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Item #: SCP-1934-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The surroundings of the bridge SCP-1934-JP manifests at is to be covered with a steel frame and opaque mesh sheets, with the cover story of “undergoing reinforcement due to age” disseminated to keep people from trespassing. At least one person is to be stationed at each side of the bridge, and, if there is any chance of rain at 3:34 PM, SCP-1934-JP’s appearance must be confirmed through the camera footage prepared on-site. SCP-1934-JP must be monitored constantly until its disappearance is confirmed. Tests involving SCP-1934-JP exposure require authorization Level 2 or above.

Description: SCP-1934-JP is a cognitohazardous entity in the shape of a Shiba Inu dog (Canis lupus familiaris), which appears at the ██ bridge above the ██ valley in ██ city, ██ prefecture. Agent ██, a resident of the area, was crossing the bridge and accidentally came into contact with SCP-1934-JP and was exposed to its effects, with the Foundation confirming the existence of the phenomenon soon after. The ██ bridge is a 30-meter long suspension bridge; it’s been confirmed the bridge is non-anomalous.

SCP-1934-JP possesses a red arabesque collar around its neck, and a microchip embedded on its body has been confirmed. See Addendum for details.

SCP-1934-JP will appear from the west bank of the suspension bridge if there is any change of rain at 3:34 PM. This point will be considered point-A. SCP-1934-JP then moves 17 meters from point-A into the suspension bridge, and stops in place. This point will be considered point-B. After staring towards the stream to the south side of the valley for several seconds, SCP-1934-JP will jump off the bridge through the space between the handrail. SCP-1934-JP will disappear right before touching the water below. This point will be considered point-C. SCP-1934-JP is able to pass through any obstacle, which has impeded its capture.

Any person who has maintained direct contact with SCP-1934-JP will suffer severe sight impairment following the entity’s disappearance, losing their sight for several minutes. When looking underwater while under this effect, visual acuity will become 2.5 regardless of original eyesight.

Addendum: Information transmitted by the microchip was analyzed, confirming the microchip to be for identification as recommended by the Animal Welfare and Management Law. Information was crossreferenced with database of the Council for the Promotion of Animal Identification, yielding ID information matching a Shiba Inu dog. Information was obtained regarding the dog’s owner, Mr. ████, and contact was attempted, discovering Mr. ████ went missing on 20██/█/█, after going out with his pet dog. Examining camera footage from ██ city led to the discovery that Mr. ████ took a stroll across town, then took the mountain trail leading to ██ valley. As there is no footage of what happened after, it’s highly possible Mr. ████ was involved in some sort of accident while in the valley. As this possible incident is believed to be the cause of SCP-1934-JP, a search for Mr. ████ in the outskirts of ██ valley is currently underway.

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