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Item #: SCP-1983-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Automatic containment method 71-Aburi (Urban Anomalous Structure Quarantine Containment) is being performed on the SCP-1983-JP entity. Please check for anomalies in the information of containment closure and lockdown routines in accordance with Document 1983/Rimendam.

Due to the nature of the object, the document on SCP-1983-JP was automatically generated by the Aburi-algorithm. All records regarding SCP-1983-JP are under the management of the Meme Auto Security System, protected by the SH Disinterest/Unpleasantries Inducement Meme Agent, in addition to standard security measures.

Recognition of SCP-1983-JP’s contents is prohibited. The documents are locked and staff, regardless of clearance or power, is generally prohibited from browsing them. Browsing by any intelligent being requires the usage of a particular protection counter-agent.

Any intelligent being accessing this document will be exposed and irreversibly infected by Type IV Antimemetic content.1 If you are an intelligent being possessing no countermeasures, quickly stop browsing and contact an HMCL supervisor. The visitor will be dealt with immediately.

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