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SCP-194-JP-1 in the process of drying.

Item #: SCP-194-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-194-JP cannot be fully contained, personnel must swiftly locate designated SCP-194-JP-1 areas. 4 security members are to patrol designated areas on clear weather, and 20 members are to patrol during rainy weather and up to 24 hours after in search of SCP-194-JP-1 and SCP-194-JP-3. If SCP-194-JP-1 is found, a tent to protect against the rain is to be put over for at least 3 hours following encounter. Once the 3 hours have passed, the area will be dried through hot air exposure. SCP-194-3 must be secured then, and moved to a humanoid object containment cell. After an observation period of 7 to 30 days, if the researcher in charge has no need for it, SCP-194-3 is to be terminated and disposed of. Following a subject falling into SCP-194-JP-1, all witnesses and the surviving subject are to be released following an interview and appropriate amnestic treatment.

At designated SCP-194-JP, as many signs reading “Be careful, this puddle is deep” as possible are to be installed without appearing unnatural (This is to be carried out with the help of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism). Allocating budget for repair work of paved roads, drainage systems and paving of mountain footpaths is under consideration.

Description: SCP-194-JP is a puddle and its interior space that possess unusual properties, generating within the ████ region.

SCP-194-JP is a phenomenon that occurs in puddles (Henceforth referred to as SCP-194-1) found mainly in the ████ region. People who step into SCP-194-JP-1 will be pulled into an anomalous space referred to as SCP-194-JP-2. Details, such as where SCP-194-JP-1 will manifest are not known, but it does manifest following rainfall, like with normal puddles. It also tends to manifest around less-traveled places, such as mountainous regions. SCP-194-JP-1 is near-indistinguishable from a normal puddle, but unlike normal puddles, it reflects light from any angle, akin to a mirror. SCP-194-JP-1’s depth cannot be measured. In many cases, the subject mistakes SCP-194-JP-1 for a normal puddle, and falls into SCP-194-JP-2.

SCP-194-JP-2 is an anomalous space reached by passing through SCP-194-JP-1. SCP-194-JP-2 becomes a recreation of the first city the subject lived in after birth. The city is reproduced over a radius of 10 km, the area surrounded by an ocean made of the same water as SCP-194-JP-1. The extent of this ocean is not known.

Any subject falling into SCP-194-JP-2 appears inside the reproduced city, without any entrance or exit similar to SCP-194-JP-1 near the landing location. Thus, it’s not possible to return through the SCP-194-JP-1 instance used to enter. According to the testimony of a survivor, if one is able to reach their “birth home”, one can leave the space, returning through SCP-194-JP-1. The city inside SCP-194-JP-2 is the “birth town” of the subject, and thus, the older the subject is, the more difficult survival becomes.

Inside SCP-194-JP-2, there is a humanoid entity referred to as SCP-194-JP-1 that attempts to contact the target in order to stop them from leaving SCP-194-JP-2. When it appears, SCP-194-JP-3 may be a single entity or multiple ones, but generally, it shows in the shape of a person unknown to the subject. The sun sets approximately three hours after the subject falls into SCP-194-JP-2. If the subject hasn’t left by then, a SCP-194-JP-3 instance will manifest from SCP-194-JP-1. SCP-194-JP-1 will evaporate upon SCP-194-JP-3’s appearance. Another subject can enter through SCP-194-JP-1 before it evaporates; in this case, a new SCP-194-JP-2 instance is generated, and meeting another subject becomes impossible.

The emerging SCP-194-JP-3 instance is roughly similar to an adult human, but their internal organs are the size of a 1-year old infant. Their intelligence is incredibly low and they are unable to understand others.

Questions to a secured SCP-194-JP-3: Date 20██/05/27, identification number SCP-194-JP-3-006. Patrolling security guard secured the SCP_194-JP-3 entity, which was found crawling along a road.

Researcher T: May I have your name?

SCP-194-JP-3-006: Hurts…

Researcher T: Where did you come from?

SCP-194-JP-3-006: Mommy…

The Foundation is aware of a total of ██ SCP-194-JP-1 cases, but the real number of cases is believed to be much higher. Three survivors have been given amnestic treatment, and ██ SCP-194-JP-3 entities have been contained. Remaining instances have been terminated.

D-class logs for SCP-194-JP-2 exploration:
On 20██/06/10, a patrolling security guard discovered a SCP-194-JP-1 instance. D-class exploration of SCP-194-JP-1 was authorized. D-class was equipped with a communication device and a GPS transmitter. Following entrance into SCP-194-JP-2, camera footage was extremely blurry and covered in static, but all other devices worked without problem. Prior investigation procured a map of the subject’s hometown.

Addendum 001: Although few examples exist, information on survivors is included below.
Subject Circumstances of survival
Ordinary citizen, 45 years old, male Encountered a cooperative SCP-194-JP-3 instance. See Investigation Report 194-001.
Ordinary citizen, 78 years old, female SCP-194-JP-2 became a city immediately following an air raid. Only the subject’s door remained.
D-class subject, 36 years old, male Followed the instructions given by staff in charge. Map obtained was accurate.

Audio record 194-SV001: This survivor emerged alongside the only cooperative SCP-194-JP-3 instance encountered so far. Subject’s testimony is included below.

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