dream assets points" is constantly displayed on the website being accessed, and the user subconsciously understands that they can receive "special services" by spending a certain amount of these points1.

When a user submits an order for the service through the website, the user's body in the reality immediately goes into a full sleep state, and awakens after experiencing a dream of unspecified details that lasts for 30 minutes. While in this dreaming state, the user can extend their sleep time up to 480 minutes by spending additional points. If this is the first use of the service, an unknown application software with the same anomalous properties as SCP-1866-JP is added on the user's device after awakening.

The following are examples of dreams that users reported experiencing.

  • User-12 straddled a tipped-over closet with four operational legs, and enjoyed a 30-minute rodeo in a castle.
  • User-18 was surrounded by a pack of rabbits that spoke human language, and was nibbled on every part of their body for 90 minutes.
  • User-31 was a giant tin-made monster, and was whipped by a lion and a scarecrow deep in the forest for 30 minutes.
  • User-35 was a witch's broom, which was used for flying for 120 minutes before being snapped by the witch.
  • User-40 was a wolf, who swallowed an old lady alive and then slept in her bed for 180 minutes.
  • User-44 was a stone statue of a frog, which was visited by footed candles that dripped wax on their surface for 30 minutes straight.

After awakening, most users report a vague sense of satisfaction and relief, regardless of what they dreamed about. In addition, in comparative analysis between the user group and the general group has proved that there is a significant tendency for the former to improve their work efficiency and ability. Some users have been observed to express a strong desire for repeated and continuous access to SCP-1866-JP. However, this reaction has been concluded to be caused not by the nature of the object itself, but by the aforementioned satisfaction after awakening.

Even if a user runs out of their points due to frequent use of SCP-1866-JP caused by these factors, they can continue to receive the service regardless of the number of points remaining. In this case, however, a negative value is displayed as the user's remaining points, and the user begins to experience unusual nightmares during normal sleep.

In the majority of cases, users who continue to experience these nightmares are diagnosed with signs of manic-depressive disorder or oneirophrenia (atypical psychoses). On the other hand, it has been proven that the points on SCP-1866-JP are accumulated each time a nightmare is experienced, and that the user ceases to experience nightmares once the negative values are cleared. However, there are many users who cannot resolve their nightmares due to the inability to clear their negative values as they continue to receive SCP-1866-JP services in order to relieve their symptoms during wakefulness. There is no confirmed case of users remembering the contents of the aforementioned nightmare after awakening, and its details are still unknown to the present. See the following interview transcript.

The anomaly that SCP-1866-JP originated from had been spread and used by the general public in the 1███s via analog media such as a very small number of magazines and flyers. However, its scale of influence rapidly increased after it was first discovered on major Internet services in the 19██s, and it was redesignated and reclassified as SCP-1866-JP after taking its dangerousness into account. Since new users are still being discovered, it is suggested that SCP-1866-JP may exist through some other medium that is not acknowledged by the Foundation.

Addendum: In 20██, the first exploration of an affected individual's dream was conducted by an operative of the Mobile Task Force Omicron Rho ("The Dream Team"), in order to analyze the nightmares experienced by SCP-1866-JP users. The following excerpt is from a conversation between the operative and an Oneiric Apparition (designated SCP-1866-JP-α) encountered during the exploration.

Interviewee: SCP-1866-JP-α

Interviewer: Agent Lenore

Note: In the dreamscape, User-69 (D-81186684, male, 54 years old) appears to be a group of female rabbits, all of which are smeared with an unknown slime-like substance and are squirming. The operative attempts to interact with the rabbits, but is stopped by an Oneiric Apparition which appears to be a lizard wearing a tuxedo. The operative reveals their false affiliation and identity in Oneiroi West, and requests an interview with this Oneiric Apparition, which is granted.

<Begin Log>

Interviewer: So let's get started. Mr…

Interviewee: Hey, anything will work. You can just call me whatever you want.

Interviewer: OK, got it. Mr. Reptile. First of all, what is he, or "they" as of now, doing over there?

Interviewee: Oh, that. He's just working hard to pay off the debt he's accumulated.

Interviewer: Is that his job? To me, it looks like he is just struggling in pain.

Interviewee: Even that kind of stuff has a meaning to it.

Interviewer: I'm sorry, but would you please tell me exactly what his job is, along with its purpose?

Interviewee: It's, y'know. A nice job that makes people happy, gives them a sense of satisfaction and vitality to live in reality. He's a sort of, well, relatively shitty guy in real life, isn't he? But not here. He's got a great job to save the world, even if it's to pay off a debt. What's the problem?

[5 seconds of silence]

Interviewer: The purpose is to save the world, huh? Well, I guess that's fine for now. By the way, we have learned from our research that you have been in service since before the 1█th century. But only a few of the major collectives are aware of your business activities. Are any of these services performed under a formal business license?

Interviewee: I see, you're worried that we'll be hunted down in the Kangaroo Kourt system because we're so profitable exclusively? Not a problem, then. These are legitimate services commissioned by Oneiroi Collective. Nobody can fuck with them.

Interviewer: We will consider the legitimacy of your business activities that you claim. Also, your services are full of bizarre situations. Most of them have characters and surrounding environments that are based on fairy tales and folklore, and then there are even cases of incomprehensible behavior and attacks. What possible purpose could there be to all of this?

Interviewee: Whoa there, we're in a dream, you understand? It happens because the customers truly want it to. Talking animals and moving furniture, it's fantasy! Something about the subconscious nonsense of the corporeals, I mean, everyone loves this stuff each other, don't they? So we're just going along with it. Hey, is that enough already?

Interviewer: Yeah, let's go to another question. How many people are forced to engage in odd jobs like this? More and more people are using your services. As well, there are ones like him who end up paying for their debts.

Interviewee: Sure, we give satisfaction to the corporeals and earn some profit from the value of their dream assets. But like I said before, this is an important job to save the world, y'know? How many corporeals do you think there are in the world? Of course, most of them are noobs who can't remember what happened in their dreams, but they still get vaguely satisfied, emptying their desires and peacefully carrying on with reality.

Interviewer: So you believe that it is inevitable that some people get a little busy because their job is to save the world? It depends on how you put it, isn't it?

Interviewee: Well, you could say that. But this is what we've been doing since the dawn of the Collective. What's the point in getting upset now? Anyway. We're in this business to please people, to relieve what they can't satisfy in reality. And the debtors know that too. So, for all the pleasure they get out of it, they need to be the ones to entertain the clients this time. 30 minutes at a time, with extensions available.

[7 seconds of silence]

Interviewer: Excuse me, are you saying that the slime thing over there is just another user? Users in debt are providing services to other users? That guy had to become a bunch of female rabbits to serve another?

Interviewee: Yeah, that's what happens. It happens to everybody who works here. But I'm pretty sure they're having fun with it in the end.

<End Log>

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