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SCP-192-FR-J in its cage

Item #: SCP-192-FR-J

Threat Level: Green

Object Class: Safe Neutralised

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-192-FR-J is to be contained inside a cage 5 square metres in area and 1 metre in height. SCP-192-FR-J is to be fed a blend of seeds for gallinaceous birds twice a day. SCP-192-FR-J's cage must not be opened except for approved testing, and must thus be equipped with a feeder and a drinking trough that can both be resupplied from outside SCP-192-FR-J having been neutralised during testing, it no longer requires particular containment.

Description: SCP-192-FR-J is an onagadori cockerel, that is to say a young male individual belonging to the onagadori breed of the gallus gallus domesticus species. SCP-192-FR-J is able to move at speeds exceeding 400 kilometres per hour, which it can reach in less than two seconds. It seems to be able to withstand acceleration by unknown means.

Note concerning the 22/08/2019 incident: Research personnel assigned to SCP-192-FR-J, and specifically doctor Héliantas, are reminded that betting on the compared performances of SCP-192-FR-J and remote controlled vehicles does not come within the scope of research.

Addendum A: Tests performed on SCP-192-FR-J

Date Aim of experiment Experiment layout Results
08/11/2019 Determine SCP-192-FR-J's speed. 250 metre-long track, equipped on all its length with speed cameras, and at the extremity of which food has been placed. SCP-192-FR-J moves at 421 kilometres per hour on average, with a recorded peak speed of 487 kilometres per hour.
08/18/2019 Determine SCP-192-FR-J 's ability to take turns. 500 metres long track, featuring numerous sharp turns, equipped on all its length with high-speed cameras, and at the extremity of which food has been placed. SCP-192-FR-J is able to take any turn perfectly without slowing down.
08/25/2019 Determine SCP-192-FR-J's ability to avoid obstacles and find its way at high speed in a still environment. 150 metres by 150 metres maze with an single exit leading to food, equipped with high-speed cameras covering the whole area. SCP-192-FR-J showed great skill in avoiding obstacles without slowing down. It did however seem to move randomly through the maze until it found the exit.
08/32/2019 Determine SCP-192-FR-J's ability to become aware of and avoid new obstacles at high speed after the beginning of its run. 100 metre-long track, equipped with a retractable steel wall on the 80-metre mark. The wall, at first hidden in the ground, deploys a tenth of a second before SCP-192-FR-J reaches its position. SCP-192-FR-J seems to be unable to notice, or avoid, obstacles added after the beginning of its run.

Note from Dr. Héliantas: To be fair, I could hardly guess something that withstands 6g of acceleration without batting an eye wouldn't resist a mere collision.

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