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Item #: SCP-1988-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Convenience stores throughout Japan are to be constantly monitored through surveillance cameras. Upon detection of any sign of SCP-1988-JP, Mobile Task Force ふ-11 ("Non-Complainers"), which is stationed at Foundation Sites nationwide, is to be dispatched to the targeted store to conduct follow-up operations, including seizure of products affected by SCP-1988-JP, administration of amnestics to civilian witnesses, and dissemination of appropriate cover stories.

Recovered products are to be temporarily stored at nearby Containment Sites. Once the text described is documented, these items are to be incinerated at the respective Sites. When specific research or containment is determined to be necessary, they are to be transferred to Site-81██.

SCP-1988-JP-A instances have been determined to be virtually impossible to be contained due to their disappearing properties. Although there have been only a few cases of contact with SCP-1988-JP-A, in the event that contact is made successfully and communication is possible, efforts should be focused on gathering information.


A product in which part of the text on the packaging has been altered to runes.

Description: SCP-1988-JP is an anomalous phenomenon that occurs in convenience stores in Japan. Since it was first confirmed in 1989, the number of its occurrences has been increasing each year. When SCP-1988-JP occurs, some of the language used for products in the targeted store is converted to a different language. Many of the converted languages are rarely used in modern times; Ancient Greek, Latin, Old Norse, and Ancient Egyptian are often observed.


An instance of SCP-1988-JP-A.

One minute after the products are altered, one or more entities designated as SCP-1988-JP-A appears at the front entrance of the targeted store. SCP-1988-JP-A instance is humanoid in most cases, although a small number of other types have also been observed. Following the appearance, SCP-1988-JP-A proceeds to purchase products at the targeted store and then disappears immediately after exiting the store. During the purchase process, the store staff may serve the anomaly in a language that they should not normally be able to speak.

All individuals in the store during the SCP-1988-JP event behave as usual, showing no discomfort with the anomalous phenomena occurring or the presence of SCP-1988-JP-A. Observation from outside the store through surveillance cameras or other means removes this mind-affecting effect. Individuals who perceive the SCP-1988-JP event from outside the store are unaffected even if they subsequently enter the store.

The following is a partial log of the SCP-1988-JP event. To access the full record, consult the staff member in charge.

Date Targeted stores Features of SCP-1988-JP-A instance(s) Item(s) Purchased Note
1989/4/1 7-Eleven ██████ Store, Koto-ku, Tokyo A male humanoid wearing a hat and a business suit. Bread and milk. The text was altered to Ancient Greek. The first occurrence of SCP-1988-JP acknowledged by the Foundation.
1990/4/29 Lawson ██████ Store, Osaka City, Osaka A female humanoid wearing a shirt with a "Hanazukin-chan"1 design. Orange juice. The text was altered to Latin. Her clothing is considered to be linked to the International Garden and Greenery Exposition. It is unknown if SCP-1988-JP-A can appear anywhere other than convenience stores.
1996/12/27 7-Eleven ██████ Store, Koto-ku, Tokyo A male humanoid with the head of an African sacred ibis (Threskiornis aethiopicus), wearing a business suit. N/A The subject did not purchase any products, and instead used the copier in the store; he printed fifty copies of a hieroglyphic brochure before leaving the store.
1999/6/20 Family Mart ██████ Store, Sayama, Saitama Two male humanoids; one wearing a hoodie, the other a tank top. The latter is noted to bear visual resemblance to SCP-190-DE-1. Two cans of beer. The text was altered to Old Norse. Before purchasing the beers, the two browsed through a magazine dealing with apocalyptic thought, such as the Prophecies of Nostradamus. It should be noted that the term "Second Ragnarok" was used in the conversation while browsing.
1999/9/25 Lawson ██████████ Store, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Male humanoid with the head of a peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus), wearing a replica of the baseball team "Fukuoka Daiei Hawks" uniform. Bottled wine and "Karaage-kun" brand fried chicken. The text was altered to Egyptian. The subject was observed humming the melody of the Daiei Hawks' cheering song, "Izayuke Wakataka Gundan". It is unclear how he was able to hum the tune despite the fact that his head structure is distinctly different from that of humans.
2001/8/4 Lawson ████████ Store, Hirosaki, Aomori A male humanoid with a goatee, wearing a business suit. "Fujiya Nectar" Peach Juice. The text was altered to Ancient Greek. After exiting the store, the subject sipped on the purchased product, remarked "It's not nectar at all," and then disappeared, leaving the product behind. No saliva or fingerprints were detected on the recovered container.
2004/8/12 Family Mart ██████████ Store, Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi A group consisting of seven males and five females, including five entities that have appeared in the past. Large amounts of alcoholic beverages and confectionery. The text was altered to Ancient Greek. The largest number of SCP-1988-JP-A instances that appeared at the same time. They were observed conversing about the Athens Olympics.
2005/10/6 7-Eleven ███████ Store, Ōtsu, Shiga Seven female humanoids wearing standard United States Army uniforms. Appeared on horseback. Onigiri and tea. The text was altered to Old Norse. The horses were parked in the bicycle parking zone while the SCP-1988-JP-A instances were in the store.
2012/5/20 Family Mart ███████ Store, Takachiho, Miyazaki A female humanoid wearing a kimono. Boxed lunch and tea. The text was altered into Old Japanese. The subject appeared when a solar eclipse was observable in the region. The relevance is unknown.
2013/6/22 Lawson ██████████ Store, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi A female humanoid wearing outdoor clothing. Newspaper and sake. The text was altered to Old Japanese. The subject made statements to customers and staff in the store, congratulating the registration of Mt. Fuji as a World Heritage Site.
2019/5/1 Lawson ████████ Store, Yokohama, Kanagawa Two male humanoids; one wearing a hat and a business suit (identical to the entity that appeared on 1989/4/1), and one with the head of an African sacred ibis (identical to the entity that appeared on 1996/12/27). Mainly confectionery products, most of which commemorate the transition from Heisei era to Reiwa era. No language alteration. Successfully interviewed. See Addendum for details.

Addendum: SCP-1988-JP-A Contact Record
On 2019/5/1, an SCP-1988-JP event occurred at Lawson ████████ Store in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. As the SCP-1988-JP-A instances stayed in the store for a relatively long period of time, the Mobile Task Force dispatched to the scene from a neighboring Site and an accompanying researcher made successful contact with them. For convenience, the male wearing the hat and business suit is denoted as SCP-1988-JP-A-1 while the male with the head of an African sacred ibis is denoted as SCP-1988-JP-A-2.

Subject: SCP-1988-JP-A-1

Interviewer: Researcher Mikasa

<Begin Log>

Researcher Mikasa: Hello. Would you mind talking to us for a moment?

SCP-1988-JP-A-1: And who are you? Why are you talking to us?

Researcher Mikasa: We are investigating the mysterious alterations of merchandise and the appearance of entities such as yourselves that have been taking place in convenience stores. Would you please at least share with us what you know about it?

SCP-1988-JP-A-1: Um, oh, is this maybe the Veil2 not in effect? …Okay, fine, I can answer most of your questions except for some industrial secrets.

Researcher Mikasa: First of all, who are you persons?

SCP-1988-JP-A-1: Well, in your Japanese terminology, I guess I'd say "Kami-sama." Which means "deities," not "God."

Researcher Mikasa: Deities, you mean, of the polytheistic religions?

SCP-1988-JP-A-1: Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse… all sorts of places.

Researcher Mikasa: The beings spoken of in myths around the world, I see. Then why do you beings appear in Japan?

SCP-1988-JP-A-1: Good question. The answer is simple; because it is a comfortable country.

Researcher Mikasa: Comfortable?

SCP-1988-JP-A-1: Well, this feeling may be a bit incomprehensible to humans, but… let's say that this country won't reject us.

Researcher Mikasa: I don't really understand.

SCP-1988-JP-A-1: Then here's a more easily understandable reason. Japan has quite a lot of convenience stores everywhere. It is the perfect environment to meet the needs of those who are looking to buy human products.

Researcher Mikasa: Oh… okay…

SCP-1988-JP-A-1: And also it is a promising market. I have heard that there are 8,000,000 potential clients.

Researcher Mikasa: A market? Do you do business with, um, "ya-o-yorozu no kami"?

SCP-1988-JP-A-1: That's right! We support their descent into this mortal realm and provide translation services between the languages of the modern times and the divine age.

Researcher Mikasa: So, is it profitable?

SCP-1988-JP-A-1: I'm refraining from answering as to how much revenue we are actually making, but yes, it's reasonably lucrative. In fact…

SCP-1988-JP-A-2: President, it's about time…

SCP-1988-JP-A-1: Oh, sorry, sorry. I guess I'd better get going. Apologies, I'm sure you had more questions you'd like to ask us. We'll give you our business cards on this occasion.

[SCP-1988-JP-A-1 and SCP-1988-JP-A-2 hand their business cards, which are primarily marked in Japanese, to Researcher Mikasa.]

Researcher Mikasa: But they have no address or contact information.

SCP-1988-JP-A-1: Well, we have a slightly different concept of place and space from humans, sorry about that. Goodbye.

Researcher Mikasa: Wait a mi-

[SCP-1988-JP-A-1 and SCP-1988-JP-A-2 disappear.]

<End Log>


Business card provided by SCP-1988-JP-A-1.
"Trismegistus Translation & Transportation‬; President & Chief Executive Officer Hermēs"


Business card provided by SCP-1988-JP-A-2.
"Trismegistus Translation & Transportation‬; Vice-President & Representative Director Thoth"

The veracity of SCP-1988-JP-1's statement is undetermined; if true, however, it would suggest that paranormal sapient entities have constituted a type of social and economic framework. For further research on this matter, investigation is currently ongoing into the "Trismegistus Translation & Transportation" mentioned on the business cards.

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