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A non-anomalous screenshot of an instance of SCP-1998-JP-V uploaded by SCP-1998-JP-B

Item #: SCP-1998-JP

Object Class: Keter Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1998-JP has been confirmed as Neutralized. SCP-1998-JP-I is now kept as research material in cryogenic storage in a Biological Entity Containment Cell at Site-81██.

Description: SCP-1998-JP is the collective designation for SCP-1998-JP-A, SCP-1998-JP-B, SCP-1998-JP-V and SCP-1998-JP-I.

SCP-1998-JP-A is an anomalous organism that typically appears to be a 15-18 year old Japanese female. However, SCP-1998-JP-A is capable of converting its physical form to a variable composition, after which it changes its physical characteristics over the course of approximately five hours. SCP-1998-JP-A is capable of communication in Japanese, and has been noted to speak an unattested language with characteristics of the Semitic language family.

SCP-1998-JP-B is an anomalous Australian male, active on YouTube under the name ██████ █████ prior to containment. SCP-1998-JP-B is capable of communication in Japanese, English, and the unattested language spoken by SCP-1998-JP-A. SCP-1998-JP-B's anomalous effects manifest when a video fulfilling the following conditions (henceforth referred to as SCP-1998-JP-V) is uploaded to the internet:

  • The video contains a command to "sacrifice male genitals"
  • The video contains imagery that portrays such acts as religious
  • The video encourages others to post videos fulfilling the first two conditions to YouTube

60% of subjects who view SCP-1998-JP-V feel a compulsion to upload a video fulfilling the first two conditions. Videos uploaded by such subjects are also instances of SCP-1998-JP-V. When an instance of SCP-1998-JP-V is uploaded, SCP-1998-JP-A will become pregnant with no apparent source and give birth to a fetus, designated SCP-1998-JP-I. Despite the process taking an abnormally short amount of time, SCP-1998-JP-I are invariably of typical size for a newborn. SCP-1998-JP-I will proceed to grow into their mid-teens over the course of approximately one hour, and will subsequently continue to grow at a non-anomalous pace. The anomalous properties of SCP-1998-JP-I develop as SCP-1998-JP-A "educates" them. Until this occurs, SCP-1998-JP-I are incapable of acting on their own. This "education" occurs first in the form of gestures, and begins to include verbal communication as the SCP-1998-JP-I reaches the appropriate developmental stage. The limits of the abilities granted to SCP-1998-JP-I have not been determined, but experiments have proven that they are limited by the laws of physics.

SCP-1998-JP-A was initially thought to be an independent anomaly and classified as SCP-1998-JP. However, after correlations between the upload times of SCP-1998-JP-V and the birth of SCP-1998-JP-I instances were noticed, SCP-1998-JP-B and SCP-1998-JP-V were classified as part of the same anomaly and containment procedures were enacted accordingly. SCP-1998-JP-B was contained under the cover story that the ██████ █████ channel was posting recordings of his illegal activities, and the channel and all its videos, including SCP-1998-JP-V, were deleted accordingly.

Addendum 1: SCP-1998-JP-B Interview Log

Interviewer: Dr. Stonebank

Note: This interview was conducted immediately after containment of SCP-1998-JP-B, primarily in English. Sections spoken in Japanese have been translated and underlined.

<Begin Log>

Interviewer: Mr. ██████,1 I have some questions about the videos you uploaded. Specifically…

SCP-1998-JP-B: The Japanese videos?

Interviewer: Yes?

SCP-1998-JP-B: The ones that teach Japanese to English speakers. You know, "I eat ass", "420 blaze it", that kinda stuff.

Interviewer: My apologies. We're not talking about those today.

SCP-1998-JP-B: Which ones, then?

Interviewer: The ones where you wear a Lycra suit and pretend to be a salamander. That kind.


Interviewer: Um, yes, that one. Could you tell me why you uploaded those?

SCP-1998-JP-B: No, there's no real reason for it. I just did it for fun.

Interviewer: Then what about the religion-related content?

SCP-1998-JP-B: You're being way too cocky, man.

Interviewer: Do you have any idea what that's about?

SCP-1998-JP-B: Die in hell, you bastard.

Interviewer: Hm, you know I speak Japanese too, right?

SCP-1998-JP-B: Shut up. It was just like masturbation, the other Chin-Chin videos too. I'm still masturbating, too.

Interviewer: So the reason there's so much phallic imagery in your videos is because it pleases you?

SCP-1998-JP-B: Yeah, basically. It's like the time I had sex. It felt great, that. The power of Chin-Chin is the greatest. No one can stop it.

Interviewer: I see. That's quite meaningful.

SCP-1998-JP-B: No, no, it's not like that. It's not really about the sex, it's about having children. Ah, I can't remember anything else.

Interviewer: Then we'll end it here for today. Thank you for your time.

<End Log>

Addendum 2: SCP-1998-JP-A Interview Log

Interviewer: Dr. Shimamura

Note: Although the subject initially refused an interview, it accepted after being informed that SCP-1998-JP-B had been located.

<Begin Log>

Interviewer: Thanks for allowing us to interview you. I'd like to ask about how your body self-destructs and regenerates.

SCP-1998-JP-A: It's kinda like, uh, I want to look the way he likes me to look, you know? That guy… you mean ██████, right? It's been so long since we saw each other, so I've forgotten what he likes, and… I don't know if I can remember… So, tell me about him, will you? That's why I'm taking to you, right?

Interviewer: Understood. So, tell me, what is your relation to SCP-1998-JP-B, Mr. ██████?

SCP-1998-JP-A: He was my lover, as I said. We had a lot of sex and a lot of kids. Of course, I had to raise them all, yeah? Though I don't know if they understood. After that, um, a lot happened. I've been separated from him for quite a while because of the mess.

Interviewer: I see. Do you know of the relation between your birthing of children and SCP-1998-JP-B?

SCP-1998-JP-A: I have a rough idea. It's still going on.

Interviewer: What do you mean by that?

SCP-1998-JP-A: I can't really explain the details, but our love was in a situation so unique that we were consecrated. I don't know how to say it, but I'm pretty sure there were no other people around at that time. So I had to have a lot of children in order to populate the place. But if we just had sex normally, it would've taken way too long. So he used me as a base, and had me do the male genital sacrifice with myself and my sons, and that's how I had the rest of my children. They didn't have purpose or wisdom or ability, so I took the task of teaching them. The responsibility of a mother, and all that. Once there were enough people, I left the task of teaching to them, but I guess things went wrong. I'm sorry, really, I'm really sorry.

Interviewer: Please, calm yourself down. We'll end the interview here.

SCP-1998-JP-A: You're not going to let me see him?

Interviewer: My apologies.

<End Log>

Addendum: After this interview, SCP-1998-JP-B was questioned about SCP-1998-JP-A, but claimed not to know of any such entity.

Addendum 3: In a joint investigation with Project Crowdreader, empty Twitter accounts were created for SCP-1998-JP-A and SCP-1998-JP-B. Project Crowdreader discovered 7 images for SCP-1998-JP-A and 9 images for SCP-1998-JP-B. Common to both sets of images was the occurence of figs in several images. One image associated with SCP-1998-JP-A depicted a location at the foot of the Zagros Mountains. Upon investigation, the following inscriptions were found at that location:

Our father and mother surely loved us.
They nurtured our lives with compassion.
With all their wisdom, they enriched our garden.

But then, we realized it.
We were of the same blood.
That was the reason our blood was slowly being corrupted.
We had not been given the gift of wisdom.

We may not be able to gain the wisdom they possess.
But we have "experience".
We have what we have accumulated.
Now, surely, is the time to rise up.

Our brethren from across the sea have gathered.
We combined our experiences in order to kill our parents.

And we have found a way.
We have found a way to take away their wisdom.

Our brothers from the land of the Guptas say that in their sea, there is a serpent that lures one to forget.
And our brothers from the east say that there is a fungus that causes one to forget.

The following is a plan.
The battle will last for a long time.
It is painful for us to do this to our parents.

[The following content is restricted to personnel with Level 4 or higher clearance]

Our father has lost his wisdom.
He lost his identity, too.

Our mother has escaped our hands, and disappeared into the night.

We decided to seal this accursed "wisdom" away.
Without possessing it, we have defeated those who possess it.

Those days shall be relegated to history.

Addendum 4: On ██/██/20██, SCP-1998-JP-B expired due to heart disease. Upon being informed of SCP-1998-JP-B's death, SCP-1998-JP-A decomposed after one hour, and reformed a further five hours later. However, instead of its usual form, its physical features such as muscular and skeletal structure were abnormally enhanced, and its face was identical to that of SCP-1998-JP-B.

The following is a timeline of SCP-1998-JP-A's actions.

09:21: SCP-1998-JP-A reformed in an anomalously enhanced state. In response, Site-81██, where SCP-1998-JP-A was housed, was put on high alert.

09:53: SCP-1998-JP-A began repeatedly piercing its female genitals with a ballpoint pen found in its containment chamber. Despite bleeding profusely, SCP-1998-JP-A showed no sign of pain.

09:57: It was discovered that the storage cell containing SCP-1998-JP-B's corpse had an abnormal mass. When security staff inspected the cell, it was confirmed that SCP-1998-JP-B's corpse had an erection and ejaculated. It is estimated that the mass of the sperm produced is ██ t.

10:27: SCP-1998-JP-A breaches containment, damaging its cell. Mobile Task Force は-09 attempts to contain SCP-1998-JP-A, but are quickly overwhelmed.

10:42: SCP-1998-JP-A reaches SCP-1998-JP-B's corpse. SCP-1998-JP-A inserts SCP-1998-JP-B's genitals into its own and begins sexual intercourse. During this period, it was impossible to interfere due to the large amount of sperm produced by SCP-1998-JP-B.

11:17: SCP-1998-JP-A concludes sexual intercourse with SCP-1998-JP-B. It forcibly removes SCP-1998-JP-B's testicles and places them into SCP-1998-JP-B's mouth.

11:18: SCP-1998-JP-B revives and verbally abuses SCP-1998-JP-A. SCP-1998-JP-A looks over its own body and proceeds to kill SCP-1998-JP-B.

11:20: SCP-1998-JP-A begins to decompose.

11:25: SCP-1998-JP-A's vital signs cease completely.

Following this incident, SCP-1998-JP-V lost all anomalous properties. As such, SCP-1998-JP has been reclassified Neutralized.

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