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Item #: SCP-192-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-192-FR is contained on a wall in an abandoned factory located in the town of █████, France. Its containment area was built around it and all inhabitants were evacuated. Any civilian attempting to access the town is to be escorted to the nearest police station outside the area and charged of "industrial espionage".

Description: SCP-192-FR is a large wooden door painted light red measuring three (3) meters in height by one and a half (1.50) meter in width, surrounded by a vaguely cylindrical structure twenty (20) centimeters in diameter on average. The item is embedded into a wall which was greatly modified, going from its original color to shades of dark purple, green and red with a number of spikes emerging from the otherwise smooth surface. The object frequently emits a slight fog by unknown means. The door does not possess a handle or any other element allowing its opening.

When a human subject is located less than two (2) meters away from the item, an unidentified deep voice will be emitted by an unknown system. It will ask one question to the subject, assumed to be understandable only by the latter. The only way for other persons to understand the question is to browse into the subject's entire past life. Success rate for this method is twenty-three percent (23%). Whether the object or another entity produces the sound is unknown.

The question will induce one of several possible reactions:
In sixty-seven percent (67%) of cases, the question will disturb the subject and they will be unable to answer it.
In twenty-eight percent (28%) of cases, the subject will confess they do not understand the question.
In three percent (3%) of cases, the subject will manifest signs of intense distress and attempt to flee.
In two percent (2%) of cases, the subject will try to end their life.

Upon discovery, there was a note nailed onto the wall next to the object bearing the following words: "Answer your question to pass".

When a subject answers the given question properly, the door opens and [REDACTED]. The object will then quickly disintegrate and relocate onto a wall with enough surface area to host it.
All attempts to open or damage the door have resulted in the appearance of decomposing arms pulling humans in contact with the fog through the ground.

As of today, one single subject (D-3130) has successfully answered the question asked by the object, which resulted in the opening of the door [REDACTED]. All guards having penetrated this dimension were immediately [REDACTED]. Some of those pieces sometimes manifest in the fog and appear to be still alive. [REDACTED] guard ████'s head was destroyed upon request, after deliberation of the Ethics Committee and approval of the psychologist who diagnosed him with severe suicidal tendencies.

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