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Item #: SCP-119-PT

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A 10 km radius perimeter must be established around the hangar in which SCP-199-PT is located. Entry is only allowed for Access Level 2 personnel.

The sentence in SCP-199-PT must be broken into a set of 5 words conveyed to the media. Under no circumstances should the percentage of SCP-199-PT reach less than 30%. If it reaches levels between 20% and 0%, the Minus Viginti Protocol must be executed.

Description: SCP-199-PT is a 16-inch monitor without any type of markings or buttons, which is attached to a rod connected to the floor, making it impossible to remove or damage it. There are 8 cables connected to the rear of SCP-199-PT. It is unknown in what these cables are connected to. If any of those are disconnected, the percentage shown in SCP-199-PT will decrease at a rate of 5% per second.

In a period of 80 in 80 days, a random phrase will appear at the center of SCP-199-PT, such phrases have no anomalous effects. In the upper left corner of SCP-199-PT, a percentage will show the number of people who observed that phrase or part of it, in which for each new observer the counter will add 0.00000051%, and will only count if the observer reads the phrase, being necessary 1 billion unique observers to reach 100%. If only half of the sentence is read, half of the total value will be counted, the same logic is applied to smaller divisions. The language in which the sentence is written does not seem to affect the count, as long as the meaning of the sentence remains the same. The percentage naturally decreases by 0.0000052% per second, making it impossible to prevent such event.

SCP-199-PT's anomalous effects are directly linked to the percentage, such effects are listed. (See Document/199)

Discovery: After the last manifestation of SCP-028-PT on 05/28/19, in which a single video was posted on the video streaming platform Vimeo, SCP-199-PT was discovered in the same hangar where the IP location of SCP-028-PT showed earlier.

At the time of the discovery, the percentage of SCP-199-PT was ~ 54.65% and the sentence was: "I will give you the choice, such choice will be very important, that's why I chose you.".

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