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One example of harassment images sent to Mr. A███ - a message "Cats eat beetles too!" accompanies the image.

Item #: SCP-1936-JP

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, no new activity of SCP-1936-JP has been detected.

In order to prevent the reoccurrence of SCP-1936-JP, all major Internet services are to be monitored with dedicated web crawlers. If any document or literature introducing processes that closely resemble A-Style Sleep Method is detected, these informational materials are to be deleted immediately, and the person who posted them is to be identified. Following that, the poster is to be temporarily detained and released after amnesticization and information manipulation.

Description: SCP-1936-JP is a generic designation for various acts of harassment against A████ A███ on the Internet, including cyberstalking and sending defamatory messages and images of unknown intent.

The majority of SCP-1936-JP consists of abusive and condemnatory content against Mr. A███ without stating reasons, as well as threats demanding him to withdraw the proposed meditation-based sleep health method he invented and had advocated (hereinafter referred to as "A-Style Sleep Method") and to destroy all related publications and materials. Nearly all images sent to him have been confirmed to be copied and modified without permission from within major Internet servers, and no anomalous properties have been found in the images themselves.

A number of the account names used for SCP-1936-JP actions commonly contain the string "OnWe" or "@collectivist". However, it has been discovered that most of these activities were conducted from Internet-enabled but no longer used devices; the users of the accounts have not been successfully identified.

The following are several examples of messages sent to Mr. A███'s social networking account.


I wish I could tear up that damned book and throw it on a grill at once! Then our continuity will be imperishable!

20██/06/10 00:48AM


Do you even know what you're doing? How dare you leave those bitter mandibles around! Do you really think that people who like cold medicine (no matter how beneficial it is!) actually exist?

20██/06/12 05:12AM


Wait and see, one day the righteous Oneiroi will stir the contents of your head with a blender yeeeeaaaaah

20██/06/24 03:29AM


Stop it already! You have no idea how many isolated areas you've caused! I can't pay the overdue bill for the videos I rented during the Roman era, and they're even interfering with my long-distance relationship with my flowerpot girlfriend!

20██/07/05 01:45AM


Should I write some sentences here? Eh, jackass.

20██/07/29 06:08AM

SCP-1936-JP started to occur since 20██, when a book introducing A-Style Sleep Method was published and related information became available on the Internet. It has been proven through verification that A-Style Sleep Method itself does not have any anomalous properties, nor is it effective in inducing a restful sleep, and its relevance to the cause and origin of SCP-1936-JP has not yet been determined.

Frequent inclusion of the word "Oneiroi" in harassing messages also drew attention of the Foundation. However, the investigations conducted by Mobile Task Force Omicron-Rho ("The Dream Team") failed to find traces of the involvement of Oneiroi Collective, a known Group-of-Interest, and completely ruled out any connection to them.

Mr. A███ was amnesticized, and all materials and information related to A-Style Sleep Method were erased from the Internet and written documents. No new activity of SCP-1936-JP has been detected since then. As such, SCP-1936-JP is presumed to be neutralized and has been reclassified to its current Object Class.

Addendum: The following is an excerpt from an interview with Mr. A███.

Subject: A████ A███ (Male, 34 years old, therapist)

Interviewer: Agent Makimura

Note: The interviewer posed as an IT lawyer to conduct the interview.

<Begin Log>

[Extraneous conversation omitted]

Subject: It's reassuring to hear you say that. You know, I had asked several experts to help me, but none of them succeeded in identifying the harassing people. I was troubled.

Interviewer: So, when did the harassment start?

Subject: Probably about a week after the release of my book on sleep health techniques. Just so you know I didn't write anything problematic or that would make people resent me.

Interviewer: I've read through it, but would you explain the content in general to me once again?

Subject: To put it simply, it's about how to have good dreams, how to avoid nightmares, and other sleep health tips that you can easily find on the Internet. I put a phrase at the beginning of the book - cliché as it may sound - "Cut off the stress from society and have a healthy sleep." Of course, its effectiveness is guaranteed.

Interviewer: Hmm, by the way, what is this character in the illustrations?

Subject: Oh, it's a stag beetle. I asked a friend to draw it for me based on the opening phrase, "Cut off the stress." Well, in retrospect it was a very cheap reason.

Interviewer: No, not at all. Now, if you don't mind, I would like to know how you established this sleeping method for reference.

Subject: I combined existing sleep methods and meditation therapies, based on data from empirical evidence and clinical studies. Ah, though I did have some help from a few people during the early "incorrect method" clinical trials.

Interviewer: I see. How well does this sleep method work?

Subject: Oh, you know. You can tell what it's like by the claims such as sleeping better, waking up feeling refreshed, and emptying your mind to sleep alone in a quiet space. I'm not sure if I'd say this, but it's really just a generic effect and content like that.

[Smartphone vibrating sound]

Subject: Excuse me - Ah, it's just another harassing email. "Don't disturb my connection to Oneiroi Network"? What the hell. I have to say, anybody who harasses people online always has no sense of context, no idea what they're saying. These are all just childish and idiotic in themselves, but it's a little hard when the harassment goes on for so long.

Interviewer: Excuse me, don't you use the mute and block function for unwanted mails and messages?

Subject: No, I do use it; some of them just slip through it and come to me. Also, I looked up this word "Oneiroi" since I see it a lot, and it seems to be a Greek god. You aren't telling me that I'm being targeted by some weird cult, are you?

Interviewer: Our team of experts will take care of this matter as well.

Subject: Yeah, I'd really appreciate it.

[Extraneous conversation omitted]

<End Log>

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