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An example of the symbolic designs used in SCP-1876-JP.

Item #: SCP-1876-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1876-JP's IP address is to be blocked from all major Internet service providers. Access to SCP-1876-JP outside of monitoring duties is to be allowed only for experiments and verifications using D-Class personnel. In the event of unauthorized access, a response team is to be dispatched to the scene, where interrogation, detention, amnesticization, and abortion procedures are be performed as appropriate, depending on the status of the individual accessing the website.

After birth, each instance of SCP-1876-JP-α is to be contained in the nursery wing of Site-81██ and be provided with an age-appropriate educational curriculum equivalent to compulsory education. The responsible personnel are to periodically re-evaluate the mental and physical condition of SCP-1876-JP-α instances as part of regular medical checkups.

Description: SCP-1876-JP is a website accessible from the domain "head-surro-gate.███".

When loaded on an Internet browser, SCP-1876-JP is presented as a recruitment website with a non-anomalous layout and design, intended to recruit participants for a surrogate mother program. The overview on the top page describes the website as "an experimental service provided by Oneiroi Collective" established to "solve trivial dream questions," and as a place to recruit surrogate mothers to help with that.

SCP-1876-JP has the following general requirements for registration in the program. It should be noted that these are significantly different from the registration requirements for a typical surrogate mother program.

  • Between the ages of 18 and 45.
  • Have confidence that she is mentally and physically in good health.
  • Sleeps an average of 8 to 10 hours a day.
  • Have never been registered as a surrogate mother in the program before.

When a female who meets all of the aforementioned criteria (hereinafter referred to as the "subject") applies for registration in the surrogate mother program through the "contact form" located at the bottom of the web page, she experiences a vivid daydream within a few minutes. This daydream begins with a scene where the subject is interviewed by a physician in a hospital office. During the interview, the subject is given a general orientation for surrogate mothers, and is asked for final confirmation that she is indeed willing to enroll in the program. Regardless of her answer, the subject is immediately awakened afterwards.

If the subject expresses the intention to register with the program in the daydream, an implanted embryo (hereinafter referred to as "SCP-1876-JP-α") appears in the endometrium of the subject upon awakening. SCP-1876-JP-α grows with the same speed and process as a normal embryo or fetus, and does not exhibit any unusual behavior or characteristics. The effects on the subject caused by the growth of SCP-1876-JP-α are also not different from the symptoms seen in a typical pregnant female. However, if SCP-1876-JP-α is surgically removed within five months of its appearance in the uterus, or if the subject miscarries due to an unforeseen cause, it immediately disappears from the scene.

During the period between the appearance of SCP-1876-JP-α and its birth, the subject experiences a series of lucid dreams with specific content in the span of once a week. Initially, these lucid dreams consist of receiving medical checkups and advice on pregnancy from the physician in the same office as the daydreams described above. For example, one of the past subjects was instructed to improve her dietary habits and to visit the nearest hospital. After the checkup, the subject is provided with a lucid dream tailored to her preferences as "one of the rewards for the surrogate mother". In addition, a certain amount of money is transferred to the subject's bank account as "child support and gratuity" after she awakens from the lucid dream. The remittance amount fluctuates for each subject, and attempts to trace the remitter have not been successful.

During the checkup in the aforementioned lucid dream, the subject may request to be declined the status as a surrogate mother if it is within five months after the appearance of SCP-1876-JP-α. In such a case, SCP-1876-JP-α disappears from the uterus of the sleeping subject; most subjects then rationalize the situation they are facing by re-identifying it as a change in their physical condition caused by drugs or alcohol.

Upon reaching the childbirth stage, the subject experiences another daydream during the delivery. In this daydream, the subject is in the same office as before with the physician, who announces the end of the surrogate mother program and asks for confirmation on the future treatment of SCP-1876-JP-α; the subject has to choose whether to take care of SCP-1876-JP-α by herself, or to entrust the baby to the nearest orphanage designated by the physician. Afterwards, regardless of the choice, the subject awakens and no longer experiences anomalous daydreams and periodic lucid dreams.

Once born, SCP-1876-JP-α does not exhibit any anomalous properties, and no physical or mental differences can be observed when compared to normal children of the same age. While the ethnicity of SCP-1876-JP-α is invariably identical to that of the subject, its genetic information does not match any DNA type registered in any databases in all cases, and no biological parents have ever been found.

SCP-1876-JP was discovered on 20██/██/██. Metadata analysis confirmed that a total of twenty one females in five countries had registered for the surrogate mother program at the time of containment. Of these, 17 instances of SCP-1876-JP-α were delivered, all of which have already been recovered.

Addendum: During a routine checkup at the nursery wing on 20██/██/██, SCP-1876-JP-α-2 reported memory recall of dreams it experienced in the past. The following excerpt is from a counseling session conducted with it.

Interview Log 1876-JP - Date: 2020/12/13

Subject: SCP-1876-JP-α-2 (Japanese female, six years old)

Interviewer: Researcher Mieru

<Begin Log, 20██/██/██>

[Extraneous conversation omitted]

Researcher: Well, that's all for my questions. Thank you very much for your long time.

Subject: Um, doctor, may I talk to you now?

Researcher: Yes, you may. What can I do for you?

Subject: Doctor, do you know where the missing teeth go?

Researcher: Hmm, well… they get put under a pillow and turn into coins… I suppose?

Subject: Nope! When a tooth falls out, it comes back in my mouth!

[SCP-1876-JP-α-2 opens her mouth and points to one of her lower front tooth, which is about to erupt.]

Researcher: Oh, I see. I didn't expect them to return to our mouths. But why were you wondering about the missing tooth?

Subject: You know, last night when I was eating dinner, a tooth fell out. I was so surprised and looked at it, and then I remembered the dreams I had when I was in my mom's tummy.

Researcher: It's very impressive that you can remember dreams from so long ago. Would you mind telling me what those were about?

Subject: Yes, of course! Well, in the dream, I was a fish. Every time fish-me had a meal, some of her teeth would fall out, and all of them would sink to the bottom of the water so she couldn't see them. So fish-me was really curious about where her missing teeth went, and she always wished she could ask her mother about it outside the water.

Researcher: Mm-hmm, that's a very peculiar dream.

Subject: But from one day on, fish-me was tied to a rope and trapped in the dark, narrow water. But fish-me was not afraid of anything. Actually, she was happy because soon she would find out what she hadn't known for a long time. I wonder why?

Researcher: By the way, have you been dreaming about being a fish lately?

Subject: No, not really. Now I'm still me in my dreams.

Researcher: I see, thank you.

Subject: Oh, but you know what? In my dream last night I was so happy. I think it was because I found out where the missing teeth go, which is what fish-me always wanted to know. She was so eager to get out of the water and ask her mother. So. It's a good thing my mom gave birth to me, because now I know what fish-me didn't know!

[SCP-1876-JP-α-2 opens her mouth again to show her lower front tooth.]

Subject: But fish-me couldn't imagine anything about where the missing teeth would go. But now I know. The teeth that fell out in my dream went all the way back into my mom's mouth! Just like my missing tooth came back in me! Yeah I get it now. So, hey, doctor?

Researcher: Yes, what is it?

Subject: I really need to thank my mom right now. So, please give this to my mom.

Researcher: A letter, huh? I'll make sure to send it to your mother.

Subject: Thank you, doctor.

<End Log, 20██/██/██>

Closing Statement: Following this, other instances of SCP-1876-JP-α were also interviewed individually, and it was confirmed that no instances except SCP-1876-JP-α-2 had recalled past dreams. The content of the letter was a text, "Thank you for giving birth to me, mom!" with a drawing of a blue fish drawn in colored pencil.

Update: The investigation of SCP-1876-JP-α-2's "dream of fish" confirmed the fact that the subject who gave birth to SCP-1876-JP-α-2 mentioned in an interview that she used to have dreams in which a fish appeared frequently before she enrolled in the surrogate mother program, but stopped having them after her enrollment. Although a possible link was suggested, further investigation was not conducted since she was already amnesticized.

Incident Report: On 20██/██/██, two days after the aforementioned routine checkup, SCP-1876-JP-α-2 suddenly disappeared from the nursery wing. While the surveillance camera records proved that SCP-1876-JP-α-2 vanished while sleeping, the details of its disappearance could not be observed as its whole body was obscured by a blanket.

Approximately two hours after the incident, the monitoring team reported that a new section, "User Comments," had been added to SCP-1876-JP. Despite re-analysis of the access history in response to this situation, no unauthorized access to SCP-1876-JP was detected. The following is the only comment that was listed in the "User Comments" section.


No.001 - Ms.Cichlid

Thanks to my mom's enrollment in the program, my long-standing question has been completely cleared up! I highly encourage you to recommend this program to your own mom!

Not only your questions will be answered, but you will be able to experience so many wonderful things that you can't even imagine happening here, with your very physical body! But if I had to say something, I would have liked to have had my questions answered after a bit more time had passed. I hope you all have a great time with no regrets!

And, thank you so much for giving birth to me, mom!

███ ██, 20██ 04:28am
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As of 20██/██/██, no other instances of SCP-1876-JP-α have disappeared, and no further updates to SCP-1876-JP have been detected.

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