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SCP-199-JP walking towards the seat.

Item #: SCP-199-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, SCP-199-JP is not fully contained. At least three Foundation agents are to be present Japanese movie theatres to prevent an SCP-199-JP appearance. One agent is to operate undercover in the cinema staff and monitor the purchase situation/history of each ticket. The remaining two agents are to be disguised as ordinary civilians and are tasked with making sure each screening has at least two people present. Containment procedures cannot be upheld if only one Foundation agent is present. In case of emergency, usage of up to Class-B amnestics is authorized for theatre staff and the general public.

Once every 5 months, after the movie theatre is closed, one D-Class personnel is to be placed in the theatre, screening a movie and awaiting the appearance of SCP-199-JP.
D-class personnel who have been on hold should be evacuated after the appearance of SCP-199-JP; this is not the case if other personnel may be harmed. Currently, testing of SCP-199-JP has been discontinued in consideration of the danger.

The location of the movie theatre which SCP-199-JP currently appears is known only by Foundation staff assigned to SCP-199-JP of a Level 2 Security Clearance or higher.

Description: SCP-199-JP is a humanoid entity which appears in movie theatres in Japanese theatres with only one audience member present. SCP-199-JP will stay in one theatre for about half a year and will appear out of nowhere whenever the appearance criterion is met. SCP-199-JP may appear when there is only one spectator watching a movie in the theatre, although it does not necessarily appear every time this condition is met. In addition, if this criterion is not met for more than half a year, SCP-199-JP will appear in the closest theatre in its vicinity.

Although specific details about the appearance of SCP-199-JP have not been confirmed, it is generally considered to be a thin humanoid. It is also known to walk abnormally as if to protect its right foot. Audiences often do not notice the abnormal appearance of SCP-199-JP, although it is currently unknown whether this is simply due to the dark atmosphere or a memetic effect emitted by SCP-199-JP. SCP-199-JP shows a very violent tendency for humans. However, in all confirmed cases, it has never directly killed a human. SCP-199-JP appears to be aggressive and very powerful, exceeding military-trained adult men. It has not been determined how SCP-199-JP enters or leaves the movie theatre. Staff could not determine when SCP-199-JP entered the theatre. When it exited the theatre through the doors, staff outside insisted that nobody exited the theatre, despite it being captured on camera.

Test Log: 199-JP-04, -05
Note: SCP-199-JP did not appear in experiments 199-JP-01 to 03.

Addendum 199-JP-A: On ██/██/20██, since Dr. ████ did not show up to work and Foundation personnel were unable to make any contact, ██████ visited the house where Dr. ████ lives alone. When no response was received, ██████ began searching the area. A full-scale investigation was launched when the body of Dr. ████ could not be located. It was found that the back door of the house was unlocked, and a Blu-Ray copy of the movie "Blade Runner" was found looping endlessly on the LCD TV. Starting from ██/██/20██, Dr. ██████ has been assigned to SCP-199-JP.

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