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1995-1, photo taken inside 1995.

Item #: SCP-1995-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Site-84 has been established on the aboveground of SCP-1995-JP for containment and investigation. Exploration of SCP-1995-JP interior is to be performed by an unmanned drone in principle; any exploration attempt by Foundation personnel requires the approval of 2 Security Clearance Level-4 personnel. Said exploration personnel are obligated to wear Level-A HAZMAT suits and hold communication devices which introduced ARAD Position Locating Program.

While SCP-1995-JP requires no nutrition, it is to be monitored via security cameras installed within the structure. Its regular physical examination and the removal of SCP-1995-JP-2 are to be carried out by drones. Once removed, SCP-1995-JP-2 is to be disposed of per hazardous waste protocol. It is speculated that any direct or indirect notifying about the defeat of Japan causes a significant mental shock to SCP-1995-JP-1, increasing the risk of containment breach. Thus, all interactions with SCP-1995-JP-1 must follow the conversation-pattern instructions given by KSM-081; in case an instruction is ignored, the speech communication function of communication device will be temporarily deactivated.

Should SCP-1995-JP-1 approaches to the entrance of SCP-1995-JP, Mobile Task Force ん-1 ("Cowhands") is to carry out the Emergency Protocol 1995-JP. Mobile Task Force ん-1 ("Cowhands") consists of 1,000 Zen or Mikkyō Buddhism monks, as well as agents trained in Counter Occult Stratagems (COS) and the use of incendiary armaments. If a vacancy of monk occurs by factors such as the death during the Protocol, a substitute must fill the position immediately. The Emergency Protocol is to be continued until SCP-1995-JP-1 is temporarily neutralized, at which point it shifts to the Re-Sealing Protocol 1995-JP immediately. See Document 1995-JP-1-A for specific procedures about the Emergency Protocol and the Re-Sealing Protocol.

The search of uncontained SCP-1995-JP-2 and the recovery of information related to Project Susanoo are important matters. Any personnel who want to access to progressing of relevant operations are to file a request to the Central Information Superintendence Bureau.

Description: SCP-1995-JP is a specialized underground shelter, located in ██████, ██████, Tokyo Metropolitan Prefecture. It consists of a 200m hallway and 9 rooms (4 at each side of hallway, 1 at the far end). When a living human enters, SCP-1995-JP disables the subject's time perception and then gives a Class-1U ontokinetic ability2. Any dead humans, non-human animals and inanimate objects remains unaffected. Based on the reports of exploration personnel, who were recovered by drones, it is believed that this ability is only capable of keep expanding the internal space of SCP-1995-JP to prevent the subject escape from it. The subject inside of SCP-1995-JP is able to communicate with external source — the two-way communication has proven to reduce the subject's ontokinetic ability enough to make them return to the outside3.

Due to the aforementioned granting of ontokinetic ability, the internal details of SCP-1995-JP differ between human perception and mechanical record. Visual recording shows no notable features on the hallway, except SCP-1995-JP-2. 8 rooms at sides of hallway are uniformly designed, approximately 42m2. Arrangement of furniture and recovered documents indicate that these rooms were the laboratories for SCP-1995-JP-1 related project. The last room has a space of approximately 70m2, arranged with the shōji around three sides of said space. Behind the shōji is a Japanese-styled room, which has no noteworthy items, save for several toys for children; SCP-1995-JP-1 is typically present in this room. The following interview, which was conducted with Agent █████ Kihara who returned from the 2nd Exploration, are considered as the prime example of SCP-1995-JP perceptions by affected individuals.

SCP-1995-JP-1 is a humanoid entity that is designated as a Class IV ontokineticist. Its appearance is a pre-puberty Asian female, approximately 120cm in height and 20kg in weight. Notably, the head of SCP-1995-JP-1 above the 7th cervical vertebra has been replaced to that of an adult male bovine (Bos taurus)4. While this replacement has not caused any problems to sustain the life, SCP-1995-JP-1 shows slight slurring of speech. SCP-1995-JP-1 understands basic Japanese language and displays the intelligence nearly the same as that of the first grade of National School Primary Course5. Since the initial containment, SCP-1995-JP-1 shows no sign of physical and mental development, as well as life sustaining activities, such as nutrition ingestion or excretion.

SCP-1995-JP-1's primary ontokinetic ability is the production of SCP-1995-JP-2. SCP-1995-JP-1 involuntarily causes the manifestation of SCP-1995-JP-2 inside SCP-1995-JP, at a rate of approximately 360 kg per day. In addition, SCP-1995-JP-1 is able to voluntarily generate SCP-1995-JP-2 on anywhere it sees; it can use this ability over communication devices. The upper limit of SCP-1995-JP-2 that SCP-1995-JP-1 can voluntarily generate per manifestation is unknown.

An instance of SCP-1995-JP-2 is a leaf of common reed (Phragmites australis) which tip is bifurcated. A number of pathogens adhere on the surface of SCP-1995-JP-2 and spread infectious diseases to human by airborne transmission. In addition, if a human came into skin contact with SCP-1995-JP-2, the subject develops some kind of diseases6 inevitably. Diseases caused by SCP-1995-JP-2 tend to have more severe symptoms and progress more rapidly than its conventional counterpart. The following are examples of diseases SCP-1995-JP-2 may cause. See Document SCP-1995-JP-2 for a full list.

  • Smallpox
  • Dysentery, caused by Shigella dysenteriae
  • Measles
  • Tuberculosis
  • Influenza, caused by Type-A Influenza Virus
  • Typhoid fever
  • Malaria
  • Leprosy

SCP-1995-JP-1 is able to control symptoms of the contagious disease patient who it is seeing, within the range from full recover to death. When SCP-1995-JP-1 relieves the patient's disease, SCP-1995-JP-2 manifests within about 1m radius of SCP-1995-JP-1. There appears to be a positive correlation between the amount of SCP-1995-JP-2 that manifests and the degree of recovery.

From the initial containment to the present, SCP-1995-JP-1 seems to believe that the World War II is ongoing and the Japanese army has an advantage consistently. This perception is believed to be the reason why SCP-1995-JP-1 has not attempted to escape from SCP-1995-JP. Currently, the educational program to reform SCP-1995-JP-1's thinking pattern have been proposed by the Child Psychology Division.

Following the defeat of Japan on World War II, SCP-1995-JP was discovered on 1945/08/██, during the investigation of research facilities of Imperial Japanese Army Special Medical Force (a.k.a. "Unit Negative Numbers")8, which are scattered all around Japan. The facility SCP-1995-JP exists had already been abandoned at the time of the investigation, most of the documents incinerated.

Addendum: On 1995/01/18, a sudden epidemic of infectious diseases was reported in ████████ of Nishinomiya, Hyōgo Prefecture. On 2011/03/12, a similar epidemic occurred in coastal regions of ██████████, Miyagi Prefecture. Local agents conducted investigations and recovered approximately 20kg of SCP-1995-JP-2, respectively. Class C amnestics were administered to local civilian following the recovery of SCP-1995-JP-2 and the transfer of patients to the Foundation Medical Division. Around the time of epidemic, the sighting of humanoid entities resembling SCP-1995-JP-1 were reported on both area. Investigations for further information are ongoing.

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