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Item #: SCP-192-DE

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-192-DE is to be placed in a room where all walls, ceilings and floors generate an electromagnetic field of 700 V/m to 800 V/m. A detector protected with shielding shall check whether the field inside the room is above 800 V/m to verify SCP-192-DE's presence. If the subject has left the containment, response forces specialised in SCP-192-DEs have to capture and recover it as soon as possible.

Within a radius of 10 metres around SCP-192-DE-1 there must be an electric fence with a height of 0.7 m, which creates an electromagnetic field1 of over 700 V/m to 800 V/m is generated and must be checked daily and maintained if necessary. The radius of 100 m shall be constantly monitored with a detector for electromagnetic fields exceeding 800 V/m to check SCP-192-DE's presence in SCP-192-DE-1. If the subject has left containment, for SCP-192-DE specialised reaction forces shall capture and escort it back to SCP-192-DE-1 as soon as possible, if it has not already gone there by itself in the meantime. No electrical means of communication other than radios with a non-variable frequency may be used within 3 km of SCP-192-DE-1. Electrical equipment should not be used if possible. Personnel with a pacemaker, power wheelchairs or similar aids that are dependent on electrical equipment are not permitted to conduct research on SCP-192-DE or to be within 3 km of it. The area within a radius of 3 km around SCP-192-DE-1 is to be monitored and is not to be entered by any civilian, in case of violation on the part of the civilian, they are to be arrested and amnestied.

The project manager must listen to the memetic inoculation briefing before taking up the post and verbally communicate the memetic agent when briefing new staff for SCP-192-DE. This agent is to be used only when SCP-192-DE attempts to use a memetic agent. Deaf persons are prohibited for the position of a project leader. If the project leader falls into a fourth-degree coma and has not woken up after 2 weeks, he shall be terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-192-DE is a humanoid, 2 m tall entity whose body consists of a grey cloak almost reaching the ground with a hood attached. Its head appears in the shape of a skull with a missing lower jaw as well as the missing seven cervical vertebrae compared to human bone structure. In its left hand it holds a rolled up scroll. SCP-192-DE's behaviour is sadistic in nature, and it pursues the goal of inflicting as much damage as possible on the Foundation. This was expressed by several, previous attempts to always injure or kill the staff in the most painful way by memetic means (see discovery). SCP-192-DE-1 describes a 9 m x 7 m x 3.5 m wooden house in southern Austria in the ████████ forest. It has a wooden door and two windows made of glass.

SCP-192-DE is able to speak any language and to influence electrical devices to a certain extent by slight manipulation of electricity. Furthermore, SCP-192-DE can make itself invisible for up to 10 minutes, but its whereabouts during this time can be determined by measuring electromagnetic fields. SCP-192-DE has no physical form, which is why it cannot touch any objects or subjects. It is capable of speeds of up to 20 m/s and can pass through objects and subjects, but SCP-192-DE cannot be more than 20 cm above a floor or object, furthermore electromagnetic fields with a field strength of more than 700 V/m are an obstacle for it. Nevertheless, once outside SCP-192-DE-1, SCP-192-DE has the ability to teleport into SCP-192-DE-1 at any time, even though it is trapped by electromagnetic fields.

SCP-192-DE can reproduce with 100% accuracy the content of a random text written down on any medium and present in any place. In doing so, it recounts the content from memory or reads verbatim from its unrolled scroll2. With this knowledge, it attempts to bully or bribe Foundation staff by threatening to reveal to others the information that is most intimate to them. It is unable to remember the content once the text no longer exists, as well as to understand irony and innuendo because it understands the text verbatim. If no other written sources contradict the content of a text, SCP-192-DE sees it as true (see experiment 192-DE). It is able to remember what it hears.

It is able to apply memetic agents to people by reading them aloud, but the development of a "memetic vaccination" that reflects the effect has stopped the application of these.

SCP-192-DE-1's equipment consists of 5 bookshelves that run throughout the building and are completely filled with books. The books are different for each person and have a person's or company's name as the title. The content of the book will be a list of what the person or company on the book title knows and thinks about the person. This can range from an opinion about the person to an enumeration of salary or media consumption. For the illiterate, the books appear empty.

Discovery: The Foundation became aware of SCP-192-DE when reports of deaths began to accumulate in the region of █████, which received signs of [REDACTED], a memetic agent developed by the Foundation. After " days, SCP-192-DE was sighted in the town of ████, which used [REDACTED] in the subsequent containment attempt to torture and kill the forces. It could be determined that the subject learned of the operations through written plans. After developing a memetic agent (see "Memetic Inoculation") and documenting their permitted uses against the subject, SCP-192-DE was safely contained.

Interview 192-DE-01:

Interview conducted by: Dr. █████
Respondent: SCP-192-DE
Date: ██.██.197█
Note: The Foundation was not yet aware of SCP-192-DE's ability to teleport into SCP-192-DE-1, so it was kept in site-DE█.


Dr. █████: Hello SCP-192-DE.

SCP-192-DE: Dr. ███ █████, am I right?

Dr. █████: Wha… How do you know my name?

SCP-192-DE: You humans are all idiots. I know all about you, your foundation, your "anomalies", what all the other groups know about you, what questions you have written down.

Dr. █████: If so, please answer my first question.

SCP-192-DE: What am I? I am "knowledge", I represent all the knowledge of humanity. Just as I know what you did on ██.██.197█. Do you remember?

Dr. █████: I am not aware of what I should have done on that day.

SCP-192-DE: Oh, ███, or should I say, █████, as you call yourself there. What would happen if your colleagues found out about it?

Dr. █████: nervous █████? Never heard of it. What connection should it have with me?

SCP-192-DE: Don't pretend you don't know. I warned you to set me free. Flick a little switch to escape this prison. Now everyone will know who you really are.

Dr. █████: I, uh… I… next question. What…

SCP-192-DE: █████, do you want to buy [REDACTED]?

Dr. █████: How dare you accuse me of such a thing? The questioning is cancelled!

SCP-192-DE: 800€. You spent 800€ on it! But don't worry, you're not the only one.


Addendum: SCP-192-DE's testimony could be confirmed through investigation despite denials of testimony by Dr. █████.

Interview 192-DE-02:

Interview conducted by: Dr. Stroh
Respondent: SCP-192-DE
Date: ██.██.198█
Note: The Foundation was not yet aware of SCP-192-DE's ability to teleport into SCP-192-DE-1, so it was kept in site-DE█.


Dr. Stroh: Hello SCP-192-DE.

SCP-192-DE: Ah, Fedora. Did I scare █████ too much?

Dr. Stroh: No, it was moved to another site.

SCP-192-DE: Yes, because of [REDACTED]. What a █████.

Dr. Stroh: I would ask you to turn the subject to the questions I am to ask you.

SCP-192-DE: Is this a joke? Why should I answer questions from a foundation that locks up "anomalies"?

Dr. Stroh: Our task is to…

SCP-192-DE: To protect them from the "normal". You don't have to explain anything to me, advocate of [REDACTED].

Dr. Stroh: Oh, you know about that?

SCP-192-DE: Of course, idiot.

Dr. Stroh: So you also know what is written on computers?

SCP-192-DE: Do you hear me badly, [REDACTED]?

Dr. Stroh: Then we can move on to the next questions. Why…

SCP-192-DE: Why I can do that is none of your business!

Dr. Stroh: This would settle the question of how you know what you have written. Are you some kind of spirit that cannot touch physical objects and subjects?

SCP-192-DE: The woman next door. She [REDACTED].

Dr. Stroh: Please answer my question.

SCP-192-DE: Hm. Should I tell them about ███-DE, the O4 Council won't like that at all.

Dr. Stroh: Even if I do, it will be redacted and I will receive an amnesic. Make it easier for everyone and give in.

SCP-192-DE: Oh, is that how you want to proceed? Then look here!

SCP-192-DE is no longer visible.

Dr. Stroh: You do realise that we know you are invisible. Your position is easy to determine with measuring devices.


Addendum: SCP-192-DE had teleported into SCP-192-DE-1 and returned to the site where it opened █ doors by manipulating the electrical circuits before being found and captured. The outbreak was stopped with no casualties and the escapees contained due to the hazard-free SCPs and the rapid response of the response forces. Security measures were adapted to the newly discovered capability.

Experiment 192-DE:
Preface: Due to SCP-192-DE's unwillingness to cooperate, Dr. Stroh writes texts that SCP-192-DE considers "bribe-worthy" in order to find out when SCP-192-DE knows about the content of a text. The result is determined by an interview with SCP-192-DE. This preface is to be deleted for each new experiment and added again after the experiment to get a revealing result.

Location of the text Notes Result
File on a computer - SCP-192-DE is aware of the content. After deleting the text, it has forgotten about the text (see interview 192-DE-02)
USB-Stick - Positive
Paper Text was written with many spelling and grammatical errors, which made it very difficult to understand. SCP-192-DE knew of the intended content.
Paper Text was scrambled with ROT13 Negative
Paper Text was written in the ancient Greek language Positive
Paper Text was written in a language invented by Dr. Stroh. Although this language only existed on this paper, SCP-192-DE understood the content of the text and described the language as "primitive"
Paper Many parts of the text were censored by black bars, which meant that there was no longer any "bribe-worthy" content. SCP-192-DE did not mention the text.
Paper The text was written with lemon juice, which made the sheet appear blank. Positive
Paper An event was painted as a picture. Positive
Sound recording - Negative

Further tests:

  • Dr. Stroh wrote one true and one false text about a daily routine that had really taken place. During the conversation with SCP-192-DE it could be found out that SCP-192-DE is able to determine the correctness of a text by accessing other scriptural sources. However, it is possible to give "false knowledge" to SCP-192-DE if it is based on other scriptural sources or if no other scriptural sources contradict it. In this case SCP-192-DE accepts the content as true.
  • Dr. Stroh was in SCP-192-DE-1 when she noticed a book with her sister's title. When she opened the book, SCP-192-DE began to use her sister's sight to taunt her. When Dr. Stroh closed the book and put it back, SCP-192-DE could still remember the contents, even though Dr. Stroh was no longer in SCP-192-DE-1.

Note by Dr. Stroh: I will not be doing any more interviews with SCP-192-DE for some time. His constant harassment has taken too much of a toll on my psyche and I simply need a break to regain my strength and be able to resist him.

Addendum 192-DE-A: On ██.██.1988, Dr Migneault3 woke up from his coma and reported a "meeting with SCP-192-DE" that he was supposed to have experienced. He was asked by Dr. Stroh to recount the event as accurately as possible.


Erm, well, today is the year 1988, exactly two weeks after I was badly injured in an outbreak on ██.██. and fell into a coma.

So, while I was lying in a coma in the emergency room, I saw myself going out of my body, like in some of those near-death experiences. I flew higher and higher until suddenly I found myself in a completely black room, with only a single white light shining on me. I was confused. Was I dead now?

"Probably not," I suddenly heard someone say, the voice was very familiar. Only a moment later I saw SCP-192-DE stepping towards me in the white light. "Your consciousness seems to be still intact," it spoke. I had to pause before I could contain my excitement and ask more questions.

"Where am I?", I asked.

"You tell me", it replied, "you know that I only know what is written".

I was puzzled by his calm and non-malicious voice, which he usually had. Here it seemed to be a completely different person, so I asked him if he was SCP-192-DE. When he answered in the affirmative, I referred to his changed behaviour, which he left uncommented.

"Why am I here?", I asked.

"What do I know. Apparently your consciousness is in some kind of self-insight, if even one of you idiots had passed it on in writing too, I would know too."

At this point I recognised his behaviour, which gave me confidence that it had to be SCP-192-DE. Since his answer told me too little, I asked for a more detailed explanation.

"And you want to be a highly recognised physicist? You're just questioning all your knowledge and all your experience, looking at your life from a new perspective, realising what an arrogant █████████ you've been to your friends etc. Now do you understand?"

"If so, why are you here?", I asked.

"What do I know. I think it's nice that everyone thinks of death when they see me, but in itself it's not true. Maybe your condition is the same as mine, which was a thought from a former staff member."

I didn't quite like his answers, his explanations had too many unanswered questions, which I addressed.

When asked if it hits every person before death or in a coma, it immediately answered no, which is why I assumed with its confirmation that the brain or consciousness had to still be awake to hit SCP-192-DE. When I asked him if it had always hit people like that, it replied that it only came through a "magician", which I didn't quite understand.

My assumption that it was like a judge judging a person's deeds, he immediately answered with "wrong" and listed as proof all the misdeeds that were still written down in some form. It was only then that I realised what kind of impact it could have on one, just the quick enumeration of my own deeds…. I felt like the worst person on earth.

"So if I were a judge, you would all be trapped in your own personal hell for eternities," he added afterwards. "Why can't I?" I thought I heard him mutter afterwards.

Through his enumeration I couldn't recover for a while, which seemed to annoy him, which is why he moved around the room and came back after a while with the words: "If you go back, the room here loses itself at a greater distance from you." Before I could ask about it, I woke up.


Dr. Stroh then conducted a series of experiments with D-class personnel who were placed in an artificial coma and asked to question SCP-192-DE. It was found that a person had to fall into a fourth-degree coma for at least 2 weeks for the event to take place. Yet, only 4% reported meeting SCP-192-DE after the coma. The most informative year was 199█ with up to 4 encounters until 200█ when no one encountered SCP-192-DE. In all successful attempts, the staff met it in a black room where a light shone on them. The interviews produced partly contradictory results.

  • SCP-192-DE is more cooperative and hopes to understand why these events are happening. However, it is not willing to reveal more about itself or its past.
  • Every staff member, when asked by SCP-192-DE, remembers all the events they experienced, even if they had been given an amnesic beforehand.
  • SCP-192-DE only meets people within a radius of about 300 km, with the probability of meeting decreasing as the distance from the person to SCP-192-DE-1 increases.
  • SCP-192-DE suspects with atheists that the black room could be the subconscious, but with believers that it speaks to the person's soul.
    • This could indicate that SCP-192-DE prioritises the person's knowledge and opinions for its assumptions and statements, which includes possible falsification or influencing of the understanding of this event.
  • SCP-192-DE reported that some people died without waking up after the meeting, but says it can predict whether that person will survive.
  • SCP-192-DE can remember after the event that it happened, but not when and how. Measurements as well as observations show that SCP-192-DE neither disappears nor loses its consciousness at that time. It is assumed that the remembering is possible due to similarities like the books in SCP-192-DE-1. The exact reason is still being researched.
  • Only SCP-192-DE can move through space. It described the space with the (partly contradictory) words:
    • "The space is losing itself"
    • "The room is square with a high wall".
    • "I keep coming back to you even though I'm leaving."
    • "Only one way leads me away from you."
    • "Tricky. All tricky."
      • A connection of the staff's mindset with the descriptions of the rooms could be recognised, with the room representing the mindset. After the recognition, SCP-192-DE stopped moving through the room and describing it.
  • SCP-192-DE's way of speaking adapts to that of the person, i.e. if the person swears more often or uses more educated vocabulary, so does SCP-192-DE, but it still has a larger vocabulary and knowledge than that person.
  • SCP-192-DE draws on the person's knowledge during the event, but it can still draw on its own knowledge. (The latter could not be confirmed without contradiction despite SCP-192-DE's statement, because logic puzzles prove this thesis in some cases and contradict it in others).
  • When the person asks SCP-192-DE what he had done "wrong" in his life, the definition of "wrong" seems to be different for each person, but in most cases it does not match the person's definition. Nevertheless, the person feels guilt when listing them.
  • If SCP-192-DE is reported to the person as a friendly being before the event, SCP-192-DE usually behaves more friendly. However, there are also known cases where SCP-192-DE behaves much more unfriendly and mocking than usual afterwards.

From 1999 onwards, the results started to become very inconsistent compared to the first trials. It can be assumed that SCP-192-DE now considers its knowledge of this event to be sufficient and tries to falsify the Foundation's findings.

Apparently, due to the way the human brain works, it is possible for SCP-192-DE to "read" the contents of the brain, but only in a comatose state because of the otherwise constant changes in the synapses or electrical currents that occur to a greater degree when the person is conscious. However, since the neural structure does not allow pure "knowledge reading", SCP-192-DE stimulates the nerve cells and thus "hits" the person. An indication of this could be the slight increase in brain waves that the test subjects possessed in a successful experiment.

Dr. Stroh

Appendix 192-DE-██: On ██.██.199█ SCP-192-DE broke out, whereupon the reaction forces with the help of MTF DE6-𝔇 "The Posse" attempted to contain it. After ██ hours SCP-192-DE teleported back into SCP-192-DE-1 and could be contained again (for details see [REDACTED]).

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