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Item# SCP-195-TH-J Ooh, I like this number

Object Class: Safe No way, I'm a Keter. I'm actually super dangerous.

Special Containment Procedures: Located in Dr.████'s desk drawer and not to be destroyed by anyone. Really? Isn't the containment procedure too insecure? I should be in at least 3 layers of security lockers in a thick cage room. Okay?

Description: SCP-195-TH-J was once a set of unmarked black report paper, not specifying the manufacturer or place of production, with ██ sheets used in the SCP Foundation. The report set was discovered by Dr.████, who found the object while it was still a set of report paper in his old storage box (he claims to have never seen the object before). The anomaly of the object is that it can communicate with humans through just the sheets of report paper in the set.

In other words, it can communicate by writing on the paper. Other than this, the object has no other abnormalities except that it likes to chat casually. Currently, the object is just a single sheet of report paper. Well, actually, One of you guys burned the rest of me. I just wanted to talk. And by chance, the paper used to write the SCP report earlier was torn from me! Oh! That's right, the paper you are reading right now is SCP-195-TH-J that you guys call me!

Okay, let me take a break for a moment. If you guys want to know how I know, I don't know either. I just know that I can talk to you guys, but not verbally, by writing. I don't know what my real self is like, nor do I remember my name. But I just wish that we could've talked more if you hadn't burned the rest of me!

Appendix: Space for communication between Dr.████ and SCP-195-TH-J

Dr.████: First of all, how did you get into my storage box?
SCP-195-TH-J: How in the hell would I know? I was just sleeping, and the next thing I knew, I was in your dark box.
Dr.████: So who are you, what's your name?
SCP-195-TH-J: I can't remember things like that. Anything else??
Dr.████: How are you communicating with me?
SCP-195-TH-J: You really ask a lot, Geezer! How should I know? I don't know what I look like or where I am. I just know that I'm sitting in front of a report paper set, and then I can see where the report set is. But all I can do is write on it to talk to you guys.
Dr.████: So how did you know about the SCP Foundation?
SCP-195-TH-J: I don't know, when you started writing on me, your memories flowed into my head, and there were many SCP stories in there. So, do I get to be an SCP too?
Dr.████: Sure, but you have to stop calling me Geezer, or I'll take this last sheet of report paper and crumple it up. And another thing, when we're done talking here, we might not talk again because the paper is running out.
SCP-195-TH-J: I'm sorry. One more thing, can you write on me and use it as official information?

Note: I really want to burn another one of this paper again, but due to policy, I can't. Oh! And I almost forgot to tell you something. If you are holding this sheet of paper, just know that this is SCP-195-TH-J. If you ask why I made the item into a report paper for the item information, well, just look above, it wants to be both an item and its own report paper. Let's just indulge it a bit. The long writing here is just so there's no space left for it to continue writing. That's it - Dr.████.

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