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Item #: SCP-193-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Threat Level: White

Special Containment Procedures: Area-DE3 serves to maintain the "process of teaching". A building is located on the premises, wherein the control center, guard rooms, and accommodations are located for personnel assigned to the project. A wall obscures sight onto the compound from the outside, externally disguised as private elite school.

Requests to incorporate non-foundation personnel are disregarded by arguing that no seats are available. Personnel eager to be educated may refer to form 193-DE/A242/73-1. This is even desired to keep the objects SCP-193-DE-A1 to -A6 busy through teaching activities, thereby keeping them entertained, and stay sympathetic to the foundation. As a result, the probability of a containment breach is drastically minimized. Both O4-12 and O4-8 have approved this to save costs. The main building is to be closed after teaching is finished, with solely the night shift's watch being allowed entry and has to control the building every two (2) hours. In the process, "learner" attempting to prepare tricks for "teachers" are to be attacked and admonished. In case of an incident, they are to be excluded from the "lesson" and assigned to another project. Due to the visibility and proximity to civilian living space, guards must wear clothing of a private security service. Persons wanting or attempting to trespass the premises must be attacked by guards. They are to be transferred to police and, in case of necessity, amnestitized.

SCP-193-DE-A1 has to be available for teaching in room 12. On behalf of SCP-193-DE-A1, it is placed inside a closed drawer at night.

SCP-193-DE-A2 is intended to carry bird food to reward it for interactions. SCP-293-DE-A2 wears a aluminum ring with tracker on its left foot to locate it in case of containment breach.

Excluding personnel with permission by project lead, bodily contact with SCP-193-DE-A3's individual objects is prohibited.

In addition to SCP-193-DE-A4, a level 2 sports psychiatrist and paramedic must be present to observe the lessons.

SCP-193-DE-A5 is stored inside the greenhouse of SCP-193-DE in Area-DE3. Maintenance is conducted by a botanist trained by MTF DE6-𝔄 (6-Akina Botanist's box“).

SCP-193-DE-A6 is to be kept inside a standardized storage room for lifeless objects. Every Wednesday evening, SCP-193-DE-A6 is to be brought inside conference room 13 and activated. This is to be perceived as being beneficial for personnel, and may be removed when productivity losses.

The "time table" of all entities can be viewed in triplicate inside the project lead's bureau. Deviation is possible, but informing the respective entity at least a day before is advised. Altering clocks or calendar dates is forbidden. In case of contempt, it leads to immediate reassignment and proceedings under Foundation Security regulation Art. 15.

Description: Area-DE3 designates a fenced school campus (SCP-193-DE). It features two main buildings possessing several (25) class rooms and one cafeteria, two annexes, each containing male and feminine students respectively, a sports field with tribune, as well as a small greenhouse. The whole site is located at the edge of █████████ in █████-██████████, [REDACTED], and is used by the SCP Foundation as educational institution. Furthermore, the buildings inhabit the effect of accelerating all learn and research efforts. Tests have thusly shown that a research group present inside SCP-193-DE, for example, was able to solve a problem much faster than a research group at another site.

SCP-193-DE hosts some rational entities who use different class rooms. What all entities have in common is their believe of being teaching staff, with SCP-███-DE being the sole exception. It was initially assumed of the entites to be unable to leave SCP-193-DE, without loosing their paranormal abilities. However, SCP-███-DE, SCP-███-DE, SCP-███-DE and SCP-███-DE proved to be unhindered by Area-DE3's limitations, in which SCP-193-DE is located as mentioned. Therefore, they received their own designations.

Addition-193-DE/1: Inside of SCP-193-DE, a differentiated pace of time may occur. Both accelerations and deceleration relative to time have been documented outside of SCP-193-DE.1 Coupled with this phenomenon is the fact that all chronometers, such as clocks and calendars inhabit the anomalous effect that, when changed, they further alter the flow of time. However, who can make changes and how intense, is not sufficiently researched, but SCP-███-DE is the only entity able to nullify and revert any effect.

Discovery: The SCP Foundation became aware of SCP-193-DE when a group of teenagers illegally trespassed the site, which was supposedly abandoned at that time, and later told the police about several „monsters”. MTF DE9-𝔄 "Deep in Reineke's hole" and DE20-ℜ "Seers" were sent out and could identity SCP-193-DE as school building not possessing any spacial displacement, but is housed by different paranormal entities. As SCP-███-DE proved cooperative, only rudimentary containment procedures were conducted, before the nearest site's containment specialists could arrive.

Note: For the sake of clarity, the following only contains objects bound to SCP-193-DE. Independent objects are recorded and described in their own 193-files. Yet, they still belong to SCP-193-DE.
Dr. Johanna Frances Drake, Project lead



Project Trickster
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