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Special Containment Procedures: As of now, SCP-189-KO cannot be contained, nor does it needs containment.

Description: SCP-189-KO is the fear a pedestrian feels related to the absence or changing of lighting. While the fear itself is a harmless, non-anomalous change of emotion, the probability of harmful events occurring near the person fluctuates depending on the person's subjective interpretation of how intense SCP-189-KO is.

T Level Subjective fear Proabability fluctuation
0 Not afraid ± 0.0002
1 Weak anxiety that can be relieved by a companion. + 0.0007
2 Becomes wary of occasional turned off or flickering lights + 0.0015
3 Often looks back due to a chill down the spine + 0.0044
4 Feels someone chasing after oneself, and becomes extremely sensitive to shadows or footsteps + 0.008
5 Feels terror of a ghost, robber, or a foreigner appearing from a dark alleyway up front + 0.029
6 Fear that THEY will not appear + 0.044
7 Notices that there are more broken lights than lit ones + 0.066
8 Feels that light only illuminates around its source, not being enough to light one's vision + 0.079
9 Is aware that one is in danger that absolutely does exist, but cannot be described + 0.09
10 Blackout without the moon, Complete darkness 1

At 17/09/2020, following a recorded T level of 10, additional research of SCP-189-KO has been on halt.

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