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Item #: SCP-1994-KO

Object Class: Ticonderoga1

Special Containment Procedures: The current Baseline Earth(P-27)2 is virtually impossible to meet the conditions for SCP-1994-KO manifestation, and it is unlikely that SCP-1994-KO is known to the public. Therefore, disinformation spreading is unnecessary. SCP-1994-KO should not be manifested before an additional declaration.
Generated SCP 1994-KO-A instances are to be held in a standard humanoid containment chamber and given 240ml of bovine blood each week as a meal. If blood supply is low, bodies of D-Class personnel after monthly termination can be provided instead.

Description: SCP-1994-KO refers to a series of anomalous events that occur after the termination of biological activities of the modern human(Homo Sapiens).
Under a certain environment3, SCP-1994-KO manifests approximately 35 to 40 hours after a Homo Sapiens instance's complete biological activity termination. Naturally occurring SCP-1994-KO are extremely rare in the current Baseline Earth(P-27).

The stages of SCP-1994-KO is as follows:

Progression Stages Time of Manifestation Description
Stage 1 7~12 hr after death Rigor mortis is observed throughout the body. Meeting the conditions at this stage is optimal.
Stage 2 30 hr after death Secondary flaccidity. If the conditions aren't met up to this stage, SCP-1994-KO does not manifest, and the body undergoes regular stages of decomposition or mummification.
Stage 3 No more than 7 days after Stage 2 When SCP-1994-KO manifestation conditions are met at Stage 2, the skin turns brown and hardens. Integumental composition analysis showed close similarities to the cocoon of Diptera species. This stage lasts for around 30 days.
Stage 4 14 to 21 months after Stage 3 SCP-1994-KO-A rips out of the 'shell' of the body that resembles a cocoon.

SCP-1994-KO-A refers to the organism generated as a result of SCP-1994-KO. The morphology of SCP-1994-KO is similar to that of a botfly. However, the eyes, hair, and some extremities have a striking resemblance to that of a human. SCP-1994-KO-A likely possess intelligence levels on par with a modern human.
SCP-1994-KO-A showed optimal viability in environments similar to P-26, but had no problem surviving in a Foundation standard containment chamber.

In conclusion, SCP-1994-KO is a phenomenon similar to that of an insect's complete metamorphosis.

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