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SCP-1944-JP photographed during flight (disguised as a Foundation aircraft)

Item #: SCP-1944-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The epicenter of SCP-1944-JP is to be constantly monitored at real-time, and if conditions for SCP-1944-JP to occur are observed an agent is to immediately change the flight path of all passenger planes that take off from Japan and plan to fly through SCP-1944-JP's occurence point. If a plane does fly near SCP-1944-JP unexpectedly, Mobile Task Force Shi-2 ("Unluckiness Identification") will be deployed using the Foundation's light aircraft.1 Furthermore, if SCP-1944-JP causes a plane crash, an agent will be tasked with recovering the remains as well as spreading the cover story "unfortunate crash", and amnestics may be used if necessary.

Description: SCP-1944-JP is a fighter jet-like2 existence that sometimes appears in clouds off the east coast of the Philippines and Okinawa when there is no precipitation and a boat originating from a former Allied nation (reffered to as "the subject") is operating nearby. SCP-1944-JP cannot be seen from the ground and is not affected by any physical factors. SCP-1944-JP only appears once at a time.

When the shadow of a plane originating from Japan (designated as SCP-1944-JP-1) appears within a 1km radius of SCP-1944-JP, SCP-1944-JP's abnormality takes place. SCP-1944-JP will immediately disguise as the shape of SCP-1944-JP-1. While this occurs, a light from an unidentified source will emit from SCP-1944-JP. SCP-1944-JP-1 will lose all control and fall towards the ocean. There is a 15% chance that SCP-1944-JP-1 will fall on the subject, and SCP-1944-JP-1 will be completely destroyed.

Addendum: When SCP-1944-JP's abnormality occurs, a telegram with the following message will be sent to nearby areas.


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