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Item #: SCP-1973-RU-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1973-J wasn't suspended from his current position, because of his non-danger anomalous effect. Confidentiality individual Site-7's staff is implemented by Pataphysics Department.

Description: SCP-1973-J - it's are 45-years-old janitor Site-7 Givi Zurabovich Ordjonikidze, before Incident 1973-А thought to be in every sense normal man Georgia's nationality. He was recruited 10 April 2010 under the Standard Procedure service personnel recruitment.

SCP-1973-J has ability, allowing him get information, access to which for he impossible. For example, know names of people, that he meets for the first time, or exact current time when absence of watch. SCP-1973-J, according to him, got this property after he start work in Foundation, however Organisation became known about his abilities only after Incident 1973-А.

Further information, concerning anomaly's nature, available exclusively Pataphysics Department's staff.

Incident 1973-А: Below is transcript of Incident 1973-А, that occurred in Site-7 16 October 2022. Strong accent of SCP-1973-J depicted using erratives.


[10:40:53] The Chaos Insurgency's spy Maxim I████, disguised as Security Officer Max ████ von St███████, goes down the hallway towards Safe containment Wing.

[10:41:02] Subject meet sight with SCP-1973-J, that in the meantime was washing floors from blood, left by doctor K. St██████ speeds up, but, slipping, falls and knocks over bucket with water that stood near.

SCP-1973-J: Uh-uh-uh, spu, u don't se flors is wet?

St██████: What? How you revealed me?!

SCP-1973-J: So in ensident's beginning writed.


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