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4/1970-JP LEVEL 4/1970-JP



Item #: SCP-1970-JP

Object Class: Keter


SCP-1970-JP-D-1, image taken by Hartmann Ectomorph Imaging Device

Special Containment Procedures: Information regarding SCP-1970-JP is to be constantly monitored; in the event that any civilian or space agency is found to have observed SCP-1970-JP in any way, information is to be controlled and suppressed, amnestic treatment to be administered on those involved, and cover stories are to be disseminated.

The Foundation Department of Space Science, in cooperation with NASA, is to edit images of the Moon's surface prior to their public release in order to conceal Lunar Site-30, which was established to execute the Override Protocol. See Addendum 1970-JP.4 for details on the Override Protocol.

Although the likelihood of SCP-1970-JP falling to Earth is currently considered extremely low, in the event that the predicted crash site is a residential area, disinformation such as flooding and other disaster forecasts is to be disseminated to evacuate the inhabitants. Once SCP-1970-JP crashes, Mobile Task Force Xi-4 ("Lost Moon"), which is specially assembled at the nearest Foundation site to the affected area, is to be dispatched to retrieve the anomaly immediately. Residents living near the crash site are to be administered amnestics while the cover story "Small Meteorite" is to be disseminated to the public; if the anomaly does not crash, the residents are to be informed that the disaster forecast was a false alarm while the evacuation order is to be lifted.

Description: SCP-1970-JP is the collective term for a duplicate of the Apollo 13 lunar module Aquarius (designated SCP-1970-JP-D-1) and the three humanoid entities aboard it (designated SCP-1970-JP-A through -C) that manifest in outer space. SCP-1970-JP is composed of Class Δ ectomorphs1 and cannot be observed by conventional means, although it can be physically interfaced with.


From left to right: Lovell, Swigert, Haise

The description of SCP-1970-JP-A to -C is as follows.

  1. SCP-1970-JP-A: A humanoid entity presumed to represent the commander of Apollo 13, James A. Lovell, Jr.
  2. SCP-1970-JP-B: A humanoid entity that is presumed to represent the command module pilot, John L. Swigert Jr.
  3. SCP-1970-JP-C: A humanoid entity that is presumed to represent the lunar module pilot, Fred W. Haise Jr.


Original trajectory of Apollo 13

At 3:07:53 AM on the 13th day of every month2, SCP-1970-JP manifests at a location in outer space3 roughly the same as the point where the Apollo 13 oxygen tank explosion occurred relative to the Moon, with an instantaneous and rapid drop in Hume level4. Once manifested, SCP-1970-JP approaches the Earth along a route similar to that taken after the Apollo 13 accident, eventually separating the command module Odyssey (designated SCP-1970-JP-D-2, both modules collectively referred to as SCP-1970-JP-D) from SCP-1970-JP-D-1, and entering the atmosphere. No case of SCP-1970-JP surviving atmospheric entry has been documented to date, as it is invariably incinerated due to air friction. See Addendum 1970-JP.3.

While SCP-1970-JP is believed to repeatedly manifest in a state that recreates the conditions of the Apollo 13 oxygen tank explosion, SCP-1970-JP-A, -B, and -C nevertheless maintain their previous memories with each manifestation. When initially discovered, SCP-1970-JP-D exhibited the following differences compared to the actual Aquarius module.

  • No thermometer is present.
  • No landing parachute is present.
  • The module travels the specified route by unknown means, irrespective of the crew's operations.

Addendum 1970-JP.1: Discovery

Since the instantaneous drop in Hume level was first detected in outer space on 1970/05/135, the same phenomenon had been confirmed in a one-month cycle. Since an invisible entity was also observed to enter the atmosphere and then combust on the 17th of each month as a common feature of each event, the Foundation Department of Space Science presumed that an unknown entity appears with the drop in Hume level, and initiated an investigation.

During the Hume level drop on 1970/11/13, the Department of Space Science successfully observed the anomaly by using Hartmann Ectomorph Imaging Device among several other equipment and confirmed that it closely resembled the Apollo 13 Lunar Module; the entity was subsequently designated SCP-1970-JP. The Department of Space Science successfully made contact with SCP-1970-JP by intercepting radio signals emanating from it.

The following is the initial communication log. The speaker on the Foundation side was Dr. Alia, a member of the Department of Space Science.

Log 1970-JP.1

[Begin Log]

SCP-1970-JP-A: Houston, Houston. Do you read me? Houston, is anybody out there!

Dr. Alia: Who is it?

SCP-1970-JP-A: Houston?! This is Apollo 13! We are in the middle of an apparently abnormal situation.

(Dr. Alia is instructed to attempt to contact SCP-1970-JP under the guise of Johnson Space Center Control Room)

Dr. Alia: Understood. Apollo 13, please provide as much detail as you can about the situation.

SCP-1970-JP-A: Oh, yeah, okay. Apparently we've repeatedly been falling to Earth for a while now. Worst of all, the module is following a route despite us doing nothing, and it won't accept any operations. And it can't withstand the friction with the atmosphere, we've been incinerated several times. It's too cold here, and when we enter the atmosphere, our bodies literally burn. Dammit. What the hell is going on, please explain.

Dr. Alia: Apollo 13, please calm down.

SCP-1970-JP-A: Sorry. Anyway, there's something unfathomable going on right now. All of us have been awakened over and over again with oxygen tank explosion. We don't want to repeat this! Houston, please help us! Why? Earth and the moon are both right in front of us, why can't we-

Dr. Alia: Such an anomalous situation is completely beyond our expectations. Apollo 13, please bear with us now. I promise you that we will do our best.

SCP-1970-JP-A: Oh, I hope so, Houston. You are the only ones we can count on right now.

Dr. Alia: Of course. Meanwhile, how are the other crew onboard doing?

SCP-1970-JP-A: They are all safe. No, they are actually not, but they will all become unharmed immediately upon the oxygen tank explosion.

Dr. Alia: Understood. Are we correct in our understanding that you are currently repeating your attempts to return to Earth due to this anomalous phenomenon?

SCP-1970-JP-A: That is correct.

Dr. Alia: We are praying for the safety of Apollo 13. We will take urgent-

SCP-1970-JP-A: Please! Help us quickly!

Dr. Alia: Of course.

SCP-1970-JP-A: Oh shit, wait. No, it's nothing. [Inaudible]

(Radio signal is lost, making communication impossible.)

[End Log]

Note: As in other instances, SCP-1970-JP detached SCP-1970-JP-D-2 on the 17th and entered the atmosphere, where it was destroyed by combustion.

Addendum 1970-JP.2: Initial Special Containment Procedures

On 1970/11/20, the Foundation established a cooperative effort with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to devise a containment method for SCP-1970-JP. The following is a portion of the archived initial report prepared under these circumstances.

Item #: SCP-1970-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Information circulating in the public sphere is to be constantly monitored; in the event that any civilian is found to have observed SCP-1970-JP in any way, it is to be suppressed by administering amnestics or applying the cover story "Space Debris Entering the Atmosphere", depending on the circumstances. To prepare for a possible scenario in which the existence of SCP-1970-JP becomes known to the public on a scale that is impractical to cover up, the Foundation is to cooperate with NASA in attempting to conceal the existence of SCP-1970-JP by including false data in publicly available space observation information.

If SCP-1970-JP successfully penetrates the atmosphere and crashes on the ground, Mobile Task Force Xi-4 ("Lost Moon"), which is specially assembled at the nearest Foundation site to the affected area, is to be dispatched to retrieve the anomaly immediately. Residents living near the crash site are to be administered amnestics while the cover story "Small Meteorite" is to be disseminated to the public.

Contacts with SCP-1970-JP-A, -B, and -C should be made whenever possible in order to gather information about SCP-1970-JP. As the entities have repeatedly re-emerged while maintaining their memories, the interaction must always be conducted under the guise of NASA personnel in order to facilitate contact without causing anxiety or suspicion among the entities.

In addition to the enforcement of Special Containment Procedures, attempts of physical interference and retrieval strategies for SCP-1970-JP also had been devised by the Department of Space Science, which were urgently reviewed and revised by Incident 1970-JP described below.

Addendum 1970-JP.3: Incident 1970-JP

On 1978/02/13, SCP-1970-JP broke through the atmosphere and fell over the Pacific Ocean; although it had been noted that the time between SCP-1970-JP's atmospheric entry and incineration had been extended, this incident was the first case of a complete penetration.

While the crash site of SCP-1970-JP was identified based on the conditions in the surrounding waters, the object itself was not found, only the ectoplasm unique to Class Δ ectomorphs being detected. One month after the incident, SCP-1970-JP re-emerged into outer space, broke through the atmosphere through a similar process, and crashed into a forested area in ████████ Park in the United States of America, causing the deaths of two civilians. SCP-1970-JP was subsequently searched again, without success.

Due to the fact that SCP-1970-JP was only observed with the Hartmann Ectomorph Imaging Device, as well as the nature of the ectoplasm detected, it was determined that the object consisted of Class Δ ectomorphs. Storage of the recovered ectoplasm is currently reported to be impossible, as it disappears with each new manifestation of SCP-1970-JP in outer space.

The following is a transcript of the conversation immediately after the incident. The speaker on the Foundation side was Researcher Matthew.

Log 1970-JP.14

[Begin Log]

Researcher Matthew: This is Mission Control. Apollo 13, how's it going?

SCP-1970-JP-B: Not so bad. The Moon is lovely today.

SCP-1970-JP-A: As always.

Researcher Matthew: Did you notice anything unusual?

SCP-1970-JP-A: No, not really.

Researcher Matthew: Understood.

SCP-1970-JP-C: By the way. How far along is the project to rescue us?

Researcher Matthew: About halfway.

SCP-1970-JP-C: Hah, that sucks. How many times do we have to fall down to Earth?

SCP-1970-JP-A: No, Fred. If you think you can call this the worst, then this isn't the real worst.

SCP-1970-JP-C: … James, what's your point?

SCP-1970-JP-A: No, I mean. I'm just saying that it's a little comforting to think that it could be worse. You know what, we are the chosen crew of Apollo 13. We are going back to Earth, no matter what it takes. For the sake of humanity, for the sake of America, and most of all, for the sake of our families waiting for us on Earth-

SCP-1970-JP-B: Hey James! I'm single!

(Laughter can be heard.)

Researcher Matthew: You guys sound pretty cheerful.

SCP-1970-JP-C: Well, yes. We are in the best seats with the most spectacular view of Earth and the Moon right now. We should enjoy it.

SCP-1970-JP-A: Control, listen up. We are about to terminate communication to conserve battery power. We will contact you again when we enter the atmosphere, remember that.

Researcher Matthew: Copy that.

SCP-1970-JP-B: I have a feeling it's going to work this time.

SCP-1970-JP-A: Yeah.

[End Log]

Dr. Mallore's Proposal

I believe there is a link between their psychological state and the durability of SCP-1970-JP-D.

SCP-1970-JP has finally succeeded in penetrating the atmosphere; I can safely say that this is a serious situation. It is like an invisible meteorite falling somewhere on Earth every month.

Apart from its durability, the only major change in SCP-1970-JP is the psychological state of its crew. In my opinion, this is one of the reasons why SCP-1970-JP became able to break through the atmosphere.

We have had several conversations with them to learn more about SCP-1970-JP. It was not very friendly, but the act itself must have encouraged the crew of the wreck drifting in space. Surely if we had left them alone and not interfered, they would have naturally sought death in despair. But can we sense despair from what they are saying now?

They are earnestly seeking to live even under such circumstances. We, the Foundation, are the ones who have put them in this state of mind, even though we mask our true identities. Our very existence is a hope for them.

We cannot be completely sure, of course, but I would like to put forward this theory.

SCP-1970-JP was reclassified to Keter due to an increase in atmospheric penetrations after the incident. See Appendix 1970-JP.α for information on subsequent crash sites and human casualties.

Addendum 1970-JP.4:

Override Protocol


Foreword: The Override Protocol was proposed by Dr. Mallore, the Foundation Department of Space Science, on 1979/01/04.

Description: Lunar Site-30 and Mobile Task Force Omicron-8 ("Blue Moon") are to be established at Lacus Solis OccasumLake of Sunset, a point on the dark side of the Moon. A total of six MTF Omicron-8 members are to be selected from other MTFs after passing a screening process by reviewers from NASA and the Foundation Outerspace Branch, to serve at Lunar Site-30 for a one-year period.

The selection criteria are as follows:

  • Score 90% or higher on the shooting ability test
  • Have a visual acuity of at least 2.0 in both eyes
  • Not injured in any way or already fully healed

The selected MTF members are to stand by in three designated lunar areas on the 13th of each month to intercept SCP-1970-JP to forcibly alter its flight trajectory and prevent it from approaching Earth. During the intercept, they are to be equipped with Hartmann Ectomorph Imaging Device and Outer Space Ordnance OR-11. In the event of an unsuccessful trajectory change, the failure has to be immediately reported to the site assigned to respond to SCP-1970-JP during that month.

The responding site is to intercept and record all radio transmissions from SCP-1970-JP; these are to be ignored in principle. If the trajectory change fails and SCP-1970-JP approaches Earth, the site personnel are to either communicate with them via audio mixed with a depression-inducing auditory memetic agent, or ignore them per usual. These decisions must be made in accordance with the instructions of the personnel responsible for containing SCP-1970-JP.

In cooperation with the Foundation's Department of Space Science, NASA is to maintain a constant redaction of lunar photographs and other publicly available information to conceal the existence of Lacus Solis Occasum.

Purpose: It has been determined that direct retrieval of SCP-1970-JP would be futile due to its nature. As such, the main purpose of this protocol is to force SCP-1970-JP away from Earth and prevent its atmospheric entry. Another objective is to investigate possible effects of the protocol on the durability of SCP-1970-JP-D.

Addendum 1970-JP.5: Radio Communication Transcripts

The following are excerpts of radio communication transcripts from SCP-1970-JP after the implementation of the Override Protocol.

Date: 1979/04/13

[Begin Log]

SCP-1970-JP-A: Mission Control, do you read me? It seems that these days we're able to break through the atmosphere, even though we have no idea how it works. Thanks to that, we are all filled with hope. Anyway, isn't it about time that the rescue project for us is coming down to the homestretch?

(As per protocol, the conversation begins with the depression-inducing auditory memetic agent on the audio.)

Dr. Mallore: I know this is unexpected, but we have to tell you several things. First of all, we are not from NASA.

SCP-1970-JP-A: What?

Dr. Mallore: The project to bring you back to Earth has been abandoned for various reasons. Which means that we, and by extension NASA staff, have given up on trying to rescue the Apollo 13 crew.

(A murmur can be heard.)

SCP-1970-JP-A: No, hold on. It's too abrupt, I don't understand.

Dr. Mallore: We are sorry. Please forgive us.

(From this point on, all communications from SCP-1970-JP are ignored.)

SCP-1970-JP-A: Wait, then what has all our effort been for so long! Please, help us! Do you hear me?!


SCP-1970-JP-A: … Fuck.

(Transmission is disconnected.)

[End Log]

Report: On 1979/04/17, SCP-1970-JP penetrated the atmosphere and crashed in the ██████ Desert. Class Δ ectoplasm was detected at the crash site.

Date: 1979/05/14

[Begin Log]

SCP-1970-JP-C: Listen! There were people in spacesuits on the Moon and they attacked us with armaments we've never seen before. The commander was knocked unconscious by debris flying off on impact. Mission Control, what the hell is going on with them!

SCP-1970-JP-B: We are now drifting away from Earth. Are you going to go to such lengths to prevent our return?

SCP-1970-JP-C: Remember, we will try as many times as we have to. We won't give up!

(Transmission is disconnected.)

[End Log]

Report: After the transmission, it was confirmed that SCP-1970-JP was forced out of its trajectory by the MTF and drifted roughly in the direction of the Sun.

Date: 1979/09/13

[Begin Log]

SCP-1970-JP-A: Mission Control, I know you're listening. For a long time now we've been repeating our return mission to Earth. Of course we were anxious, but it was thanks to you guys that we managed to keep up our efforts without fear of death. Just having you speak to us from Earth was enough for us.


SCP-1970-JP-A: But then you abandoned us. It is as if the light of hope that had been shining in our hearts was gone in an instant. Or perhaps we've simply grown weary.

SCP-1970-JP-A: We don't want to die. But I feel like we've lost the means to live.

SCP-1970-JP-A: What should we do? Hey, [Indistinct]

(Transmission is disconnected.)

[End Log]

Report: On 1979/09/17, SCP-1970-JP was incinerated without penetrating the atmosphere for the first time since the implementation of the Override Protocol.

Date: 1983/01/13

[Begin Log]

SCP-1970-JP-C: Please listen, Swigert is gone now, nowhere to be found. What is happening.

SCP-1970-JP-A: Maybe he wanted to tell us to give up living. Or maybe he was saved first, we should believe that.

SCP-1970-JP-C: Fuck, fuck. I can't accept it.

(Transmission remains on, though no further statements are made.)

[End Log]

Note: SCP-1970-JP was subsequently removed from its trajectory by the MTF. As stated by SCP-1970-JP-C, the disappearance of SCP-1970-JP-B and a decrease in the number of oxygen tanks were also observed. Notably, John L. Swigert Jr. passed away on 1982/12/27 due to non-anomalous factors; this raised the possibility of spontaneous neutralization of the anomaly as a response to the death of the actual Apollo 13 crew.

Date: 1998/06/13

Note: This is currently the last radio transmission from SCP-1970-JP.

[Begin Log]

SCP-1970-JP-A: It's been a while since we've had a communication, but please listen, Houston. We no longer have the energy to even speak out.


SCP-1970-JP-A: Houston, tell me. Why, just why? When Earth and the Moon are so close, why are we so far away from them.


SCP-1970-JP-A: We just wanted to go home.

(Transmission remains on, though no further statements are made.)

[End Log]

Report: SCP-1970-JP was subsequently removed from its trajectory by the MTF. In addition, the durability of SCP-1970-JP-D was clearly degraded, as the module was observed to be severely damaged when intercepted by the MTF.

Update - 2001/01/01: Partial lifting of the Override Protocol has been proposed as it has been confirmed that the durability of SCP-1970-JP-D is no longer sufficient to withstand atmospheric entry. If further observations of its behavior indicate that the risk has decreased, or if the anomaly shows signs of being neutralized by the death of either of the two remaining Apollo 13 crewmembers, a full lifting of the Override Protocol is to be approved.

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