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Item #: SCP-195-PT

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Yellow

Special Containment Procedures: Area PT195, external zone of Site PT17, was specifically established to contain instances of SCP-195-PT. Access to the section is only available to Level 3 or above Personnel. Documentation on the appearance of instances of SCP-195-PT must be drawn physically and/or digitally. Cleaning of Area PT195 must be carried out monthly.

Description: SCP-195-PT is the designation given to multiple structures whose appearance resembles that of a specimen of an oak tree of the genus Quercus, located in the city of ███████, in Portugal. These instances are primarily made of glass, zinc and gallium. Instances of SCP-195-PT are phosphorescent, constantly emitting bluish colored lights. Although they are made of materials distinct from a non-anomalous specimen, instances of SCP-195-PT continue to exercise the characteristics of a fruit tree, with the original fruit replaced by a tangle of twinkle lights. The presence of these fruits has no relevance to the anomalous properties of the object, being merely aesthetic.

Its anomalous properties are manifested after an individual has photographed and/or filmed an instance of SCP-195-PT. After this interaction, SCP-195-PT will go through a metamorphosis process called Event-195-PT. This event is characterized by two stages:

  • In the first stage, multiple root-like structures will begin to grow, blocking any exits present. These, although easily broken, are capable of being reconstructed via unknown methods. Rebuild time is random, ranging from 4 seconds to ██ minutes.
  • In the second stage, the instance of SCP-195-PT will begin an "auto-decomposition" process, where its entire interior will become hollow in a period of 4 to 8 minutes.

Artistic depiction of an instance of SCP-195-PT-1.

After the interior of the instance of SCP-195-PT is completely empty, multiple insects similar in appearance to a tarantula wasp specimen (Hemipepsis ustulata) — hereinafter referred to as SCP-195-PT-1 — will aggressively attack the individual who triggered their anomalous effects through stings. After being stung by an instance of SCP-195-PT-1, the individual will remain unaffected for approximately 2 days, when multiple side effects from the bites will emerge. Among them, the main ones listed are:1

  • Excessive increase in cholesterol, as well as the presence of pre-obesity;
  • Premature aging, the most visible effect being the growth of an unpigmented beard;
  • Androgenetic alopecia;
  • Aging wrinkles.

From the manifestation of these effects, if the individual survives the sudden changes, he will suffer from a second effect. The subject will go through a process of metamorphosis, where his entire physical structure will be transformed into materials whose composition is similar to that of wood. The ability to communicate, as well as all the individual's movements, will no longer be possible.

Instances of the anomaly were discovered on ██/24/2011, when multiple individuals affected by specimens of SCP-195-PT-1 were found near the city center. Analyzes prior to containment of the anomaly showed no marks or fingerprints that could indicate that these individuals were human prior to their transformation. The realization that these individuals were in fact human could only be achieved after several personnel had been affected by instances of SCP-195-PT. Although it is not known exactly what happened, an accepted hypothesis is that one of the investigators took a photo that, consequently, included an instance of SCP-195-PT in some form.

Addendum-195-PT-A — Document-195-PT: On ██/30/2013, a letter of undetermined origin was sent to Site PT17 by an individual who identifies himself as C█████ S██████. Below, a transcript of the letter is available.

Look, you don't know how much I should thank you for putting our coworkers with you. It's liberating to know that a headquarters made entirely to contain unusual objects, people, and places can take care of our friends better than our own boss.

I will explain as briefly as I can. My colleagues and I worked in the far north, you know? Close to the North Pole or there, I don't remember very well. The thing is, we were heading towards the place we had demarcated, until… well, our boss, Nicholas, called us, telling us to head back right away.

Well, the news wasn't good. Nicholas was going on vacation, and traveling somewhere in Europe. Traveling to a normally warm place on Christmas Eve???

He was going crazy, I suspected. At an advanced age like that, I really doubt he was right in the head, but whatever. He asked us to take care of his factory, which we didn't understand correctly. We were made to operate specific machines, you know? Not a whole damn factory.

Then, out of the blue, he left. Everyone was already in a panic, no one knew who was going to have the head position, we just knew it wasn't going to work out.

A few more days passed. Nobody in the world got our products this year. Why? Because no one could properly play the role of Nicholas, or do something good enough to send them across the globe. When he returned, the only way to describe his expression was "extremely angry."

He had punished several of my colleagues, with the exception of a few. According to him, me and another guy were the only ones who acted responsibly, which is not true at all. I was definitely the most panicked of all. I don't know what he did to them, but he told me "they're glowing like twinkle lights" or something. I don't really care what he did, to be honest.

But well… I doubt there will be another holiday as good as this one. Nicholas is a good person, you know?… His main problem is that he doesn't know how to control his anger, which is very annoying. Anyway, I'll try to finish this note quickly as I think he's coming back here. If he finds out I'm communicating with other people without permission, I don't even know what he'd do.

I hope relatives will continue to buy our products and give them to their children for a long, long time.

— C█████ S██████

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