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3/191-PT LEVEL 3/191-PT



Item #: SCP-191-PT

Object Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Purple Red


Satellite image containing the location of SCP-191-PT.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the size and nature of SCP-191-PT, containing and/or neutralizing it is currently considered humanly impossible. An environmental protection area has been established around SCP-191-PT and must be constantly monitored. Civillians that are seen entering the perimeter of the area must be removed immediately.

Activities of SCP-191-PT must be constantly monitored and, if one of its drones, designated as SCP-191-PT-1, is detected leaving the exclusion zone, said drone must be constantly monitored and any human settlements in the path of SCP-191-PT-1 must be evacuated immediately. if it approaches a human settlement Foundation personnel must immediately take over the drone and change its course before it arrives at the settlement.

Description: SCP-191-PT is a circular spacecraft with a diameter of approximately 5km and height
of approximately 12km of extraterrestrial origin which is currently buried in the soil of the amazon rainforest, visible on the surface as a hill approximately 603 590 meters above sea level surrounded by a mountainous ring.

It is currently believed that SCP-191-PT is in an auto repair mode, with spherical drones constantly being sent by SCP-191-PT to collect materials to repair it, collecting said materials by emitting a light beam capable of atomically disassembling objects, including lifeforms, with registered events in which SCP-191-PT-1 disassembled animals and human beings (see incident SCP-191-PT-09-A). Instances of SCP-191-PT-1 have also been observed to be capable of replicating abilities of anomalous objects abducted by them or by other instances.

SCP-191-PT was originally discovered by the Brazilian Superintendence for the Paranormal (BSP) in 1980 and, since its discovery, has been the target of several experiments until the disbanding of the BSP in 1992 with the goal of obtaining its technology. Currently, the Foundation, along members of the former BSP, is conducting experiments to unveil the technology of, as well as find ways of deactivating SCP-191-PT.

Currently SCP-191-PT is emitting a signal which, through efforts of translation and decoding, has been identified as a countdown which, at the time when it was decoded and translated for the first time, was at ██.███.███.███.███.███.███ and going down by one unit in intervals of 10-113 minutes. it is currently believed that said countdown refers to the progress of the reconstruction efforts of SCP-191-PT, indicating that it is highly damaged.

Today it is known that the Foundation is capable of taking over control of SCP-191-PT-1 instances by transmitting in radio frequencies similar to those of SCP-191-PT.

Thanks to experiments (see Addendum SCP-191-PT-6) it has been discovered that SCP-191-PT is a military cargo spacecraft with internal volume of approximately ████ times the size of its external volume. Its cargo includes, among other things, 5.132 crew members in what is presumed to be a state of hibernation, 15.365 packages of what are presumably war weapons, 1.536.256 disassembled small spacecrafts and approximately 2.563 captured anomalous objects, including 4 anomalous objects abducted from Site PT58 by SCP-191-PT-1 instances (see Incident-142-PT-09-A).

Addendum SCP-191-PT-1: Incident-142-PT-08-O:

At ██:██ hours on ██/██/2000, temporary Foundation installations established ██ meters away from the perimeter of the exclusion zone were attacked by SCP-191-PT-1 instances. Evacuation orders were immediately given.

██ hours after the incident it was registered that the temporary site was completely disassembled by the instances. After the incident the exclusion zone's perimeter was expanded and new attempts of establishing Foundation facilities near SCP-191-PT are discouraged.

Activities related to SCP-191-PT must be taken care of by Site PT58, the site nearest to SCP-191-PT until the present moment, located in the city of Rio Branco.

Addendum SCP-191-PT-2: Incident-142-PT-09-A:

At ██:██ hours on ██/██/2012, ██ SCP-191-PT-1 instances were identified leaving SCP-191-PT's exclusion zone and disassembling large areas of forest. Foundation agents were immediately sent to follow the SCP-191-PT-1 instances and make sure to contain damages and locate possible witnesses in case civillians came in contact with SCP-191-PT-1 instances.

At ██:██ hours, the SCP-191-PT-1 instances approached the village named ███████, it was immediately ordered the evacuation of the village. SCP-191-PT-1 instances disassembled approximately 73% of the village before leaving.

At ██:██ hours, the city of Rio Branco was attacked by SCP-191-PT-1 instances, which began to disassemble houses, light posts, roads, among other things. Foundation teams were immediately sent to evacuate civillians and isolate the region.

In this incident it was discovered that SCP-191-PT-1 instances can and will disassemble lifeforms in case they get within the range of said instances. Approximately ██ individuals, including civillians and Foundation personnel, were disassembled by the instances.

Foundation agents finally received orders to open fire agaisnt SCP-191-PT-1 instances when they began to approach Site PT58 and [DATA EXPUNGED], SCP-191-PT-1 instances opened fire agaisnt the agents, resulting in the complete disintegration of them. Opening fire agaisnt the instances is now discouraged.

During the incident it was discovered that SCP-191-PT uses radio frequencies to communicate with SCP-191-PT-1 instances. The drones were sent back to SCP-191-PT after the signal was decodified and the Foundation sent them orders to return to the ship.

After the confrontation there were ██ casualities. Approximately 4 anomalous objects contained within Site PT58 were abducted by SCP-191-PT-1 instances, raising hypotheses about the objectives of SCP-191-PT, since Foundation employees who witnessed the event said that, unlike other objects, the anomalous objects weren't disassembled.

After the incident it was reported that SCP-191-PT-1 instances began to show the anomalous properties of anomalous objects captured by them during the incident.

Addendum SCP-191-PT-3: Incident-142-PT-05-A:

At ██:██ hours on ██/██/2015, an earthquake with a magnitude of █,█ with an epicenter in SCP-191-PT hit the state of Acre, causing damages of approximately █ million dollars.

It is believed that the earthquake that hit Acre on ██/██/2015 was caused by SCP-191-PT when it rotated ██ degrees clockwise.

Addendum SCP-191-PT-4: Incident-142-PT-06-B:

At ██:██ hours on ██/██/2019, an earthquake with a magnitude of █,█ with epicenter ██ kilometers away from the center of SCP-191-PT was detected, hitting several cities in Peru and Acre. After the earthquake it was registered that the hill made by SCP-191-PT had sunk by approximately 13 meters.//

It is presumed that the earthquake had once again been caused by the movement of SCP-191-PT, although the epicenter this time wasn't within the area occupied by SCP-191-PT, raising questions in regards to its real size and its effects on the Earth's crust.

Addendum SCP-191-PT-5: An interceptor set in the radio frequencies of SCP-191-PT was set near what was identified as being the external segment of SCP-191-PT's communication system. Below are the transmissions intercepted from SCP-191-PT deemed as of interest of the Foundation. Keep in mind that there is an interval of 15-113 minutes between each message.

Addendum SCP-191-PT-6: On ██/██/2019, the Foundation took over the controls of an SCP-191-PT-1 instance and installed a camera on it and gave it orders to return to SCP-191-PT. Below is the experiment log. Keep in mind that the SCP-191-PT-1 instance in question will be designated as SCP-191-PT-2 until it is no longer under the Foundation's control.

Addendum SCP-191-PT-7: List sent by SCP-191-PT describing the criteria of the Intergalactic Organization for a civilization Type II.

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