SCP-196-PT before its containment.

Item #: SCP-196-PT

Threat Level: White

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-196-PT must remain in a common containment room for safe objects with high security and must be constantly monitored by cameras in Area PT15, in order to prevent the use of SCP-196-PT for personal gain.

Tests involving SCP-196-PT must be performed by the person requesting such tests as long as they are at least a Level 3 Researcher and as long as they respect the following restrictions: use of SCP-196-PT must not go beyond the room in which it is contained and it is not permitted to use SCP-196-PT for personal benefit under any circumstance. Every holder of gold generated by SCP-196-PT must be detained and questioned, with their punishment decided by the Ethics Committee.

Description: SCP-196-PT is a pair of black globes, composed mainly of bovine leather, having light layers of an unknown material. Research into the material and notes discovered along SCP-196-PT led the researchers to theorize that the properties are similar to those recognized in the [REDACTED] legend. On the back of the hand of each glove is located a symbol that is a circle circumscribed to a triangle, which is circumscribed to a square, which in turn is circumscribed to another circle.

When an individual puts on SCP-196-PT, the symbols will begin to glow brightly yellow in color, and SCP-196-PT will adapt for greater comfort for the individual wearing it. After adaptation, SCP-196-PT will begin to exhibit more anomalous properties. How these effects are caused is currently unknown given the fact that SCP-196-PT does not have any substance that can emit such a glow.

The individual wearing SCP-196-PT after putting it on will turn everything they touch into gold. As long as they touch something, they can turn everything around into gold with a limit of exactly 30 meters. These transformed pieces of gold can be molded freely while the gloves are in use. All the gold produced, however, has the common properties of gold.

If the individual wears SCP-196-PT for more than 24 hours, they will acquire an effect called the "Midas Effect", where they will keep turning whatever they touch into gold without any control, even after removing SCP-196-PT, with all body parts, resulting in their inevitable death when their body gets turned into gold over a period ranging from two to four days.

Individuals under the aforementioned effect should be sedated for research into how such an effect is produced, and whether there is any form of reversal. Initially, Class-D subjects were used to try to discover some form of reversal for the Midas Effect, however tests were banned by the Ethics Committee due to the moral nature of such tests, in addition to the failure to demonstrate relevant results.

SCP-196-PT was found inside a box from an alleged company called "Northern Lights Inc.", with their logo being a circle drawn similarly to a Möbius ribbon. Underneath the supposed company's name, it reads "Experimenting and Adapting to the Multi-Dimensional Anomalous." Such company does not have any legal registration and/or traces found, besides any connection with other currently existing companies. However, information about the box speaks of works involving being from another "dimension", as also suggested by the subtitle.

Within SCP-196-PT itself was a note made around the third century BC, in a code used by alchemists, which was deciphered and adapted to make it easier to read in order to understand the origins of SCP-196-PT. Despite the mention of other manuscripts, there is none other than the one already recovered by the Foundation.

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