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SCP-188-KO when discovered

Item #: SCP-188-KO

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-188-KO should be known as a 'tower crane used for a construction on halt for unknown reasons.' To aid this cover story, a steel frame structure wrapped in opaque polymer sheets is built around SCP-188-KO. Civilian access should be restricted from entering the building. The crane's hoisting motor is to be covered with sound insulation to prevent any noise the motor makes from leaking outside.

The global nature of SCP-188-KO's effects calls for concentrated efforts on public information containment. The Foundation plants undercover agents in academies covering SCP-188-KO's effect related fields, such as geology, climatology, and astronomy. These agents are then to destroy or manipulate any information related to SCP-188-KO through amnestics and manipulating academic papers. However, information containment seems difficult after prolonged operation of SCP-188-KO, when the crane's anomaly becomes obvious to the general public.

The long-term hazards that SCP-188-KO poses, triggered research to destroy or deactivate the tower crane safely. Agents with related research data are to report to rank 4/188 researchers.

Description: SCP-188-KO is a ██ metre tall T-shaped tower crane located in [REDACTED], Samoa. Its frame is composed of an unknown metal, which can not be destroyed by other methods than melting it with high heat.1 SCP-188-KO's hoisting device2 is surrounded by metal plates, and is the only part of SCP-188-KO that cannot be destroyed. No equipment in the operating room except for the internal control panel functions, but the elevator functions normally. SCP-188-KO's foundation seems to reach a depth of over █ kilometres.

SCP-188-KO's exposed wire rope is approximately 6377.5 kilometres long, extended underground through a hole about 1 metre in diameter, located in front of the crane's foundation. The internal control panel indicates that the tip of the wire (referred to as 'hook' in this document) is currently 6377.4 kilometres underground. However, direct observation of the hook is unavailable due to its immense depth.

SCP-188-KO pulls its wire for one second from 12:00 PST (noon) every day. The pulled wire rope appears to be reeled into the hoisting device's wire drum, but the volume and mass of the device do not change. The pulling speed is very slow, approximating at 0.05 millimetres per second. The Earth's centre of gravity follows up the hook, 0.05 millimetres daily, or 1.8 centimetres annually, causing global changes in the atmospherical and oceanic currents. To date, the gravitational centre of the Earth has shifted approximately ██ metres towards SCP-188-KO from its original position.

The shift in gravity resulted in sea levels in the Pacific ocean rising twice as fast as the estimates based on global warming and slowly drawing in polar glaciers towards the pacific. Also, the moon's slight movement and small differences in atmospheric pressure between the Pacific and Atlantic have been observed. Moreover, the island itself that SCP-188-KO currently stands on is likely to be completely submerged underwater in at least ██ years. It's being considered covering it with large waterproof barriers to prevent damage to SCP-188-KO. Calculations from the hook's movement speed estimate that the crane will cause a prolonged XK-Class End-of-the-World scenario until 2███.

Destruction of the wire rope by melting it has been proposed after SCP-188-KO was proven dangerous. However, the proposal was temporarily rejected, as the 'pulled gravitational centre' 'crashing' to the centre of the Earth may cause [DATA EXPUNGED] on a global scale.

SCP-188-KO was found in a construction site in [REDACTED], Samoa. Local civilians reported that SCP-188-KO appeared 'out of the blue', but is without further evidence as no nearby cameras were recording the subject. The locals were treated with class-4 amnestic treatment.

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