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A non-anomalous submachine gun that is the same type as SCP-1978-JP

Item #: SCP-1978-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1978-JP is to be stored in a bullet-proof storage unit made with 10 cm thick iron plates at Site-8105. 10 petals from a polypetalous flower are to be kept in the storage unit and should be replenished so that there will always be more than one petal within the unit.

Description: SCP-1978-JP is composed of a M3 submachine gun and a red ribbon and indigo-colored cloth tied onto it1. Neither the ribbon nor the cloth can be removed from the gun, and all components show strong resistance to physical force. The materials that make up SCP-1978-JP are unknown. Contradicting to the abnormal strength of the material, there are several scratch marks on the gun.

SCP-1978-JP can float in the air and move around using unidentified methods. It can also absorb flower petals through its muzzle; it is still unknown how this mechanism works and where the flower petals are stored. If anything other than a flower petal is inserted into the muzzle it will be shot out within 10 seconds at a speed of 280m/s.

After SCP-1978-JP has acquired over 900 petals, it will start to float and shoot out about 400-450 petals per minute (shooting event). The petals that are shot out are shaped like normal bullet and will act like real bullets despite the petals' original shape and how the insides are hollow. Therefore, the petals that are shot out from SCP-1978-JP's inside have the ability to kill. Furthermore, while there is discharge (with or without gunpowder) when a petal is shot out, the petal never catches fire. After the shooting event SCP-1978-JP will drop to the ground and not absorb or shoot out petals for about three hours.

If a shooting event does not occur for over a week SCP-1978-JP will start to move to a location where polupetalous flower petals are available (transition event). During a transition event, SCP-1978-JP will move as many times as it needs to reach the number of petal necessary to trigger a shooting event. If a transition event is obsrtucted either by moving the source of petals away from SCP-1978-JP or physically restraining SCP-1978-JP, it will escape using anomalous forces and attack the person who interfered by hitting the person with its body. There are no reported cases of SCP-1978-JP transporting away or shooting the person who intervened.

Addendum 1: Upon analyzing the sound made during a shooting event, it was discovered that there was a voice of a girl in her teens coming from the inside of SCP-1978-JP. The voice would alternate between "love" and "hate" each time a shot was taken. All shooting events so far have ended when the voice says"hate".

Addendum 2: On 2018/██/██, SCP-1978-JP stopped shooting during a shooting event and started hitting its body against the wall of the storage unit. A Mobile Task Force tried to restrain SCP-1978-JP because new scratch marks appeared on its surface; however, all attempts to restrain it failed due to strong resistance. After 17 minutes of hitting, SCP-1978-JP dropped to the ground and didn't absorb or shoot out petals for 13 days (Incident 1978-JP). Researchers suggested changing the object class to Neautralized, but this proposal was taken down as SCP-1978-JP resumed its activity after 14 days.

After Incident 1978-JP, the voice started saying "me" "that [profanity towards a woman]2 instead of "love" "hate". There have been no identified cases of the shooting event not ending at "that [profanity towards a woman]".

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