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Item #: SCP-190-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Direct containment of SCP-190-DE-1 and -2 is currently considered too costly and counterproductive. They are allowed to continue their business on the condition that they inform the Foundation's staff at all times where and when they will appear next. They are also required to keep the special characteristics of SCP-190-DE-3 and the nature and origin of their non-terrestrial natural resources secret. SCP-190-DE-3 is to be equipped with a GPS tracker and all quality and health inspections are to be carried out by Foundation certified personnel.

SCP-190-DE is to be monitored at all times by Foundation personnel, but not to be informed of this fact. If one or both entities actively attempt to avoid being monitored by the Foundation, the Midgard protocol is to be enacted.

Description: SCP-190-DE are two entities with a humanoid appearance. SCP-190-DE-1 has the appearance of a 40 year old, 196 cm tall, muscular man with long blond hair and a full beard. SCP-190-DE-2 has the appearance of a 40-year-old woman with a size of 179 cm. SCP-190-DE-2 is bald but conceals it with a brown wig. Both claim to be the Nordic gods Thor and Sif, but this has not yet been conclusively proven or refuted.

SCP-190-DE-1 and -2 operate a small mobile kebap joint (hereinafter referred to as SCP-190-DE-3) with the name The Turkish Walhalla that offers dishes and drinks corresponding to such an establishment. SCP-190-DE-1 always works at the front of the counter, serving and talking to customers, while SCP-190-DE-2 takes care of meal preparation.

Although SCP-190-DE-3 looks like a normal snack car painted in white, it has several special features. Instead of a vehicle, SCP-190-DE is towed by two domestic goats Capra aegagrus hircus, which can reach speeds of up to 70 km/h1. These extraordinary abilities are readily accepted and ignored by bystanders, presumably due to an antimemetic effect. Furthermore, SCP-190-DE-3 has larger internal dimensions than what should logically be possible with its external dimensions. Thus it has a usable area of approx. 70 m2, which is occupied by kebap grills, ovens, refrigerators and other objects necessary for a kebap joint. However, some of them are arranged in such a way that this spatial discrepancy cannot be determined by outside glances. SCP-190-DE-3 is also capable of spontaneously disappearing with a flash of light and reappearing at another location. The time between disappearance and reappearance does not follow any laws that are apparent to the Foundation. SCP-190-DE-1 explained in this context that they were still "visiting other worlds" in between.

SCP-190-DE-1s and SCP-190-DE-2s DNA is human, but both show a much higher body performance and vitality, but only a normal human intellect. It was observed how SCP-190-DE-1 and -2 worked consistently for a whole week without signs of fatigue. Tests on their resistance to various influences have not yet been carried out, but both entities are immune to narcotics in all doses and weak poisons used so far. SCP-190-DE-1 has asked to refrain from such tests in the future, otherwise things would become "really uncomfortable". Due to their physical strength and resilience, the Foundation expects high losses in its attempted containment and is refraining from doing so for the time being due to its peaceableness, willingness to cooperate, and desire to remain undiscovered.

SCP-190-DE has so far traveled around Northern and Central Europe to sell its food. Both entities speak the languages of all countries they visit fluently and apparently know the local laws for the commercial distribution of food, the keeping of goats and behavior in local traffic. It has not yet been observed that any of the entities deliberately broke any of these laws.

Although SCP-190-DE sells ordinary foods and beverages, it also offers dishes with a range of ingredients whose biological source cannot be found on earth. Before the Foundation contained them, they praised it as "the best of all nine realms".

Discovery: SCP-190-DE was discovered when Foundation-webcrawler flagged a finding in the database of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Rural Areas and Consumer Protection which stated that the meat used by SCP-190-DE could not be clearly attributed to an animal. Also, SCP-190-DE-3s actually impossible dimensions were mentioned. Foundation agents were sent to investigate the case.


Addenum190-DE-2: In the following the steps of protocol Midgard are described.

If SCP-190-DE wishes to evade Foundation control, the following steps should be taken.

  1. All Foundation coverage is withdrawn and tips on violations in SCP-190-DE-3 are passed to the local health department.
  2. Should SCP-190-DE wish to evade the health check or reject the decision of the health commissioners to prevent the closure of their store, step 1 is to be repeated in each new city where they appear. In addition, the kebap joint must be defamed through social media to force closure.
  3. If SCP-190-DE does not cooperate again by this time, the kebap joint must be closed and all entities taken into custody by MTF DE6-𝔇 "Das Aufgebot" (i. e. "The Draft") with the possible support of several units of MTF DE4-𝔙 "Die Verteidiger". All of them must then be transferred to Site-DE17 and placed in containment.
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