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SCP-187-DE, current image

Item #: SCP-187-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: On the basis of information which has most likely fallen into the hands of one or more organizations and Groups of Interest, SCP-187-DE will be transferred between the designated DE-sites in a random pattern and at random time periods, which should however be no longer than six months. The eligible sites may be taken from document MAT-MIG-84773. These transfers must take place under high security measures and secrecy.

In the designated sites, a living unit created from two connected standard humanoid containment chambers must be made available, equipped with the objects preferred by SCP-187-DE; personal items may be allowed for SCP-187-DE after a review by the respective site control. The established curriculum for the education of SCP-187-DE must be followed by appropriate personnel at all times, including assessments of theoretical and practical nature.

The implanted Scranton Reality Anchor "Homecomer" must be checked for functionality every month, while making sure that SCP-187-DE is in a good state of mind. In the rest of the time the device remains in the "Fixed-Mode" to prevent an unwanted change to another plane of reality. (For technical information on the device, see document MAT-HMK-C0122.4)

Due to the unavoidable decay of the umbilical cord tissue of D-92013 up to the present time, stocks of it must always be present at the sites and be bred if necessary. SCP-187-DE normally shows no rejection of the tissue, but as mild medicaments as possible must be added for safety reasons to prevent a rejection. (For the medical procedures of an exchange of umbilical tissue refer to document MAT-UMB-1.1 continuous)

Description: SCP-187-DE is a 13 year old girl with light blonde hair, petite physique, a weight of 43 kilograms and a height of 1.59 meters. Since a daily data collection of SCP-187-DE was started before its birth, a detailed documentation of the physical, social and mental development can be found in the database associated with the anomaly (COMP.log.187-DE) after proper clearance. Genetically there are no anomalies, the genome is a hundred percent human, so that the assumption can be made, that the properties of the SCP originate in the contact between D-92031 (the biological mother) and SCP-███-DE. Its antimemetic capabilities are partially similar to those of SCP-187-DE. D-92031, a convicted murderer, was at the time of the meeting with SCP-███-DE seven months pregnant.

The "normal state" of SCP-187-DE is the existence on another plane of reality, which cannot be completely described. Cameras and recording equipment transported by SCP-187-DE into the other plane record only blackness and/or absolute silence, save for pictures of SCP-187-DE itself or sounds caused by it, and only if the respective device for visual recordings emits its own light. SCP-187-DE, however, does perceive normal reality on this plane, and can orientate itself and move accordingly, but cannot take actions. It describes the states of the other world as "temperatureless" and claims it does not need to breathe nor feel any pain there. Additionally, the anomaly talked about different layers of reality, which may indicate an intuitive perception of Hume levels.

Any items directly touching SCP-187-DE can be moved in both directions without taking any visible physical damage. Human test subjects which have contact to SCP-187-DE during its transfer have an extremely traumatic experience which include Apnea, the feeling of detachment from the own body and an experience of "unimportance in relation to possibilities". Living beings that completely detach themselves from SCP-187-DE can no longer be registered. They were described as "exhausted" or "lost", while growing older, SCP-187-DE spoke of "loss of energy", "cooling" and finally, obviously cynical, of a "decrease of disorder". In relation to return to normal reality SCP-187-DE seems to possess a kind of innate, self-centered protective reflex, which prevents rematerialization within a solid object. However, this does not mean that such an event is impossible. According to its own account, even the idea of such an event causes extreme discomfort and probably would have fatal consequences such as the loss of limbs or even death.

Moreover, even though such items as well as natural barriers in the other reality cannot be moved by objects from the normal reality, they cannot be imbued, too. This means that, for example, worn clothing limits the freedom of movement of SCP-187-DE in such way that it cannot pass through walls or similar objects. According to an unproven assertion, but one articulated with great conviction, this would be easily possible if it was completely naked. This and the fact of an almost impossible containment, should it get rid of its clothing on the other plane, led among other points to the decision to implant the SRA specially made for SCP-187-DE, also because SCP-187-DE quickly proved to be immune to the potentially harmful continuous presence of the implants.

The modified Scranton Reality Anchor (Model Nr.: HMK-C0122.4 Homecomer) is an improvement from two previous prototypes whose functionality is based on the model series C of the FTCm. It is a strongly downsized, portable variant, which has a significantly decreased need for energy than other models because of the rather small field created by it as well as the special biological compound. The visible part of the Homecomer (with a diameter of 6.5 cm and a height of 2.3 cm) is directly implanted in the deltoid of the right upper arm (musculus deltoideus). The non-visible part is connected with the biological musculature through artificial muscles and, for stability, with the humerus (os humeri). The "Homecomer" possesses two different modes: In the "Fixated"-Mode the Scranton-field is constantly maintained and cannot be ended by SCP-187-DE. This mode can be stopped or initiated from the respective areas. In the "Free"-Mode SCP-187-DE can de- or reactivate the field at will by touching the anchor; the control panel is adjusted to SCP-187-DE's fingerprints. It is to be noted that the "Fixated"-Mode cannot be forced, as long as SCP-187-DE is not within the normal reality.

The energy supply is provided by a set of nine standard atomic batteries with 238-Pu, which are embedded in the lower and upper arm musculature (m. biceps b., m. triceps b., extensor carpi ulnaris) as well as the upper chest muscle, and produce an effective power of 5.112 W (slightly fluctuating). Corresponding to this absurdly low seeming output strength and range of the created reality field are very small, they are, however, significantly potentiated by a not yet explained interaction with the umbilical cord tissue. Additionally, the field is forced into the shape of the physical body of SCP-187-DE by an equally not sufficiently researched force, ending approximately 1.4 cm outside of it and moving simultaneously to it. All mechanical components of the Homecomer are designed in a way, so that they can adjust to the growth of the bones and tissue.

The idea to use umbilical cord tissue of D-92031 as catalyst for the Scranton field came from Dr. Theodor van Meuten1. The underlying consideration was the fact that the unborn child did not change immediately to another plane of reality after the contact with SCP-███-DE, but was apparently held in the normal reality by something else and could therefore survive. The assumption was confirmed after extensive testing and the finding of the increasing effects finally allowed the construction of a series of SRAs up to the current model.

SCP-187-DE additionally possesses an antimemetic property, which cannot be controlled by it and which makes sure, that in the event of a change from the normal reality to the other reality, all memories of it are deleted in the affected personnel. Upon return of the anomaly, all memories are recreated momentarily without information loss. The sudden absence of the concerned memories often leads to confusion in the affected persons, although trained personnel usually detect the occurrence of an antimemetic effect. It is speculated that this property may be a kind of additional cover. It is not sufficiently clarified whether a partial physical blockage in the brain, a forced suppressing psychic effect or another unnatural phenomenon is present.

Psychological evaluation of SCP-187-DE on 06/01/2016: The recently criticized behavior of SCP-187-DE has a cause, which is easy to understand as well as natural and which is unlikely to have escaped the attention of those responsible: SCP-187-DE enters puberty. Defiance, moody behavior and doubting of the given tasks is completely normal. It is to be kept in mind that SCP-187-DE also never had the possibility to have a "phase of defiance" in early childhood. We strongly recommend to create an environment for the anomaly, in which it can get to know friends and persons with a role model function, ideally, if a little late, a mother and/or father figure. Of course, these persons will need to be loyal Foundation workers. They also should not be too old. The decision over that and how it can be done during the planned agent training of SCP-187-DE is up to the O4 Council2.

-Dr. Gerhard Ferenke, p.p. of the Ethics Committee

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